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Sons Of Anarchy Season Four Teaser Is Way Too Teasing

There’s still time to catch up on Sons of Anarchy if you’ve never seen it. There are just three seasons, three of the most gripping narrative arcs the small screen has yet given us (especially that second one). Right up there with The Wire and Breaking Bad. Plus, you get Ron Perlman and Katey Sagal in every episode. Why are you still reading this?

Of course, if you have seen Sons, then you almost certainly skipped past my little preamble. Just know that there’s nothing revelatory here. A tiny taste of what’s to come, nothing more. Jax with his new haircut. Woo. The Sons ride again in September.


  • whatafy

    Definitely too teasing, I hardly wait! 

  • Anonymous

    I’m avoiding all teasers, just hoping they’re finally getting into Jax learning the truth about how his pops died! My favorite show since Deadwood.

  • Jacob

    He cut his hair…. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Roxann Mcintyre

    I absolutely LOVE this show, Best show I have watched in years!!!!

  • Skye

    I don’t own a tv have no cable watch everything online! I have watched every episode of all 3 seasons 5 times! LOL

    Best show, best direction, writing and storyline. The actors are phenomenal!

    If anyone wants to watch online go to Amazon and sign up for the video on demand or netflix, is better thn hulu or some of the other sites.

  • Nikki

    Our Favorite show in the world. Love it so much…that our son’s name is Jax Tucker……..all because his mom is in love with Jax Teller…LOL.  His dad loves the show too…don’t get me wrong!!!