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CCI | A Captain Canuck Movie?

Minds Eye Entertainment has acquired the film rights to Captain Canuck, the Canadian superhero introduced in 1975 by Richard Comely and Ron Leishman. Comely will work with the Saskatchewan-based company on the development of the adaptation.

“I have always been a big fan of Captain Canuck, and we are honored to be working with Richard on bringing Canada’s greatest superhero to the big screen,” Minds Eye CEO Kevin DeWalt said in a statement.

The original Captain Canuck followed Tom Evans, a secret agent who developed super strength after coming into contact with extraterrestrials. Revivals of the title in 1993 and 2004 featured new incarnations of the hero.

Captain Canuck has been licensed for a number of products over the past three decades, and in 1995 appeared on a stamp issued by the Canadian Post.


  • Don

    Nice to see that Richard Comely acquired the rights to make a movie about his own character and is looking forward to working with himself.  I also remember that old-school Canada Post stamp.  Never realized the mail service changed its name to ‘The Canadian Post’, though.  Oh, well.  Companies these days, who can keep up with them!

  • Juan Hernandez romero

    I’ll stick to Capitán México

  • Lady’sMan217

    As a Canadian, I will still support the film by watching it, however, the name has never had any ‘vibe of coolness’ with me. Captain Canuck sounds like Captain Duck, Captain F%^& etc. Lame name. But I will be forgiving if the story is good.

  • Anonymous

    I have to disagree and say that it has always been one of the coolest names of any of the “Captain” superheroes. You do know that you are a Canuck, don’t you?

  • Shelly Wilks

    Captain Canuck is the Canadian superhero and it’s an wonderful animation cart movie. Still missing Captain Canuck and wanna watch it again.