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Watch More Than 5 Minutes From The Rejected Wonder Woman Pilot

Since NBC passed on David E. Kelley’s planned Wonder Woman revival in May, we’ve been treated — or subjected, depending on your perspective — to glimpses of what might’ve been. A title card here, a 30-second sequence there. But now, just in time for Comic-Con International, someone has uploaded more than five and a half minutes of footage from the rejected pilot that may shed some light on the network’s decision to walk away.

Before you rush to judgment on the production quality, keep in mind this is rough footage that still required clean-up and special effects. Still, though, Wonder Woman fans will likely be relieved they dodged this bullet.



  • Dan Helpingstine

    Those clips were not nearly as bad as I had expected.  Sure they had a cheesy, unfinished feel, but to be fair they most likely are unfinished.

    I expected something several levels below Xena:  Warrior Princess and saw something on at least the same level if not slightly above…

  • 2000filmfan

    You said.  We were robbed.

  • Alex

    I agree Dan, it’s better than expected

  • Anonymous

    Ehh. not feeling it.

  • Anonymous

    While not the greatest thing I’ve seen, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see this passed off to SyFy. It’s at least on par with what I’ve seen from “Alphas” so far.  Although, I don’t know if SyFy would have the necessary budget? I have no idea how that all works…

    Although, I must say, I do like the last clip. At least, the message they were sending. I’m more than a little bored with the idea of Wonder Woman being little more than a 13 yr olds dominatrix fantasy. The fact that they were willing to address that right of the gate is a bold move (albeit a risky one given the expected response of my fanboy brethren). 

  • Dean

    they definitely weren’t as bad as i thought. Her running around in that cheesy looking costume made it look a bit dumb but the fight scenes looked pretty cool. the villians looked kind of off as well

  • Anonymous

    We “missed” this?

  • TE

    I have seen the Whole Pilot and it was good and certainly entertaining….. if this show is bad SMALLVILLE and BUFFY the vampire slayer should have never made it.

    Everything is explained in the pilot even the reason why she wears the “cheeys”costume.

    NO reason to cancel this show it would have been pretty popular for people who like “smallville” “heros” and “buffy”