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Don Payne Tapped To Write Thor 2

We learned yesterday that Kenneth Branagh won’t be returning to direct Thor 2. Star Chris Hemsworth will be back, though, and the sequel is set to open on July 26, 2013. Today Marvel confirmed that a writer has been set as well, Thor script contributor Don Payne, Deadline reports.

Payne is credited on the first movie’s screenplay, along with Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz. He’s made some solid contributions to The Simpsons over the years, having written some of the more recent quality episodes, like “Homer the Moe” and “Simpsons Tall Tales.” He also co-wrote Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

… but hey! The Simpsons! Thor wasn’t perfect, but it got a number of things very right. Payne was a part of that, which means he’s already on the right track. Good enough to know that for now, more than two years out.


  • Anonymous

    I hope he’s just one part of building a strong writing TEAM on this one. The first one could have used a more compelling story and better use of the characters not named Loki or Thor.

  • Deanjsimons

    i’ve got a bad feeling about this….

  • Anonymous

    Well it says he worked on the first one.

    One thing to always remember is that a lot of these scripts go through numerous rewrites even during shooting. I’m sure they’ll bring in other writers to help this go round.

  • Lead_sharp

    Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and My Super Ex-Girlfriend.
    oh fuck

  • Gene

    Agreed. They need to keep an eye on this screenwriter. 

  • Grant

    Honestly with so many cooks in the kitchen you can’t tell how much of an influence he was on any of his projects. Plus I’m sure whomever directs Thor 2 is going to make changes to the script.