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If Netflix Falls, What Could Replace It?

Netflix’s announcement of a price hike earlier this week brought about all manner of trouble, with the blog post breaking the news receiving around 5000 complaints within a day, and social media burning up with customers upset and angry at the short notice of the change, and the change itself. But does any of this sound or fury mean anything?

Since the announcement, Netflix has seen its share price fall around 4%, which isn’t something that any company would be happy with. And yet, for all the outcry, will anyone actually quit Netflix over the change? It seems particularly unlikely, for a number of reasons. Firstly, there’s the fact that this kind of online complaint is almost never reflected in any kind of measurable action – Think of fans complaining that they’ll never watch a particular television show, or read a particular comic book again, only for the next round of ratings and/or sales figures to be released, and for there to be no discernible difference from before. It’s one thing to complain on social media (Isn’t that what it’s there for?), but to take actual action…? Yeah, that’s not so easy, and so much more disruptive.

There’s also the matter of… What is there to replace Netflix? There are other companies that do part of what Netflix does – Blockbuster, now owned by Dish Network, has smartly tried to position itself as the disc-only alternative in response to this current situation, offering sign-up deals for current Netflix customers – but no-one really has either the mix of disc and video-on-demand content, nor the breadth of choice that Netflix offers. You could, theoretically, sign up to multiple services to replace Netflix’s one, but that’s likely to end up being as expensive as the new Netflix, if not moreso, in the long run.

See, here’s the thing: Netflix’s new prices are a significant raise on what they previously had been… but that doesn’t necessarily make them unreasonable. The idea of unlimited streaming plus one, two or more discs at a time for around $20 a month is still, let’s face it, a remarkably good deal – and with costs rising for Netflix (VOD streaming has become increasingly more expensive for them, as studios and providers realize how important it’s becoming, and renegotiate contracts), it’s unsurprising that they have to pass some of that expense onto the customer… and also pretty fair, to be honest.

So, will anything come of the outcry surrounding these Netflix price hikes? Yeah, I think so – but it’s not going to be people canceling memberships or anything so dramatic. Instead, I can imagine people will scale down their memberships – Going to disc or streaming only, or cutting back from two discs at any time to one. Doing so will bring the cost down to what was being paid before, essentially, and allow both parties to operate on lower expectations but essentially still getting what they want. And isn’t that the best case scenario all ’round?


  • Mr. M.

    “Netflix’s new prices are a significant raise on what they previously had been… but that doesn’t necessarily make them unreasonable.”


  • Anonymous

    I’ve already quit Netflix, or at least, dropped the DVD-rental portion of my plan, and gone to streaming-only.  Doing the math, that will drop my monthly fee by a full two-thirds, come the new pricing. I came to the realization that I’m barely using the DVD service, and using the hell out of the streaming, so, QED.  But if the price increase had not occurred, I’d have never spent the time to make that observation.  I’m wholly confident I’m not the only one for whom that’s so.

    There are still items they carry that are not available via streaming, and that’s a shame. But if, for example, they offered an a la carte plan, with one rental at, say, three bucks, with the same unlimited time out rules, I’d use that.  But it’s not the one-time charges that make netflix money, it’s the monthly.  How many people are happily paying Netflix every month, and not even using the service?  THAT’S where they make their money – all income and no outlay.  But with this news shaking the trees, a lot of people are going to drop out.

    I’m at a loss how Netflix thought a rate hike this high would be swallowed quietly.  One or two dollars would have passed without a blip.  If they’d spread the changes out over a year or so, they might have gotten away with it.  But all at once…well, even the government’s not that stupid.

  • Guest

    “will anyone actually quit Netflix over the change?”

    Well, we haven’t quit, but we changed to streaming-only. So Netflix is getting less of our money, and I suspect we’re not alone. And, frankly, this has caused us to re-think all of our subscription services, and how we use them. We may well quit Netflix altogether.

  • Jjgerding

    I currently have Netflix, but will be rid of it before the end of the weekend. I constantly check it out, but can find nothing on there to interest me. I know it’s only $8 a month, but that is $8 I have been flushing down the toilet. GOOD-BYE NETFLIX!!!

  • Kperciavalle

    To answer your question:  Yes, I will cancel.  Don’t forget this is the calm before the storm.  I myself personally, because of my billing date, have until September 24th to cancel before the new pricing kicks in. That is precisely the day I intend to cancel.  I think there will be a flurry of cancellations as existing members reach their pricing switchover date.  Netflix handled this increase very poorly for a PR perspective.  It was crammed down the throat of existing members without any forewarning.  Had they approached their customer base with some suggested options and soft pedaled their way in to an increase the backlash would be greatly mitigated.  Poor management decision as to how this was handled.  As a consumer, I am going to be angry anytime any product or service provider crams a 60% increase down my throat regardless of what actual dollar amount it represents.  I’m already looking at the offer from Blockbuster and no matter what choice I make i am canceling Netflix on priciple if nothing else.

  • nik

    My house has been stream only for almost a year.  There’s waaaay more content on there than I could possibly watch anytime soon.  Besides, if it’s a movie that I really want to see, I either saw it in theaters or I’m buying the blu-ray.

  • Bill Reed

    I always find it astonishing that anyone can have difficulty finding something to watch on Netflix. I have like 800 things on my combined queues.

    But it looks like I’ll be dropping back to disc-only to be able to see relatively new films, unless Netflix is going to ramp up their streaming.

  • Captain Logan

    I know several people either dropping it entirely or going down to one service. What they’re not thinking about are the sheer number of people who pay for it because it’s such cheap access but don’t actually use it real often. They hang onto it in case they need it for something because it’s not too pricey, but those who don’t constantly stream or constantly get discs aren’t going to go for the price hike, and I think that’s more of their costumers than they realize.

    While I understand why they’re doing it, they really should have explained themselves, at least a little, rather than just doing it and hoping nobody will mind. I think there would’ve been considerablly less backlash if they’d leveled more of with their customers. Unless there was a press release I never saw with more of an explanation.

  • Hosstbl1

    Amazon needs to negotiate to develop a service wherein if users subscribe digitally to a current season of a television show, they’ll automatically also get the physical DVDs or Blu-rays when they’re released.  If they do this, I believe Amazon would break Netflix’s dominance of streaming and become the predominant provider of streaming content.

  • Ex Nextflix Customer

    Canceled after the last price increase.  Would definitely have canceled after this one also.  I think it’s wise to charge for streaming and rentals separately, but I also think they should offer a discount for people that choose both.  Not everyone uses streaming and not everyone wants discs, so separate plans makes sense.  Streaming was great when it was a free extra because you didn’t have to use it to feel like you were getting a good deal and if you did use it, it was an even better deal.  Now it’s way overpriced.  Even if they lose half of  their customers, they’re now double-charging the other half to make up for it.  Businesses never learn because consumers never show backbone.  They’re just going to drive people back to downloading. 

  • Stephen

    Netflix DID the smart thing – spiting Disc and Streaming – The Disc only people are happy,but the Streaming and Disc people are not.

    Better Netflix did this now, to treat each delivery system separate but equal than end up with bigger complaints and headaches in the future.

    The will ALWAYS be titles that with NEVER be made available by the rights holders for streaming, so DVD still have plenty of life left – ESPECIALLY with all the talk of Cable companies putting caps on bandwidth usage, and charing extra beyond the limit.

  • Raskal66

    I actually quit Netflix last year over the ever-increasing fees.  Then it was because, if your account was Blu-Ray enabled, it meant 5% – 10% increase every 2 months or so.  For what?  Streaming video?  At that time the streaming library was truly laugh worthy, almost entirely B-movies and not in a good way.  The whole reason I had Netflix was for the clear superiority of the Blu-Ray format and it kept feeling like they were trying to convert me to streaming.  If I wanted more streaming I would ask for it.  Now, just as proven on ITunes, the farce of streaming download-able media comes to light.  Once a provider gets a control over the flow, the price goes up.  It might not break the bank today, but when you start to hear things like ” VOD streaming has become increasingly more expensive for them, as
    studios and providers realize how important it’s becoming, and
    renegotiate contracts” get ready….and keep a close eye on how much comes out of the checking account Auto Draft each month.  You’ll find it rarely stays constant for very long and it never goes down.  Give me Blu-Ray.  Keep your VOD.  Give me Redbox.  If I need selection, I’ll go to a store. 

  • Lgeidel

    We’re quitting!!

  • JoeComics

    My biggest issue with this. The fact that streaming doesn’t really compete with mail service. You get more from mail. Netflix has mentioned something about customers still wanting those pesky DVDs. Well sometimes that’s the only way to view the show or movie.

    Whether I cancel or not, still not sure. I do know come September Netflix will be getting less money from me.

  • Kope

    The age of getting everything for free is coming to an end. Eventually most of the internet will be behind some kind of pay wall. And then you will have your free section.  Kind of like the tv networks vs cable and movie channels.  The model of lets have all this free content supported by a couple banner ads is not sustainable in the long run.  Netflix needs to show that even with this current price increase that they can still add subscribers.  Then other organizations like Hulu, Amazon, and maybe Blockbuster will try harder to add more content.  When other providers are offering a selection even close to Netflix, then you can have competition that will drive down the price a little.  But until then, Netflix can charge whatever they want. 
    I personally just lowered my subscription from three discs to two and kept the streaming.  I am paying the same as before with just one less disc per month. 

  • Ryanjpetersen

    If they actually raise the prices that high, I will stop my membership.  I’ve been a member since the beginning, but the fact is I can stop by redbox on the way home and get new releases.  Much better releases than I can get through Netflix, for a portion of the cost.  Sorry, but I’m not wasting $20 a month to watch old movies, when I can pay a dollar.

  • Sage Ashford

    Does your connection suck?  I’ve been particularly impressed with how good Netflix’s streaming is so I’m confused as to what you mean by you get more from the mail.

  • Redhawk

    I’m new to Netflix, and got it for it’s streaming.  I dumped my cable bill ($70/month, just to get HD programing, nothing else) and went with an HD Antenna (I have 20 channels not counting the religious and spanish ones).  The $8 for Netflix is a bargain and I’m finding plenty of additional things to watch (Have Gun Will Travel!!).  So..that service is worth $8 to me.  Not sure the Disc service will survive long term as now they are way behind Redbox in price and convenience (though both are a matter of use and taste)

  • Hurr1112000

    Netflix is getting less of your money, yes. It is also spending less money now too. They no longer have to process & ship your dvd rentals. If enough people take this approach they can save a lot of money. Maybe even close some distribution centers. Its all about cutting jobs and saving money.

  • Joe

    My girlfriend and I both cancelled. The streaming selection is pretty weak in my opinion. There is nothing wrong with a small price increase, or a large increase with added value. But such a huge increase with the same service is absurd.

  • Raskal66

    I had remembered that the Netflix CEO is kind of a jerk-off, too.  Depending on your point of view, he may be shrewd business man, and he may be right if you buy into his line of cultural observation, but I did remember this little quote from him that made me feel totally cool with having dropped them:

  • Cover55555

    Probably right, people are venting, but not really acting. Though I did quit comics, but follow blogs.

    It is still an amazing deal and anything better than blockbuster would ever offer. I remember all those horrid late fees. Last time, I did anything with blockbuster was because I received a free gift card.

  • Doughboy1917

    I switched to streaming only and bought a Roku player so I can rent new releases from Amazon video on demand.  My PS3 doesn’t easily stream from Amazon.

    My wife keeps telling me to cancel Netflix.  I might do that since Amazon has much of the same streaming material available free to “Amazon Prime” members.  Even with the annual prime fee, it’s a much cheaper alternative.

    Netflix was making much more money from me at the lower sub rate because I would let DVDs sit around for a month or two before watching them.  I was a very “low activity” customer.

  • guest

    I currently have streaming and two disks at a time.  The new price hike with that plan is about $20.  At first I was upset but after looking at it I realized that at 2 disks a week and with the streaming it is definitely a good deal.  Two disks a week = 8 disks a month.  Divide that with the monthly fee and I am watching 1 disk for $2.50.  Add streaming and that price goes down.  Let’s say I watch two streamed movies a month with 8 disks.  That would reduce it to $2 per movie.

    As far as I’m concerned I’m saving a mint!

  • MT

    I dropped to two discs from three (which was how I signed up in ’03 while single and childless), and it won’t change the number of movies I watch per month. After all, you can only watch one at a time. Also, I have no need for streaming, so that’s gone as well.

    I don’t understand the outcry over the price increase. If it’s too expensive (and I don’t believe it is), don’t spend the cash.

    Man, are we spoiled or what?!

  • Dunadane

    As a 3 year customer who has two discs out at a time and the Blu-Ray Pro-rating, I never complained about the price increases in the past. But this one is really making me rethink. I could even deal with an increase, but the idea that I’m paying nearly $10 more without any added benefit is insane. There’s not even a promise/expectation that the streaming service will expand. I have a maxed out Queue, a handful of those titles are streaming. However, I’ve been using streaming for tv shows. I use both services. I can’t see the logic in not offering a package deal for streaming and discs out + blu-ray. If it went up $5 for everything, I wouldn’t bat an eye. It makes sense. But there’s nothing being said to make it lucrative to the consumer. It’s paying more for less or equal service. 

  • JoeComics

    I’m speaking about content. The quality is fine. Most of the movies I’ve wanted to watch lately, I’ve had to get the blu-rays/dvds. It’s the same with certain streamed tvs shows. There’s a few with that disc only disclaimer.

  • Wcole67

    I’m dropping the DVDs by mail (including BluRay)  and staying with the Streaming. Our local library and RedBox (a block away) will mostly fill in the DVDs that I want to see..
    So thanks Netflix, I’ll be saving considerable money per month….and you gave me the incentive to make the change. 

  • Russell Burlingame

    The one thing I can say is that they will have lost my money–in theory.

    A while back, I discovered that I wasn’t using the DVD portion that much and opted to cancel it and go down to the streaming-only plan. However, I recently discovered that a handful of movies I wanted to see (indie and documentary stuff with no distribution deals to speak of) were DVD-only and, “for only an extra two bucks,” I had decided to increase my plan when the billing cycle came around. The pricing change was announced two days later and I canceled the increase before they ever got a dime or I ever saw a DVD. I wasn’t one of the ones complaining, becuase I agree with the central thesis that even at this price it’s still pretty reasonable–but I buy more than I rent most of the time anyway and if the price increase is more than a couple of bucks I’d just as soon own those four or five movies and save myself the cash in the long run.

  • Vmgbarb

    You need to do better reasearch.  People have quit in droves, and many are planning to quit on September 1 when the rate hikes have changed.  I quit immediately due to their arrogance – “take it or leave it” email they sent and Swasey’s comments.  I have many other options.  Netflix is now off my blue ray and off my ipad.  DONE.  PERIOD.

  • Vmgbarb

    Oh and… I am replacing it with walking, reading, doing stuff with my life.  And Blockbuster.
    I have more options than time.  I’m not giving my hard earned cash to such arrogant jerks who don’t care about their expendable subscribers.  By the way, even with all the deleted comments on facebook, they are well over 70,000 mostly negative comments on their FB page, plus add up the blogs, the forums, other articles, twitter, etc.  Then there are the anti Netflix price hike FB pages.  I think you will find as someone put it a “tsnumai” of people angry and quitting or reducing service.

  • Zach

    I just canceled all together. I will put my money toward blockbuster or redbox.

  • Mike Boarts

    ON the day of the announcement, my wife and I cancelled.  It made no sense to us.

  • Sharif Youssef

    omg, it’s $6 people. Get over it.

  • Theodorebald631

    I canceled my Netflix account last night.  The Netflix streaming choices are poor for what they want to charge and nothing to replace Netflix so stay with them….Really?  Do you own Netflix shares McMillan?  HuluPro (Far better selection for streaming, more current, better delivery).  Amazon On Demand (You get it FREE if you pay $79.00 once a year to get free second day shipping with Amazon Prime).  So, $15.00+ x 12 months with Netflix is $180.00.  Hummmmm…  For those of you who say you have a PS3 or Wii that only works with Netflix.  Google those system OS jailbreak codes and you can run HuluPro and/or Amazon VOD on your gaming systems if you are too lazy to type in the urls on those systems browsers…  Roku will give you access as well and it’s being sold at Walmart.  F**K Netflix!  Greed….greed…greed.  And shame on anyone who defends them or tries to help them make it palitable to the consumer.

  • Mxtxg

    I will quit if the hike hits to hard. One i can live with out netflix and two the hike seems pointless. so piss me off and i say bye bye.

  • Nonja

    Netflix dropped. And if they run redbox..I’m dropping them too.  They will be replaced by..your local Library. Were you can rent DVD movies for a week for FREE!!!!

  • Lenny Pike

    If I really used Netflix a lot, the price change wouldn’t really be a show stopper for me, but I only watch 4 or 5 movies a month using Netflix so I already cancelled. Interesting… but for the customers who will be paying $2 less per month… they’re happy… they’re staying… for the customers who’ll be paying 60% more and never used it that much… like me… they’re quitting…  So Netflix winds up with a lot of customers who are paying less… and the customers who really we’re taxing their system are gone. Sounds like a major screw-up to me… but what do I know. I’m just the consumer.

  • T. AKA Ricky Raw

    All of you whiny entitled ingrates complaining about this price hike should watch this:

    Back in the day before Netflix, if you rented 4 movies in a month you paid more than Netflix’s new rates…FOR FOUR FREAKING DVDs.

  • Kandou Erik

    I rarely used their streaming service, and most times I did on my PS3, it always had problems with it. I just laugh at the idea that Netflix actually thinks streaming is actually a viable path to exclusively go with, ditching DVD entirely. That 4% would only be the beginning if they actually went ahead with getting rid of DVDs.

    That said, for those who it works better for, streaming can be a valuable service. But I’d rather not get a price hike, and simply have that as a separate option, instead of having to pay more for a combined deal.

  • Theodorebald631

    Hey digital mercenary, how much is Netflix paying you?  If it’s not a lot, glad you’ve got defensive video links to convince us to stay and insulting the disgruntled, then you should go work for Ghadafi.  He’s hiring mercs to back the wrong side too!

  • T. AKA Ricky Raw

    If you can get this worked up over $6 to the point of painting yourself as some part of the victimized masses, you should instead be grateful that you obviously have a pretty good life if this is really the biggest problem you have.

  • Theodorebald631

    Yeah, funny how you and the guy on Netflix Facebook (which won’t allow comments to be posted on the Wall now and is being accused of deleting criticism) keep saying the same talking points:
    1) It’s only $ 6.00 more (yeah x 12 months is $72.00 more a year)
    2) Anyone who is upset

    For someone who thinks $ 6.00 bucks more is no big deal it seems funny to me that you’re such a devote Netflix defender.  Maybe it has to do with this blog showing up in Google News and so you’re boss is feeling the pressure and here you are attempting to defend the undefendable, in a recession economy.

  • demoncat_4

    given how netflix is the way most people get dvds now a days odds are the price hike may cause some customers to quite or not use it so much but in the end once netflix due to lost revenues from losing its customers will hopefuly wind up finding some other way to cover the cost of vod that or watch as what ever is waiting to knock it off its perch moves in and takes the customers running  from netflix all over them needing to raise prices to cover their expenses

  • Bartrichmond

    I agree.  People dropping the DVD plan is exactly what Netflix wants everyone to do.  What they want is to reduce the cost without providing the level of content or service.  If customers really wanted to make a statement they’d drop the streaming plan, and go with the DVD only plan, making sure to exchange DVDs as often as they can.  Having to maintain a streaming service without the subscriptions to support it would put pressure on them to lure customers to their streaming only service by adding titles, and improving usability.  You know, by actually adding value.

  • Azstu

    I quit

  • Theodorebald361

    Nice talking points.  Funny it mirrors the pro-Netflix shell on Netflix Facebook.  He’s saying the exact same thing:
    1) It’s only $6.00 more… (x 12 months equals $72.00 more in a recession economy)
    2) Anyone who complains is a (insert derogatory remark and/or insult)

    Obviously you are a Netflix stooge hanging out here defending the undefendable because this blog popped up on Google News and your greedy boss miscalculated the response and you’re in damage control mode.  How’s about going back and telling them bad move should’ve raised it by $2.00 and the noise wouldn’t be what it is.

    I’m just sayin….

  • Theodorebald631

    I’m with you demoncat_4, they’ll find a way to cover the cost of VOD and lost revenue, they’ll raise prices again and split the plan into 3.
    1)  Disc
    2)  Video on Demand (poor quality)
    3)  Video on Demand (regular quailty ((some bandwidth restrictions may apply, not responsible for increased ISP costs, restricted in some areas, digital delivery fee not included))


  • Encouleru

    Netflix CEO Reed Hastings responded to a question whether his American customers were likely to be disgruntled about the cheaper deal Netflix is offering Canadians:“How much has it been your experience that Americans follow what happens in the world? It’s something we’ll monitor, but Americans are somewhat self-absorbed.”Read more at the Washington Examiner:

  • KBJr

    If Netflix’s streaming had all – or even say 90% – of their DVD catalog, I’d gladly abandon discs and go full-on streaming. I’d even pay $15/mo just for that. As it stands, the streaming selection is inadequate for my tastes (less than 20% of my 400+ titled queue is available to stream), so I’m reluctantly dropping streaming and going DVD only. I’ll save $2 a month and will at least be able to watch what I want, however less convenient that delivery format might be. I think this move by Netflix was premature. If their streaming selection were more complete it wouldn’t be so bad, but the two plans (streaming-v-DVD) are nowhere near equal in value (to me anyway, preceding selection over convenience) and so I’m in the boat if extremely dissatisfied customers. If there were a viable alternative, I’d jump ship just on principle.

  • KBJr

    *preferring* selection over convenience, and boat *of*… damned auto-correct and chubby fingers!

  • Bill Reed

    I get one disc out at a time and I manage 8 discs a month. That’s a dollar per disc. The streaming was just gravy. But Netflix wasn’t making any money off me, because I actually use their services to the full advantage.

  • Bill Reed

    Have you guys already seen like all 20,000 movies Netflix has streaming? Is that why you think it has such poor selection? Because it really, really doesn’t.

  • Bill Reed

    But how much do you spend in gas driving to the library or to Redbox?

  • Dave Robinson

    We’ve been on the single disk for a while, but since all we do is stream, we’re just going to cut back to streaming-only.  My only concern is that there’s a lot of stuff that still needs to be released to streaming.  If they get everything online, I expect streaming to become even more popular.

  • Yibber

    Netflix is TRASH.

  • Gmdropbox

    “…but it’s not going to be people canceling memberships or anything so dramatic.”

    Oh really? Stop assuming people don’t care about ridiculous price hikes while incomes remain stagnant. We cancelled our membership as soon as we found out. Too “dramatic” for you?

  • Bill Reed

    No, no, no, he’s clearly a COMMUNIST. Let’s get our ridiculous conjecture right.

  • Anonymous

    Netflix has done a bunch of shady sudden price adjustments (I was one of the people who got a sudden huge boost in subscription cost years ago b/c I was “renting too much”). Not a fan of the service.

  • Lexxdbm

    got anything better?

  • Lando

    I agree with the writer that overall cost is not unreasonable for what you paying for. The cost to ship, return, and maintain space (overhead costs) for physical DVDs cannot be cheap and they were probably loosing money. I do think people should sit down and really figure out what their media needs are. I know some folks have cable/Sat TV, plus Netflix, and maybe and stream stuff online. Do you really need all this access points?? You be the judge. I know this has forced me to think about it a lot. I know some people who have Netflix and hulu only with no cable/Sat Tv provider and that works for them.

    This is a little off base but I think the Cable/SAT TV market needs a new player. One that doesn’t bundle channels into packages but say at every price level you add whatever channels you want except for the true premium channels (HBO/SHO). That way you would not have to pay high fees just so you can have say G4TV or whatever.  At all levels you add only the channels you WANT even at basic. I think this would force a lot of channels to up their game in what the offer in programming. I mean why do I have to have a bunch of evangelical channels if I do not EVER watch them because they are in the package or Versus which is dead since UFC bought out WEC???!!!!!

  • Dmtr

    I’ve just canceled mine. Haven’t watched many DVDs lately anyway and the streaming content is crappy (and a waste of time).

  • The Hero Business

    Netflix won’t fall. They are trying to push everyone toward streaming, so they won’t have the overhead of disks and mailing. Makes business sense. EVERYTHING is moving toward streaming — look at Apple and Amazon (both have introduced “cloud” systems)

  • Gil

    I only get them from the mail. No streaming. There are enough lost jobs in this country so I plan on  using the mail and at least trying to help keep postal workers, distribution center workers, etc employed. Sadly, I’m in the minority and eventually like comic books, everything will be digital.

  • jim gorr

    If NetFlix fell, I think that would make video rental stores very happy…

  • Marvelousmark69

    Actually, Netflix themselves said that the price increase isn’t due to contract renegotiation. It’s basically just because. What happened is that they realized that people are using just one of the two services a lot and they could make more money by making those people feel like they are paying less to use the one service they use the most. Well played Netflix, too bad I quit last year.

  • TacoKid

    I went from two Bluray disc and instant streaming to just instant streaming. They lost ten bucks a month from me.

  • Anonymous

    If BB were to include unlimited streaming, I would be there in a second. As it is, they charge extra for streaming, so that knocks them off of my list of possible alternatives.

  • Kirk Blakk

    It is addictive. So much so that I couldn’t completely cancel my subscription, at least not yet. I dropped the DVD portion today but my original intent was to cancel completely. I’ll revisit the idea in a few months.

  • Tammyjk

    For me it wasnt the 6 bucks, it was the arrogant latte comment.  Netflix wants everyone to switch to streaming….bigger profits.  What they didnt count on was broadband providers taking a second look now and people like myself who will just quit them instead of switching.  Att just kicked someone off their service for watching too much Netflix LOL. 

  • Tammyjk

    I was on the Blockbuster forum last night and many Netflix customers are saying the same thing.  Maybe it will happen, you never know.

  • Wally

    I personally go to the library on a weekly basis for books, as well, so there’s no added cost there, and even if I didn’t, the multiple libraries in my area are all on the way to somewhere else, so there’s no added gas cost.

    Being that Redboxes are practically everywhere these days, the same could be said for that method.

    Furthermore, I can check out from the library a gigantic stack of DVDs at one time if I want to. There is no possible way, even with Netflix’s best package, that I could get the same number of discs from them in a month that I could get from a library.

  • Malcom Merriweather

    What ever happened to good old fashioned E-Books?

  • Rubpust

    I have no intention of dropping Netflix. If you don’t approve of the price hike, go elsewhere or drop the service. Simple as that. This is not the crime of the century that Netflix is increasing its pricing……OMG!! No one else in the business world is increasing their prices! The horror!! Get real, everyone. I have been using Netflix since they started and adjust accordingly to my financial budget, their price increases, etc. and still thoroughly enjoy the service they provide. I do not stream (hated it when I did) and love using their service for keeping up to date on tv shows on dvd in episodic order. Plus when combining their movie dvd selection with dvd’s available from my library and Red Box…can’t beat the value. I’m personally sticking with Netfllix. Thanx for the forum…..

  • Anonymous

    For a few months I’ve had a streaming only membership (signing up got me points in a game I was playing) and this news finally motivated me to cancel.  At no time was any movie or TV show I was interested in available instantly no matter what its age so it’s not like I’ll be hurting in any way…

  • Mitchell Senft

    You have exactly backwards. This is all about putting the last couple of nails in the coffin of the DVD rental (if not buying) business and thereby promote streaming, which is the wave of the future and incidentally more profitable than buying and mailing discs.

    As for the modest increase: As someone else said, $10.00 a month for every movie in the world? What a rip-off.

    Streaming and digital download rentals are what’s coming. DVDs will be luxury items priced accordingly at best. (An approximate model is the last few decades of music retailing.)

  • Red

    I rarely use my netflix so I’m cutting of the discs and if I don’t start using the streaming more in the next few weeks or months that’s going as well.

  • Bill Reed

    For those of us who live in the woods and have to go out of their way to go anywhere, it would be an added hassle and expense. And the local library doesn’t have much of any selection.

  • Brodie Searcy

    I’m not home as much as I’d like and am only home 2-3 days in a 2 week span. So, if I watch a disk when I’m home, I only get 2 a month. But I watch the hell out of some streaming, and my wife watches the streaming while I’m away. There should be an option for 2 disks a month and unlimited streaming. I would pay $10 a month, maybe even $12, but $16 isn’t worth it. I want to go to only streaming but there are too many disks not available that I want to watch, that aren’t current releases for RedBox, so I don’t know what I’m going to do.

  • Sparky01

    Netflix has said the price increases don’t have anything to do with streaming content contract negotiations with studios – they are costs associated with shipping discs.  They have tried for years to convince us all that DVD is dead as the dodo, yet last week, for the first time in months, they admitted they were wrong and that people actually DID still want to rent DVDs (given the giant holes in most streaming content libraries, the lack of new releases through Netflix because of deals they struck to delay new releases so they get favorable terms on their streaming content, the impending death of Blockbuster limiting the options for renting).  But it’s not about the cost of streaming – they have no shipping costs with streaming, they don’t have to buy and maintain a library of DVD copies to ship out of dozens of service centers.  It’s DVDs driving the cost increase, not streaming.

    But given Netflix’s history of screwing their members, who did this surprise?

  • Mwedmer

    I think all of the people who are going to quit because of the changes need to go buy some tissues and crawl back under your rock.
    I have the streaming service. I get endless use out of that. If for some reason I need to watch a new release DVD, I just go to Redbox and spend a dollar. I may rent 2-3 DVDs a month. So the way I see it, this IS just a blip. Maybe those of you who are both renting and streaming should figure out how much you really get in the mail versus streaming and see if this really affects you.

  • ZB

    It is when it’s 19,970 shitty movies.

  • J.

    I was actually going to start using Netflix soon. After hearing rumors of this announcement, then seeing it become a reality, i will look into other streaming sources of entertainment first. I am glad i waited, as i would of been upset about this if i had signed up in March as i originally planned.

  • nick

    There’s a TON with that disc-only disclaimer.  And it’s pretty annoying.  I have only streaming (which to me, is still by far the better choice), and within the last couple weeks, several shows that I had been watching streamed were removed and changed to disc-only.  I don’t get that.

  • RunnerX13

    I quit just because I found I didn’t have time to watch what I rented, and with the price hick, I’m less lickly to rejoin anytime soon.

  • stealthwise

    The alternative: just using torrents.  People will pay if it’s easy for them to find what they want to find and they can do it at a reasonable cost.  $20 isn’t bad, but for those people who are already able to DL things, they’ll simply do that instead.

  • Brantar

    I have quit all of Netflix and will be using redbox for my new movies and solarmovie for older ones.  Hulu will remain for tv (since netflix has such a poor streaming selection for TV I have done this all along).

  • Everything up except salary

    I am canceling mine just before the September billing cycle. People cant afford to pay everyone extra cash every month. If canceling means that I will be missing out on what some may think is still “reasonable” then so be it. The company could have considering keeping the price the same for current subscribers, I am positive that my billing could have continued. I hate that this is my final decision, but Netflix made theirs now I must make mine. 

  • Dl Betty

    I don’t really care about the streaming, it’s mostly bad movies and TV shows.The DVDs are what are new for us but there is some behind the scene contracts where Netflix has to hold back so someone else can show something earileri True Blood for example Itunes had it 5 weeks before Netflix, I’m not paying those prices, I have enough on DVD to watch reruns, streaming is to save me the trouble of getting up LOL

  • BobPoole

    Just cancelled the service. Tired of corporations (and politicians) making short-sighted decisions to enrich themselves. It doesn’t appear I’m alone.

  • Jojosymon

    I certainly liked not having regular TV and only having Netflix, but as their selections have gotten less and less I thinking about just going back to regular TV and hulu only.

  • Kestrel418

    Lowering one’s standards is ‘the best case scenario?’ Are you listening to yourself?  How american is that?

  • Dustin Grzegorzewski

    To be honest, Netflix movie selection sucks on streaming. Takes forever to add new movies, and there might be one okay-mainstream movie, then like 20 movies of just pure garbage added. Now Showtime removed their selections, as well as many other companies to promote their own online library. Hell I would keep Netflix if they would keep up to date with Family Guy or American Dad at least. They can’t even do that, the later seasons and episodes are all dvd only. At least Hulu keeps up to date on tv shows with a much better selection. I think Redbox may be the way to go, you can get more movies in a month while spending less money, mainstream ones, almost as they become available to buy. Best yet, you don’t get charged money if what you want isn’t available every month, just pay when you want to watch.