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Man Of Steel Moves To June 2013

Just as Comic-Con International kicks off, Warner Bros. has dropped the Krypton-sized bomb that Zack Sndyer’s Man of Steel will open on June 14, 2013, rather than in December 2012 as widely believed.

The decision extricates the Superman franchise reboot from a crowded holiday season that includes Warner Bros.’ The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Disney’s Lone Ranger and Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained and shifts it to what’s so far an open date, nestled between Iron Man 3 in May and Thor 2 in July.

However, the official date also may lend credence to five-month-old rumors that David S. Goyer’s script has “major third-act problems,” and an unverified report from over the weekend that first Jonathan Nolan and now Snyder’s 300 collaborator Kurt Johnstad have taken stabs at rewrites.

Man of Steel is confirmed to star Henry Cavill as Superman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent and Michael Shannon as General Zod. The cast is also said to include Russell Crowe as Jor-El, Julia Ormond as Lara and Antje Traue as Zod’s henchwoman Faora. Christopher Meloni and Harry Lennix will play generals.

The film is written by Goyer from a story by Goyer and Christopher Nolan. Charles Rovan, Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Deborah Snyder also producing. Thomas Tull and Lloyd Phillips are executive producers. Filming is expected to begin in August.

Update: The New York Times offers additional insight, noting that Warner Bros. had initially considered giving Man of Steel the Dec. 12, 2012, release date that eventually went to The Hobbit. “The problem: those internal ruminations were accidentally made public back in January when it announced the casting of Henry Cavill as Superman. The upshot: Warner had some wiggle room because of The Hobbit — it doesn’t need two enormous movies in one month — and so the unofficial release plan for Man of Steel was changed and it now gets a prime spot in the lucrative summer season.”

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  • Coryjameson


    Why don’t they just give up now. It appears that the studio executives have fucked up yet again. NO ONE IN CHARGE at Warner Bros. understands Superman. NO ONE IN CHARGE AT DC understands Superman. The ONLY writers who understand how to write a great Superman story are GRANT MORRISON and ALAN MOORE. If Warner Bros/DC get anyone else, they’re just wasting their time and money.

    Honorable mentions:
    – Jonathan Hickman
    – Warren Ellis (I bet he could write a great Superman story at gunpoint)

  • Sam

    Shut up, Coryjameson. Deamn winnie fanboys need to get their arse kicked.

  • Jason Underwood

    Nobody in charge at DC understands Superman, huh? So basically you are saying that Geoff Johns – a man who was once a personal assistant to Richard Donner and has written countless great stories starring the Man of Steel – doesn’t understand him? No offense, perhaps you need to think about how harsh your words might sound before you go on a rant. People like John Byrne, Dan Jurgens, Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, George Perez, Mark Waid, and others deserve more respect than that.

  • Anonymous

    This is a good thing in my book.

    Not only is 2012 oversaturated with high profile blockbusers of the superhero variety, but one of my fears about this movie was the ‘rushed’ feeling I was getting. I feel Green Lantern gave it self too little post-production time as one of the (many) factors that lead to its demise.

    I also wonder if the new relaunch Supes origin will be worked into the script but I doubt it at this point. Still, I choose to take this news as Warners wanting to get it right.

  • Andrew

    Yeah.  Nestling between Thor and Captain America worked so well for Green Lantern.

  • Anonymous

    It wasn’t Thor and Captain America that Green Lantern had to worry about. It was Pirates and Transformers.

  • 9do

    Hmmm..I guess the lawsuit conditions were “in production” by a certain date. So they beat the deadline. Otherwise why move the movie back 6 months…

  • Eric Qel-Droma

    I don’t think any other movies were GL’s problem:  it was its own problem.

  • Eric Qel-Droma

    You and I understand Superman.  You know why?  We’re from the STREETS.

  • Captlobi

    I have never been one of the guys drinking the Geoff Johns Koo-aid. I think his Silver Age lovefest has taken DC into a bad place. I do think Byrne and Jurgens got Supes but after they
    left the title I lost interest.

    I am not a Morrison superfan either, I did love his JLA though. Maybe his spin on Supes will be fun. I never cared for his X-men or Batman stuff so I am not very confidant.

  • D.Smithee

    After seeing ‘Sucker Punch’ and reading this, I’m getting that tingling sensation that this flick will be horrible. Warner Bros. had a perfectly great director in Singer–and he produced an excellent Superman film. Apparently WB is punishing itself for that flick’s ‘dismal’ $400 million gross on a reported $270 million budget. Good work, Warner Bros.!

  • Jay

    That movie wasn’t a good comic book movie. If you like a lot of drama then yes. But you CAN’T make a Superman movie where the highlight of his heroics are putting out fires and throwing an island into orbit. Superman without a physical threat is boring. That’s why Superman 2 was the best of the bunch.

  • Jacob

    How did you even arrive at this conclusion?

  • Jacob

    Really? The special effects were one of the only things that got significant praise — something that’s done in post-production.

  • Jacob

    You don’t need to be a good comic book movie to be a good Superman movie. I agree that Superman Returns wasn’t a good Superman movie. But it doesn’t need to be like the Marvel movies either.

  • Jacob

    For the exact reasons expressed in the article.

  • Vicki4321

    im not happy about the new people that are playing in superman

  • Thromptor

    I don’t see this as bad or good news; in fact, I barely see it as news at all. June 2013 makes more sense than December 2012, but it’s hardly an earth-shattering thing. 

    Still, an extra six months might be a good thing. After the lackluster performance of “Green Lantern”–which I thought was fine, if a bit too heavy on exposition, I’m sure Warner Bros. wants to make sure “Superman: The Man of Steel” has every detail right.

  • Lady’sMan217

    GET THE SCRIPT RIGHT! Don’t F$%# it up :-)

  • D.Smithee

    I’m sorry there wasn’t enough explosions and mindless violence for you. Maybe we can get Michael Bay to direct.

  • Guyincognito

    They just need to get a new director Snyder is simply terrible

  • Cjorg2

    Lots of writers understand Superman, and others have listed some of the more prominent names.  It appears you are clueless about Superman as you’ve just latched on to two high profile names in a feeble attempt to lend credence to another one of your aimless rants and raves.  Try writing something worthwhile for a change instead of the usual drivel.

  • Bob

    It’s being given the graveyard release date that Green Lantern got. If the studio had any faith in this film, it would be getting The Dark Knight’s release date or a May date instead.

  • Bob

    MOS is being given Green Lantern’s release date. This is how much the studio cares about Superman. Why they are trying to kill this movie remains a mystery.

  • Jmcreer

    Need a tissue?

  • Jacob

    I find it funny that you think Green Lantern failed because of it’s release date, and that means that The Man of Steel will suffer on the same date. June is a great time to release movies.

  • demoncat_4

    figured warners would not want to compete with themselves with pitting superman and the hobbit this way it gives the film makers more time to do a super man film right.

  • Know your history

    It is funny that you don’t know the box office history of mid-June release dates and thus don’t know that this is a dump. If Warners had any faith in this film, it would be getting the Dark Knight’s date. Fact. But this film is being dumped instead.

  • Lance Drew

    i have no comments regarding how they will release it. my only concern is that i cannot wait to see it release. i hope there would be trailers release through online tv. i wil be waiting for it at tvhod.

  • Leo_darkheart03

    Wait isn’t Geoff the guy who recently had Superman renounce his U.S. Citizenship in the comics or no?

  • Jacob

    That wasn’t Geoff Johns. That was David S. Goyer. Who also wrote this movie.

  • Leo_darkheart03

    Bah on all you worry wankers and nae-say types. Y’all are full of bull. You know nothing about film production. All you do is sit back in your computer chairs, griping, groaning, groping for something negative to grinch about on your large flabby rears. Just because there have been 3 subsequent Super-fail film before now doesn’t mean this will be the same thing. Good grief, Hollywood yes is a dumb creature but, even the dumb creatures EVENTUALLY learn their lesson and deliver us hungry fanboy’s something to drool and rave happily over and gripe about too. What I’m saying is. CHILL.  So sick of seeing you twippy comments and conjecture trying to be the loudest “anti-this or that because of this person  etc.” drum. Seriously, stow it. Be happy they are still trying to do Superman justice and that we aren’t left with only a line of cinematic super fails. Like any of you would be happy with abject failure one after another, neither is this franchise.

  • Leo_darkheart03

    Green Lantern sucked and did poorly because they chose to go with a flying intergalactic glowing talking and fear eating pile of poo villain design. The villain choice they went with is what killed the movie. As well as that Hector Humongous Head Hammond. Hopefully with the sequel they will get things more correctly with Sinestro  and a more interesting plot line. But yeahhh Green Lantern stunk because they used a poo shaped master villain. Though I do enjoy the fact they had GL use the sun as the ultimate incinerator to vanquish him. Like that wasn’t some sort of cosmic inside joke… Still I maintain hope for the GL sequel as Well as Man Of Steel. If I turn out to be wrong so be it. But, I certainly doubt i.

  • Leo_darkheart03

    Yeah I guess you never read the Superman comics then. Though I actually would prefer them to do an adaptation of Superman Earth One or Superman: Birthright. Both origin stories but damn good ones with plenty of emotional drama and physical conflict.

  • Leo_darkheart03

    Oh right, now I remember. Thanks dude. :) But yeah Goyer’s got NO business around a Superman movie if that’s the kinda crap he’s writing for the character.

  • D.Smithee

    Superman: Birthright was absolutely HORRIBLE and has no place in the Superman pantheon. Sorry.