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Ron Howard’s Troubled Dark Tower Crumbles At Universal Pictures

Although Ron Howard insisted just last month that, despite rumors to the contrary, Universal Pictures would push forward with his ambitious adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, Deadline now reports the studio has passed on the project, which includes plans for a movie trilogy and two television miniseries.

That leaves Imagine Entertainment to find a new studio for the fantasy epic, which seemed on the fast track until “budgetary complications” in May led Universal to delay production on the first film while it worked to whittle down costs. However, Deadline contends that once executives reviewed Akiva Goldsman’s script for the first film and the first part of the TV series, they would only commit to a single movie.

No Country for Old Men star Javier Bardem had been targeted to play gunslinger Roland Deschain in the adaptation — he wasn’t locked into the role, though — but it’s obviously unknown how this blow will affect his involvement or interest.


  • demoncat_4

    not surprised sadly the project fell for one doing the dark tower as both movies and tv series was really ambious and expensive. for any studio. plus given universals history of killing projects only to have some other studio reap the rewards from doing them. not surprised universal killed the dark tower . though mostly the cost of doing the dark tower as both a movie and tv is what did it in

  • Paul

    Awful news for Dark Tower fans!! 
    But . . . if you’re looking for the next best thing to TV or movies for a great visual interpretation of this amazing series, you can always try eBay and get the Marvel Graphic Novels adapting these books (usually pretty inexpensively) with career-best art by Jae Lee.  Try searching for “Marvel Dark Towers Hardcovers”. 

  • Lewis4510

    I haven’t a read a good Stephen King book in years, and that includes the Dark Tower series. Which I tried to read several years ago and honestly I just don’t see what the fuss is about. So I’m glad that this overrated piece of trash won’t be going to the big screen anytime soon. King is a total burn out creatively whose best work is well behind him.