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Photos From Man Of Steel Set Reveal A Damaged Smallville

While eyes, and video cameras, have been trained on the U.K. sets of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, work has been quietly under way in tiny Plano, Illinois, transforming the Chicago suburb into Smallville for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. A Smallville that’s seen better days.

Superman Homepage has photos of several newly constructed buildings — well, facades, at least — many of which show significant damage from … something. Whether that’s from a Kansas tornado, a mysterious meteor shower or a Kryptonian brawl remains to be seen.

The franchise reboot, whose confirmed cast includes Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Michael Shannon and Christopher Meloni, will film in Plano and the Chicago area in August.

Check out a few of the photos here, and visit the Superman Homepage to see the rest.


  • Michael Sacal

    Hmm… damage in Smallville could mean a meteor shower like the TV show, or a Kryptonian brawl that begins in Metropolis and spills into Smallville.

    I’m still certain that the movie will use elements from Not-So Secret Origin and Last Son of Krypton (probably not Chris Kent or the Revenge Squad, but certainly the Kryptonian invasion from the Phantom Zone).

  • Logan’s Midnight Runner!

    It’s said by the writer David Goyer that Geoff Johns’ Superman: Secret Origin was an inspiration for the new movie. Also it’s said that Superman: Birthright by Mark Waid is another possible source of the movie’s inspiration. Now, Zack Snyder HAS SAID that the movie’s storyline isn’t based upon any one particular comic storyline. BUT could that be the old Hollywood double-talk?

    If you look back at Christopher Nolan/David Goyer/Jonathan Nolan’s previous comic property works (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight) those movies storylines didn’t take from ONE PARTICULAR STORY FROM THE COMICS, but instead derived it’s own movie storyline from several of the property’s comic book sources (The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, The Man Who Falls, The Killing Joke).

    In Superman: Secret Origin, young Clark saves young Lana from a tornado that appears and shuts down the Smallville County Fair. Could this be that scene brought to life?
    And the recent casting of Law And Order: S.V.U.’s Christopher Meloni as a military general. Could he be Lois Lane’s father, Gen. Samuel Lane? He’s in Superman: Secret Origin too.
    And the casting of Michael Shannon as General Zod actually kind of fits with the Superman: Birthright elements as well as that Zod (tied to Brainiac) was touched upon in Superman: Secret Origin slightly (you can see more of that connection in Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Brainiac storyline in their run on Action Comics). ;)

  • Logan’s Midnight Runner!

    Or who knows…..maybe Krypto had to go pee too badly and did that damage on accident. ;D

  • whatafy

    I hope this WB movie to be great. 

  • Rebecca Alonso

    this movie’s gonna be an epic fail. MY OPINION.

  • David Willis

    Looks promising.

  • Cjorg2

    I find your incredible sense of optimism to be the sexiest thing about you Rebecca.  You go girl!!!

  • Shaun

    Oh come on, Eileen…


    I just had to mention you missed the most obvious comics story that Nolan adapted for Batman… Year One (in Batman Begins).

  • Shaun

    See… And I think it makes her kinda skanky.

    I kid, I kid… Honestly though, the cast is pretty amazing and I’m willing to give Nolan a chance on pretty much anything he wants to do. It can’t be any more of a “epic fail” than Superman Returns was, artistically, and it certainly won’t be as stupid as Superman 3 or 4. Hell, it won’t be as quaint and dated as the first two movies either.

    If we can get a truly epic, cosmic action flick that doesn’t make Clark out to be a complete nerd, and holds back on making Luthor the big bad (but introduces him as the billionaire industrialist of the Byrne reboot) I’ll (finally) be happy with a Superman movie. How about we hold off on judgment until we see more? So far, I’m pretty excited for it.

  • Logan’s Midnight Runner!

    Hahahahaaa!!!! Yeah…how could I miss that MOST OBVIOUS storyline for Begins!

    *Slamming head onto my feed pencil reenacting Joker’s magic trick! ;)