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What Can Warners Replace Harry Potter With?

We’re just hours away from the release of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Part 2 (See our review here), which closes out one of the most successful franchises in movie history. But what can Warner Bros. replace it with? Here are four possibilities.

DC Comics
The DC Universe was mentioned last year as a possible replacement for the Potter movies, but based on the performance of Green Lantern, that might end up being a much better idea than reality. Unless DC somehow manages to tweak their movies to find the magic (no pun intended) formula that’ll satisfy audiences and critics alike, Warners may have to look in an entirely different direction to find the next Harry Potter.

The Further Adventures of The Potterverse
Yes, the novels may have finished with Deathly Hallows, but as JK Rowling’s Pottermore has demonstrated, there’s more to be said about the world in which Harry and friends lived. Even if Rowling herself isn’t involved with any potential spin-off movies (More Hogwarts stories? A heartwarming family comedy based around the Weasleys? A political thriller set inside the Ministry of Magic?), there’s no doubt that there’ll be an eager fanbase out there waiting to see what happens next, and hoping for a cameo from much beloved characters from the original movies…

The Next Best Thing
Is there a chance that lightning could strike twice? Could the Potter audience accept something brand new that plays with the same ideas, themes and genre tropes as Rowling’s stories, but is otherwise disconnected from the franchise and… well, almost brand new? I have my suspicions – not least of all because it certainly hasn’t happened in the books world, and any attempt by movie studios to do something similar has resulted in… well, how many people really watched Percy Jackson? I think I’ve made my point.

Born Again
If Sony can reboot Spider-Man after only a couple of years off, would an audience accept a Potter reboot? Probably not, but that’s okay, because there’s also the (I can’t believe they haven’t done this already) possibility of “Special Editions” of each of the eight movies, with upgraded special effects – 3D-ifying each one, perhaps? – and extra footage, which may end up being more profitable in the long run. After all, it worked for Star Wars, right?

…There’s also the possibility that Warners will just move on and not try to fill the void of an annual summer blockbuster franchise, but, let’s face it: That’s not going to happen.


  • Jayz

    In the name of God, it doesn’t “close it out”, it just closes it! I’ll just “fill this out…” No I won’t, I’ll fill it in.

  • Jacob

    The truth of the matter is, nothing is going to replace Harry Potter intentionally. They can’t set out to be “The Next Harry Potter“, because that idea itself is flawed. Harry Potter was a phenomenon. It has been called that for the last ten years. By definition, you can’t plan for it. The closest they have come to replicating the success of Harry Potter is Nolan’s Batman franchise. Again, nobody expected that success (not that level of success, anyway). It just happened. The closest they could get to planning it would be to finally prioritize quality. It’s the only real common denominator between Harry Potter and Batman (that and they both kick ass).

    But among these choices… Harry Potter Year Eight. Or an Aurors movie (like IGN was joking about in April). Or a series focusing on the first war (the cool one). There’s a lot of places to take the franchise, even if Rowling is going to be a snob and just keep teasing us with more without delivering.

  • Jacob

    “Close[s] out” is a phrase meaning ending or terminate or finish. I’ve never heard it used in this context, but it’s not wrong.

  • nailsin

    The Books Of Magic.

  • Ryan

    As far as a book craze that turned into a movie craze, Twilight seems to be not all that different from Harry Potter, you know?

    That’s almost over too so it’s sort of irrelevant to this discussion, but I’ve always viewed them sort of in the same category.

  • Rob Perry

    Another over the top flawed premise article from Graham Cracker

  • Jacob

    Except Warner Bros. has been actively trying to set up a franchise to take Harry Potter‘s place for years now. And almost completely failing. For once, this isn’t a flawed premise. It’s something that’s happening, and offers some decent options (well, option. 3/4 are basically saying “More Harry Potter“).

    And flagged because you basically suggest torturing Graeme McMillan (you could have at least gotten his name right) for two hours as a source of entertainment. Hopefully steps are taken to delete your comment.

  • Vazquez1602

    The Books of Magics would make a good replacement for the Harry Porter movies. Remember Harry Potter looks a lot like Timothy Hunter.

  • Sijo

     DC does own the Books of Magic franchise, to which Harry Potter had some suspicious similarities (it’s probably just a coincidence though) so Warner Brothers could use that if they wanted.

  • Jemurr

    Good article Graeme.

    It’s not about finding a replacement for Harry Potter thematically, it’s about finding a replacement franchise that that will replace the business HP did. This already is the highest grossing film series ever. The series made over 6 billion, and will probably top 7 billion when it’s finished. So what Graeme is talking about is what franchise could replace that income stream now that this one is finished.

    And yes it’s a shame about Green Lantern. I’m a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and have wondered why DC didn’t/couldn’t do the same thing years ago. That definitely could have done big business if done right.

    (By the way, I predict that within 7 years the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be the top grossing film series ever. You hear it here first!)

  • Customart081

    Right on, Jacob. Also, Rob, man, EDIT your comments for grammar. You can’t properly insult a man if you can’t properly write the insult. Jeez. And yes, most movie studios do commonly look for the next big thing (contantly, actually) because they want to continue to make heaps and heaps of money. And Graeme’s not a bad writer, he’s an op ed writer. Disagreeing with his opinions don’t invalidate them, and all the Graeme bashing that goes on here is very obnoxious. Get some perspective, nerds. 

  • Omegasaga

    WBs next known franchise   wotn be GREEN LANTERN unless the rumored sequel is beyond good.

    Superman has a chance.
    Batman is WBs JAMES BOND  ( will always have a new guy to fill the suit)

    maybe they can do a FLASH movie?

  • demoncat_4

    given the original idea was that the dc comics universe was suppose to replace harry potter. and green lantern has slowed that down. warners can either go for the reboot of harry since the only thing that would come close would be some one else doing a a similar harry potter type thing. for in the end warners is not going to find the perfect replacement for the harry potter franchise can t be done.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a shame that Warners didn’t have control of the Percy Jackson series. It’s pretty well plotted out, and while it may not have been “the next Harry Potter”, per se, it fit the mold pretty well without being a copycat.

  • Ryanc561

    I can’t believe you even suggested rebooting Harry Potter.

  • Tym

    Tim Hunter, “Books Of Magic”. The poster tagline should be, “Before Harry Potter, there was…”

  • Lady’sMan217

    Since the fans have grown up or simply gotten older along with the HP films, I say take a breather, then bring back the main cast for an extraordinary reunion, and a storyline that of course, is all kinds of magical kick assery. Perhaps a time travel story with grander repercussions. Just saying. Always a fanboy.

  • DoubleWide

    L. Frank Baum did 15 or so OZ books, Ruth Plumbly Thompson did about a dozen or so more. Surely that could be turned into a successful franchise by somebody.

  • Sadfran

    What about Timothy Hunter from The Books Of Magic? It’s the same stuff, it was writen before Harry Potter (just have to explain… before Harry Poter bla bla bla…) and it’a Vertigo comic like Fables, property of Warner Bros.

  • Sadfran

    ok guys, next time I read the comments before…

  • Anonymous

    they need to do prequels. dumbledore during his rise, james, lily, severus and gang when they were in hogwarts, and the first rise of voldemort and the original order of the phoenix.