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CCI | Marvel Unveils Plans For Mockingbird Live-Action Series

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Marvel’s fledgling television division has added one more live-action series to a development slate that already boasts Hulk, Cloak & Dagger and AKA Jessica Jones.

Head of Television Jeph Loeb announced this afternoon at Comic-Con International in San Diego that Mockingbird is in the works for corporate sibling ABC Family, depicting Marvel comics character Bobbi Morse as “a Peter Parker nerd” recruited as a spy by a secret organization. He described the premise as “Alias meets Felicity.”

In the comics, Mockingbird is a scientist turned S.H.I.E.L.D. agent turned Avenger. She’s an expert hand-to-hand combatant with a PhD in biology who’s trained in a variety of weapons, but is partial to using a pair of batons.

Loeb offered details on the previously announced live-action projects, telling the audience that ABC’s AKA Jessica Jones, based on Alias by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, will feature Luke Cage and Carol Danvers. He also revealed that Cloak & Dagger will be set in post-Katrina New Orleans and center on “two teenagers who discover each other and find their powers both complement and complicate their lives.”

On the animated front, Loeb announced Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., headed up by Paul Dini and featuring Hulk, Red Hulk, She-Hulk and A-Bomb.


  • Anonymous

    Ehh, i dont think she can hold a show but it could work.

  • Lex

    She was actually dead as a character (As in came  back as a undead Avenger along with a few others to fight the living Avengers). I heard Bendis just made it so she never died despite that fact. Weak.

  • I_Captain Blanco

    “Alias meets Felicity”?!?  Um, Alias was pitched by JJ Abrams as “Felicity, With Spies.”  Isn’t that a bit redundant?

    Also, if you’re going to do Mockingbird as a series, wouldn’t it be better to actually DO the character, instead of twisting it out of shape into something else?

  • kalorama

     How are they “twisting it out of shape” into something else? In the comics she was a science nerd who was recruited by a secret intelligence agency to become a spy. How is that different from the description of her TV character as “a . . .  nerd recruited as a spy by a secret organization”?

  • Niels

    It made me laugh when they said Aka Jessica Jones couldn’t be called Alias on TV for obvious reasons, then went on to give a pitch for Mockingbird that sounds *exactly* like Alias.

    Not that I won’t check out all the Marvel shows.

  • Lex

    I remember when both Alias show and comic book came out. I didn’t watch or read either one. I see stuff like that all the time and I wonder how that happens. Whose ripping off whom. Sometimes it’s just the name here, but movies do the same subject matter/ story all the time (Armageddon/ Deep IMpact,Volcano/Dantes Peak)

  • Jeff Kraschinski

    Then you missed some good stuff. The Alias TV show rocked all day long. Lots of compelling individual stories with an over-encompassing arc that permeated its way through all five seasons. Add stellar acting by most of the cast and it was not-miss TV.