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New Amazing Spider-Man Images

Mere hours after we posted the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly featuring a The Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield, the magazine has released a gallery of images from inside the issue. It’s a combination of studio shots and movie stills — scans were already making the rounds online — featuring Garfield as Peter Parker, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Sally Field and Martin Sheen as Aunt May and Uncle Ben, and Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors, aka the Lizard.

Word is now that the first trailer for the Marc Webb-directed film will debut next week, ahead of Captain America: The First Avenger.

The Sony/Columbia Pictures film, which opens on July 3, 2012, also stars Irrfan Khan, Denis Leary, Chris Zylka, Campbell Scott, C. Thomas Howell, Julianne Nicholson and Annie Parisse.

Update: EW has added six more images to its online gallery.


  • gaylordfocker


  • Anonymous

    not big on the costume, but still much better than the Green Lantern one. Curious how this will fare, it wasn’t too long ago from the Raimi’s triology, a reboot just seems to early for people to care again.

  • TheCommander

    Quite over-designed.

  • Rockstar Messiah Man

    The costume looks a bit too, erm, Nike. But we can hope the movie will be good.

  • Chris Peavey

    All I see when I see this outfit is Stupid Sexy Flanders.

  • Adam R

    I like the costume, although I’m still not a fan of the stripe down the leg. These pictures at least show what it will look like in the movie and going by these, I think it’ll be fantastic.

    However, that isn’t an indication of how good the movie will be. I have faith that it’ll be great.

  • Tony J.

    Pretty much anythng would be an improvement over the trilogy. Looking alright so far.

  • Shroelist

    Umm…Emma Stone as who? You may want to check your facts there. She doesn’t even LOOK like MJ in the pics. Who wrote this write-up? My mother? ;)

  • Braunrodman

    ugh so it looks like Gwen knows he’s spider-man…original trilogy blew and every bit of news on this one makes me more depressed…

  • gilbertogalea

    Really looks great!

  • Asteiner99

    Gwen Stacy not MJ.. go back and re read

  • Lex

    People are still going to go ‘where’s M.j’ Just like the comic. Gwen Stacy has been dead for a long time. I can’t understand why they didn’t bring her back when they did that insulting couple years of garbage. Can’t read the book anymore, but I think Spider-man is basically destroyed as a character. I don’t see people watching this as much as the earlier films. It’s too soon for a ‘reboot’.

  • Mark Walley

    If they’re going down the “it’s a bit like ultimate Spider-man” angle, then it fits, as MJ finds out pretty much immediately. No reason why Gwen can’t.

  • Anonymous

    I dig the tweak but it looks a little bit like Peter gutted some basketballs to make his Spidey suit.

  • Jmcreer

    You’re funny – this film is going to make about a billion dollars.  The general public and kids don’t give a rat’s ass about Mary Jane – they want Spider-Man swinging around and fighting bad guys. 

    A billion dollars.  No brainer

  • David Fullam

    Can’t say I’m too thrilled with the fingers and gauntlets on the costume.

  • Bret

    the web design change looks awful!

  • Marknick4

    Got no problems with the costume, as we have three classic (CLASSIC) Spidey flicks with true-to-the-comics duds.  Let ‘em tinker.  I like that they have added the aspect of of Peter creating his web-shooters.  I just never bought the logic of the Raimi movies that people wouldn’t “buy” a high school student creating them, but they would buy a high school student with spider powers.  Um, yeah.

  • Lead_sharp

    The costumes a bit too fussy for me, why change a classic? BUT it looks ok in the action shots, Gwen looks SO cute and he does at least look the part. 

    I’m coming round to this, at least there’s a costume to show off, WB must be looking back and thinking “WHY did we cgi the damn suit?!?!?!”

  • Emmar

    I don`t mind the costume although i think it`s – as TheCommander says – over-designed but i just wonder – how did Peter as a teenager make such outfit. U don`t go to the ordinary shop and buy such boots and costume. I bet u can`t easily buy material for it in a textile shop.

  • Hades

    They said the Sam Raimi suit was something that didn’t look like Peter Parker could make it himself. So they redesigned the suit to make it look more like a fashion challenged high school nerd would sew himself. Guess what new SpiderMan costume people? You failed too! This costume is even more intricate and difficult to make! They should have stuck with the classic design and made it less high tech looking.

  • The comic boss

    I love this!!!!! These pics look awesome. Dude is totally giving me an Ultimate Spider-Man vibe. Like back in the early issues, when it was still good.

  • Jacob

    The suit’s a little weird, definitely. But these helped sell me on it (especially the web shooters).

  • Mxtxg

    Web Shooters nice. The Rest of it looks like Dog Vomit.

  • SpideyFan123

    I don’t care what anyone else says: this movie is gold! I’m holding out for now about the movie, but the pics look good!

  • Al D.

    Love Ultimate Spider-Man, love Marc Webb’s (500) Days and tons of his music videos, love Garfield’s performance in Social Network and I love, love Emma Stone.  So, uh, yeah, easily most anticipated of 2012 for me, easily.  Can’t wait till the bootleg of the ASM panel at SDCC hits youtube aboot 3 hours after it happens!

  • Omegasaga

    Next summers GREEN LANTERN…….. which means total CRAP and EPIC failure.

    Dear hollywood:  
    The costume is TOO ICONIC to drasticaly change ( GAY in this case).
    *  how many times do we need to see Spiderman & Supermans origin???

    I want this to fail so bad.

  • Omegasaga

    The green lantern MOVIE costume was kinda awsome.  Except for the mask and green gloves.

  • Omegasaga

    Actualy with a superhero movie- if the costume is terrible  ( which these redesign IS)  then thats a major distraction in a movie with “the costume” being its BIGGEST selling point.

    The NOLAN Batman costumes are pretty TERRIBLE to – but they get lost in the shadows.

  • Omegasaga

    So Spiderman 1 & 2  werent  in the top 10 BEST Superhero movies ever category?

    This costume is GAY.  no other word to describe it.

    he looks like a female.

  • Omegasaga

    How did Spiderman 1& 2 blow?  are you insane?    please tell me what superhero movies are BETTER than at least spiderman 2.
    IRONMAN is about it.

  • Omegasaga

    too bad the ultimate spiderman Peter is 15 and this DORK is 28.
    which means he will be a 30 somthing spidey in the sequels.
    Yeah thats close to the ULTIMATE SPIDEY.

    Oh and this costume is like one of those toy variant rejects they make hundreds of

  • Al D.

    Well, it’s sure gonna suck for you when it makes a billion dollars worldwide, then.  People love Spider-Man.  Nobody knows who the hell Green Lantern is.

  • jim gorr

    The Green Lantern costume was amazing compared to this abomination of a costume…

  • Bret

    people love Superman too and Superman Returns was terrible. I doubt anyone will latch onto this Spidey series the way they did the last 3.

  • Skiteman

    these look great!

  • Blazblue

    Looks great. I can’t see why everyone is complaining so much about the suit, I’ll admit that i’m not too keen on all the blue on the costume but no matter how much you look at it it’s still going to look like Spidey

  • Cjorg2

    You’re right about anyone latching onto this new Spidey series!  Not gonna happen – while we’re at it would you like to buy the Brooklyn bridge off me?  Going cheap…

  • Jmcreer

    The costume is too iconic to drastically change?  Have you even read the comic over the past 50 yrs?  Peter Parker changes his costume more times than he changes his pants. 

    And what’s with all the GAY comments?  What are you – 5yrs old?

  • Jmcreer

    1 person liked Omegasaga’s comment – and it was Omegasaga. 

  • Lex

    Is the real Spider-man or the magical one we’ve been subjected to for the past ten years?

  • Bret

    I didn’t say no one would latch onto this series, I said they wouldn’t latch like they did the last series. when you change so much, including cast and costume, you’re asking for a hit. It worked for Hulk because no one liked the Ang Lee one, but people actually loved the Raimi Spidey’s (even if most hated the 3rd). Just look at the NEW Thundercats, or Voltron, or Ninja Turtles in nickelodeon next year. Everyone was excited at first, then they saw the new changes and no ones gives a hoot, which means it won’t do as well as the previous. Same with this new Spidey. It’s not being negative, it’s being realistic. I din’t say the movie was going to suck, that’s to be determined. I simply said it wouldn’t do as well, and that’s just knowing history repeats itself.

  • chong

    quit saying gay like its a bad thing.  Andrew Garfield is hot and has a nice tight spider-ass.  Anything will be better than that cinematic abortion that was spiderman 3.  Tobey Maguire is retarded.  So over Mrs. whiny face mary jane kristen dumbass.  This looks excellent and finally the lizard!!!  I’m thinking of it as ultimate spider-man.  I wanna spank that ass and go to the movies.

  • Nexusfiend77


  • Edward Kaye

    How come Peter Parker looks like a 30 year old? Isn’t he supposed to be younger in this version?

  • Cjorg2

    Say what?  Try to make sense next time dude… are you referring to the OMD or what?  If you are referring to OMD hardly anyone outside of the small comic fanbase out there know anything about that storyline.

  • Jmcreer

    I disagree – most of the general public don’t care about who’s directing it, or who’s starring in it.  Spider-Man is like Batman and James Bond – the concept/ character is what sells, not the star, and not the director. 

    This will likely also be the case with the upcoming Transformers 4 – no one’s sitting around going, “How will we survive without Shia and Bay?”  The Transformers are the big-selling attraction, not the talent behind the movie.

    You can’t compare Spider-Man with Voltron, Thundercats, or TMNTs – Spidey is a global phenomenon and the recognition factor is way beyond those other products.

    What will make or break this film is whether or not it meets expectations.  If Batman and Robin taught us anything (eventhough it still made a lot of money – 240 million in ’97 dollars) audience numbers for a product like this will only drop off if they find out the film is not well made.  It’ll still make a ton of money opening weekend, but may go the way of Green Lantern if it’s not good and word gets out.

  • James Storey

    why do ppl forget that this is a costume made by a 16 yo boy in his basement? Maybe being an expert costume designer is one of his spider powers?

  • I’m undecided on the costume but every other scene seems superior to the films before.

  • Shamachu

    All the pics look cool but I still dont like the costume

  • Faust

    Really looking forward to this.

    Garfield seems like a great choice. And by that topless pic – we can see he’s skinny, but still pretty buff! Which is whats needed. ;)

    Emma Stone however is who I am now looking for to seeing the most – she has become a breakout star since she was first announced. Zombieland and Easy A were both amazing movies. They both surprised me by being extremely funny. I highly recommend seeing both if you haven’t already!! And you will become an Emma Stone fan! ;)

  • Faust

    Batman Begins
    The Dark Knight
    X-Men: First Class

    And my guilty pleasure – Batman Returns – just skip everything without Michelle Pfiffer!! ;)

    But who am I kidding I enjoyed all 3 Spiderman movies!  – And Spiderman 2 is great! ;)

  • Faust

    Wow! Is he 28? Looks early 20’s to me – alot younger than Maguire. And his frame is slimmer, which also makes him more suitable.

  • Bret

    You clearly missed my main point. It wasn’t the change of cast or director that I mainly mentioned would affect this movie (although that will add to it) It’s the drastic change in costume and having a reboot this soon after the last series did really well. Spider-Man the character sells, yes, but when you change something so iconic, it becomes a sour spot for most. Something most everyone grew up with and has been accustomed to. Even everyone is in an uproar about Wonder Woman’s new outfit change in the comic that includes PANTS. She’s still the same character, but very few latched on to the new idea. That’s all I’m saying. It’s good to think different, but the majority of human being don’t like change and are comfortable with the same. It’s just a statistical fact. 

  • Joseph

    Good lord.  First of all, there is no context for any of these pictures – none of us have any idea if, or how, they are going to explain where the costume comes from.  Secondly, does anyone really need the movie to explain the costume?  Who cares?  We can suspend our disbelief enough to believe he gained super powers after being bitten by a spider, and developed mechanical web shooters, but need a detailed explanation to justify how he managed to design a superhero costume?  “Yeah, it was a great movie, but I just don’t understand how a high school student could design and make a costume that intricate!”.  Ridiculous.  The pics look like Spider-Man.  I love the classic costume but have no issue with the filmmakers tinkering a bit – we all knew they would because they want to separate themselves from Raimi’s films as much as possible.  The prior poster was right – the Batman costume is the weakest thing in Nolan’s films, but the character is still recognizably Batman and the films are good enough that the liberties they took don’t matter. 

  • Braunrodman

    they blew because they were all fluff and didn’t display spider-mans character at all, it was superman with spiderman thrown in for idiot audiences, and yes I am insane because I’ve been reading the comics since 1968. And obviously MJ finds out immediately duh, she sees spiderman leave peters house after uncle ben gets shot, but the thing with gwen see, is she hates spider-man, blames him for her fathers death, so there is a void created there because peter can’t tell her, and I’d love to go into detail about why the spider-man movies were complete trash (peter seems like an idiot, it’s emotionally and intellectually shallow, there’s too many idiot balls, the whole new yorkers loving and saving him…blah blah blah…but theres just not enough time and space here)

  • justin


  • Lex

    I don’t feel like the Spider-man I read all those years ago has been in the books for a long time. When they went magic it eventually led to all those false promises of big stories and then (yes) OMD. Now Spider-man is (again) a different character. Now he’s like a 20 something year old immature man. I read enough of it to see how bad it was. It’s mainly about editorial mandates now, not stories.

    I guess I care about the comics, not the movies.

  • Foswell

    Yes, the costume looks terrible beyond belief.  But the rest of it looks great.  It has a real John Romita vibe to it!  Personally, I hated the Sam Raimi films.  Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst were awful and the stories sucked.  The best actor in those movies was the guy who played J. Jonah Jameson.  Hopefully he’ll be back for this one.  Can’t wait to see Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy!  She looks fantastic here.  As an old timer myself, I was utterly disgusted when they killed Gwen off in the comic in 1973.  I stopped reading it shortly thereafter and never went back.  I can’t stand Mary Jane Watson, so if Gwen is the star of this movie, it’ll be just fine with me–particularly if she knows he’s Spidey.  That’s what they should have done in the comic!  I just pray to God they don’t wimp out and kill her off again!

  • Faust

    The costume is fine – I sometimes read Spiderman comics and don’t know what the changes are. Do you really think the general public are going to care?

    Its blue, and red, and its got a spider on the chest – its pretty much the same. 

  • Faust

    I don’t think you meant to reply to me ;)

  • GerryG

    Spidey looks like a basketball in this costume

  • Colin McG

    Dude, seriously, get over OMD. Spider-Man comics are better then they have been in YEARS.

  • Bre

     actors are ALWAYS older in movies than their stage character.. why is everyone hating on this?? this costume looks SICK!!!! wayy better than just “bright red and blue solid basic old style outfit” it’s still iconic, still great, just way better! I love ult spider-man, and I can NOT wait for this movie!!!!!

  • Bre

     i don’t think it’s that drastic, i just think it got plus 12 awesome points for being a 2011 costume! hell yeaa

  • Bre


  • Faust

    What are you going on about? I wasn’t ‘hating’ on his age. I think he’s a great choice to play Spiderman – I was saying he looks younger than his ACTUAL age, which is a plus! ;)

  • Clem Nickel

    Well, we’ll see if they have the minerals to sacrifice Gwen to the alter of ‘the superhero’s dead girlfriend’ in the next one. I don’t think it would be wimpy; it would be quite a bold direction for a franchise worth this much money and with a young fanbase. We can disagree as to the artistic merits of the decision, but given the increasingly conservative nature of Hollywood, I can just imagine the suits’ reaction to a proposed plot that involves the hero killing his love interest by accident, especially when there are so many toys to be sold and Happy Meal tie-ins to push. (I am, of course, assuming they don’t kill her in this one, but I believe Emma Stone has signed on for a few of these.)

  • Prinnywesker

    People need to quit bitching about OMD. Yeah, it was a shitty storyline but does one shitty storyline really make the character “ruined forever”? If so how the hell did you manage to read through Spider-man’s 90’s run? Those were some of the worst storylines ever.

  • Chris Lee

    I think he was responding to Omegasaga.

  • Chris Lee

    I think the people who are calling the costume GAY are actually trying to say how fashionable it is. You know, kinda like queer eye for the Superhero.

  • Chris Lee

    For all the comments regarding a teenager making the suit in his basement; I don’t think this will necessarily be the case in the movie. In the Ultimate comics, the wrestling company he fights for makes the costume for him (and retains the rights to his likeness). Then he quits and goes off as Spiderman (only adding the weblines himself). So, maybe that’s how they’ll explain it.

  • Resimleri

    great costume

  • Bret

    well, here’s the trailer. I stand by my original thoughts, I’m not impressed:

  • freemoviesonlinelist

    Looks really good! The way he got bit by the spider better but still did
    not see the radiation beam the spider went through first. It may be
    there but they did not show it.

  • South Beach Java

    Looks cool. I like the costume.

  • RickReny

    This definately looks more like Ultimate Spider-man, whish is a good thing. they were basically just a re-imagining of spidey’s early years, and were generally well recieved  in the comics community. i must say that Garfield looks a-LOT more like peter Parker, especially his body type and frame. I always hated how short and stubby Tobey looked in the movies, spidey looks best when depicted long and lean with a ripped swimmers body, and a big head. As far as the suit goes, i like the stripe down the leg, which connects the belt and the boots in the same manner that the arm stripe connects the shirt to the gloves. I like the converging webs on the chest area, they are well thought out. Also, the more intricate and technical looking spider design is rad, but I dont think the rear legs need to be so long. The chrome-y looking boot soles are a bit garrish, i get that they are either trying to connect the chromed out eye design with another aspect of his costume, but they look kind of goofy. Another possibility is that he is employing some heretofore unseen tech in his boots. (I speculate that they are possibly boot jets that will assist him with his web-slinging, as perhaps an emergency measure in case he runs out of webbing, or that they are insinuating that his feet cant stick to walls without the boots). Also the swooshes near his hands, and the webbing on his boots are unnecessary and make the costume look too busy. overall, I am optimistic about this new spidey, lets hope they make spidey’s character more of the smart-ass wise-cracking hero we all loved in the comics. Hey, I loved the raimi era spider-man, and even enjoyed parts of S-M3(the church bellhouse scene was straight out of the comics, and both the Goblin2 and sandman subway fights were awesome) but that doesnt mean they cant improve on raimi’s movies.

  • Best Android Tablet

    I didn’t know Emma Stone was in there. I’m interested now. 

  • Guardian.of.the.Galaxy

    You gotta remember that Peter Parker was kind of a dork…. I could totally see him taking a sewing class in high school and having the skills to sew a bunch of basketball bits together. Besides, since when are Spider-Man fans so discriminate about his costume? He had an alien parasite costume that covered him like goo but the costume in the picture is unbelievable? Really?  

  • RSB

    Classic example of using the word “gay” to be derogatory (also in this case, gay=looking like a female). Dude, keep up with the times.