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Watch Man Of Steel’s $10M Trip To Krypton From Superman Returns

If you’re ever wondered where the reported $204-million budget went for Bryan Singer’s often-derided 2006 film Superman Returns, you should first look the financial baggage from more than a decade of development. From there, though, you should cast an eye on the fabled “Return to Krypton” scene originally planned to open the franchise’s not-so-triumphant return to the big screen.

The elaborate five-minute sequence was completed, at a rumored cost of $10 million, and then cut from the final product, never to be seen — until the recent release of The Superman Motion Picture Anthology on Blu-ray, which includes “Return to Krypton” as a deleted scene. Thankfully it’s been making the rounds on YouTube, so even those of us who didn’t shell out $80 for the eight-disc set can get a peek — in HD, no less.


  • Lex

    Why do they keep going over this. Wait, this cost 10 million dollars!!!

    I saw this one. It never took off. You we’re always waiting for it to get going even after slammed into the park. Maybe he killed Paul Simon with that impact, you never know.

  • Mogadishu Jones

    Wow….he flew home in a giant snowflake.  That’s not gay at all…

  • kalorama

    I thought Krypton was destroyed. What, did it just grow back. In the exact same spot? With the El family crest stamped on it?

  • Mgilley

    That was crap…I can see why it was cut. Waste of time and money.

  • Fazhoul

    I’m surprised that they didn’t fire Bryan Singer after just this footage. That was stupendously  boring and that’s 5:42 of my life that I’ll never get back.

  • joe

    10 mill on this travesty? i always knew singer was a hack…but what baffles me is why is he still getting work?!

  • Sadfran

    I like it very much. I must be gay…

  • Chachi

    Snowflake Sperm–no two are exactly alike.

    Did that REALLY need to be almost 6 minutes?  I mean, how did half this stuff get a green light in this film?  Singer’s Usual Suspect and Apt Pupil and even X2 were good, but X-Men and this one were just…well, Snowflake Sperm pretty much sums it up…

  • john fetto


  • John

    They needed to storyboard and then actually shoot this scene to figure out it was going to be a  waste of $10 million dollars. Wow, a dull pointless sene that would’ve addedd nothing to the story no wonder it got cut.

  • Coryjameson

    This movie was one big clusterfuck. Nobody in charge new what they wanted in this movie.

  • Shaun

    Sort of like Superman Returns itself!

    Too bad they didn’t decide to “cut” that whole movie and just scrap it.

    Here’s to hoping the reboot is actually good. Can’t be any worse than SR. I love Nolan, so I hope his involvement will make a difference. So far the casting seems good too.

  • Shaun

    Just one of the many “WTF?” moments surrounding that movie. Sort of like how SR is supposed to be a sort of sequel to Superman 1 & 2, and yet at the end of Superman 2 he promises the President he’ll never leave and disappear again. So… What does he do? He leaves to go investigate the remains of a planet that, as you pointed out, was DESTROYED.

    Supes alos must’ve left within weeks of making his promise since he apparently didn’t know Lois was pregnant. Of course, SUPERMAN should’ve known. He must know how kids are made, and known it was possible she was preggers, and he’s got that x-ray vision and super-hearing and all that. But he never checked? Great, so he lied to the President AND he’s a deadbeat dad. Then he comes back and becomes a stalker. Great premise!

    Of course, Lois had her memory wiped at the end of Superman 2 (how, exactly, I never understood)… So what does Lois think happened to her that she’s the mom of Superbrat? Of course the movie never gets into that.

    Christ, I hate that movie the more I think about it.  

  • Xdynamesx

    that was boring as hell like the rest of the movie

  • DCherubini

    Looks like alot of people with alot of money who had no idea what they were doing and they wasted it.  Once again we are reminded; It doesn’t take alot of money to make a good movie duh it takes talent. I’ve seen better home movies than this garbage.  It would have been better to donate the money to a thurd world country’s starving and hungry people!

  • Adam West 5

    What a BORING scene it was def not worth the time or waste of funds !! Brandon Routh was not superman he was just a skinny kid !! And waht was with his spaceship ?? it makes Wonder womans plane look good ,,and thats invisable !!!!

  • Wildethang628

    lets just hope the new movie is actually a reinvention of the mythos rather than trying to insert itself into the christopher reeve style of movie…the scene was boring and from what i remember of the first movie, krypton was blown to smithereens…wasn’t it…i really like brandon routh as an actor but as superman he was missing something.,..henry cavill is going to rock…i have this feeling…

  • Redeem147

    Let’s go where the Kryptonite comes from. That’s a fine idea.

    Someone spent too much time watching Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

  • Jeff Baker

    Everyone, let’s not forget  the villian who is supposed to be the world’s smartest villian…Lex Luthor, played by Kevin Spacy. WHAT THE FRAKK was Bryan Singer thinking when he filmed Lex create a part of Krypton on Earth for this part of the movie? Let’s have Lex just sitting around wondering which looks better my thumb up my ass or my head up my ass, while I have these super powerful chrystals to take over the world? And  why the FRAKK make Superman out to be a GOD and have everyone drooling at his feet? If Superman was real he wouldn’t want people to treat him as a GOD or drool at his feet!!!  The pic for the new Superman movie looks cool(suit looks really cool, so far), but, the face and the hair makes him look like a pretty boy greaser from the 50s’!!! PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOO!!! He doesn’t even have the trademark “S” curl, that would really make him look more the part than without it.