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CCI | Fox To Animate Mutts Strip

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Twentieth Century Fox is developing an animated feature based on Mutts, the popular comic strip by Patrick McDonnell. Heat Vision reports that the cartoonist and his brother Robert McDonnell will write the screenplay, with Patrick serving as executive producer.

Launching in 1994, Mutts centers on an innocent Jack Russell terrier named Earl and a lisping, curious cat named Mooch, focusing on their friendship and their relationships with their owners and other animals in their neighborhood. Earl loves his human companion Ozzie while Mooch is indifferent to his owners Millie and Frank.



  • Zach


  • Jason

    Gotta echo Zach on this one. Mutts is one of the best strips out there, but I never thought of it being adaptable to television or movies, especially with its unique aesthetic. There are no nemeses in the world of Mooch and Earl, only adventures and naps.

    As for strips I would expect to get the TV or movie treatment? That’s easy: Get Fuzzy and Pearls Before Swine. Hell, cross ‘em over . . .  have Bucky deal with the crocodiles that plague Zebra. They’re certain to fall for whatever Bucky would be selling.