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Oldboy Talk Kicks Up Again, With Spike Lee Maybe Directing

Oldboy died in 2009, or so we thought. Talk of a Hollywood remake of Park Chan-Wook’s South Korean action film — which was itself based on the manga from Nobuaki Minegishi and Garon Tsuchiya — has picked up again, with Twitch reporting that Spike Lee is in talks to direct. No source is named, so consider this a rumor for now, albeit a very compelling one.

A number of names have circled the project since it was first revealed in 2008 that DreamWorks and Universal were after the remake rights. Will Smith was pegged to star and Steven Spielberg to direct. Justin Lin was reportedly in there at some point as a potential director as well. Mark Protosevich almost came on to write a script, but the plans ended up falling apart when a legal battle erupted between the original film’s producers and the manga’s publisher over the sale of the rights.

I think that’s how it all went down. It’s been a long, strange trip so far for Oldboy, and it’s only going to get stranger if Lee lands the gig.


  • demoncat_4

    this just proves no film even a remake of something that should be left alone is ever dead in holly wood intrigued to see what spike lee would do with the old boy material

  • whatafy

    No. No. No. I don’t want them to make a remake about a classic such as Oldboy. 

  • Kcorstel

    Unnecessary, stupid, and just a TERRIBLE idea.  Oldboy is perfect.  Any American remake is just going to dumb it down.