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Where Are Television’s Lost Gems?

I’ll admit it; it’s taken me years – and, to be honest, the plaudits surrounding the show’s final season – to really get into Friday Night Lights (Don’t worry, I am now a firm believer that clear minds and full hearts mean that you can’t lose), and that got me wondering: What other shows have I been missing out on all this time?

There’s a difference between a show I’ve never seen an episode of (Game of Thrones, because I don’t have HBO and – horror of horrors – am not really that into fantasy as a genre) and a show I’ve seen but didn’t much care for (The Sopranos, and I know that admitting that will immediately invalidate my opinions for at least half the internet), and what I’m really looking for are more of the former, obviously. In this world of so many content streams – so many channels on US TV, before you even get to online shows, or anything from around the world – it’s unsurprisingly easy to completely miss out on some great stuff, but the good thing about the internet is that it balances out: The same thing that can lead to so much choice that it almost becomes paralyzing also provides people to champion the best stuff. And so, I ask you, dear readers: What are your favorite shows that no-one knows about? And why should anyone watch them? Use the comments section to make your case, and who knows? You might create more than a few converts.


  • Travis Johnson

    Well, there’s always Terriers. Too bad it only lasted a season. Oh, and The Good Guys – no, hang on, that’s gone too.

  • Jayz

    I’m a big fan of Fringe, but you need to watch it from the start of season one to appreciate why it’s one of the greatest shows ever.

  • funkmasterdre

    Fringe.  Best show that’s currently on TV that very few people are watching.  

  • ChrisDonaghy

    Clone High definitely fits here — a spot-on satire of a wide range of topics.  If the flap about Gandhi’s “portrayal” really is what got it cancelled, that’s just sad….

  • Yanks5179

    Yeah, and that’s one of the things that hurt the show in ratings, that you really can’t miss an episode most of the time.  FOX was so stupid to not air the repeats in its usual timeslot during the summer last year, choosing instead to run So You Think You Can Dance.  Then they released the DVD a week before the new season which gave prospective new viewers virtually no chance to catch up.  I stopped watching this season once they made the jump to Friday because it was on opposite Supernatural, but luckily that’s only half the episodes I need to catch up on before Season Four starts.  I love the show and never thought I’d be praising Josh Jackson.  Also, how John Noble doesn’t win an Emmy every year is criminal.

  • Yanks5179

    I don’t know if it’s a show “no one” is watching but Burn Notice is damn solid tv,  Also, with regards to the Sopranos, I, too, never cared for it or saw the hype, and feel the same way about Mad Men.  I guess it’s just what works for some doesn’t for others.

  • Jacob

    Burn Notice is one of USA’s top rated shows. People are watching. :p

  • Sean

    Happy Endings.  It reminds me of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with the ability to have any combo of the friends work brilliantly.  It’s uber-hilarious.  Casey Wilson is fantastic as Penny Hartz.  And Megan Mullally is joining the cast, most likely as her mom.

    Warehouse 13 is fantastic and is only getting better.  Strong female roles and fun atmosphere.  Get into it.

    Better Off Ted was fantastic and completely ignored.  As was Sons & Daughters, which was a filler show after something was canceled early.

    Then there’s the misunderstood and witty, quirky Bryan Fuller creations Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, and Wonderfalls.  Must sees.

  • Jacob

    No, what hurt the show’s ratings is the lack of mainstream acceptance for sci-fi. Lost was serialized for it’s entire run and stayed a strong performer then entire time.

    And John Noble doesn’t even get nominated. It’s absolutely horrendous that this travesty has gone on for three years! He deserves it!

  • Sean McDonough

    I like Rookie Blue a lot. 

  • Jacob

    Personally, The Venture Bros.

  • comicbookcub

    Completely agree about Warehouse 13.  I know a great deal of people were turned off by the first season.  A lot of people have told me they hated the first season.  But to me its one of the very few shows this summer I HAVE to watch. 

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    “Single Ladies.” Fairly urban soap opera on VH1 that is a total guilty pleasure for me. It’s so bad, it’s good (and the ladies themselves are very easy on the eyes).

  • Ars Moriendi

    I highly recommend checking out Game of Thrones to anyone who hasn’t seen it. I’m not a fan of fantasy either and in all honesty not a fan of television period but this sucked me in like I could not believe. I bought all the books because I don’t have the patience to wait until spring for Season 2 to begin. The fantasy elements are light and the show itself is completely unpredictable.

  • guest


  • BitBiteOuch

    Bob’s Burgers

  • Mortiisfan

    I definitely have to agree that Pushing Daisies,Dead Like Me and Clone High were great shows that nobody watched…still to this day it makes me sad that these show were canceled way before their time.

  • Nathan Rouse

    FNL is the best non-genre show in a long, long time.

    BBC’s Luther, starring Idris Elba, is amazing (and only 6 eps in S1).

    The Wire.

  • Clinton_norwood

    yeah I watched it for awhile then I missed a bunch of episodes now I’ve kinda lost interest. John Noble does need an Emmy though.

  • RonnyCarlton

    I suppose Justified and Game of Thrones don”t qualify. However Damages definitely does as does the now canceled show lights out. Its about Boxing which why it don’t think it drew viewers but its about boxing as much as FNL is about football.

  • Mhxander

    Does anyone remember an old show called Roar?  I think it was Heath Ledger’s first starring role, about celtic times, trying to get the Romans to leave the British Isles.

  • Dean Blumberg

    Any Aaron Sorkin, particularly, Sports Night. 

  • Brian Marino

    Terriers is a great one.  Party Down is another.  Dollhouse was pretty awesome, though that is Joss Whedon so its unlikely that people don’t know it.
    Carnivale is epic enough even with the cliffhanger ending to be satisfying.

  • Mike Moore

    NewsRadio should be looked into. I was only 5 when it came out, but i found out about it last year and it quickly became one of my personal favorites.
    Information on it is here:
    and I found the majority of the series on Hulu

  • Brian Marino

    Oh yeah, and, of course, BReaking Bad.  The ratings have been steadily rising for it, and it seems like over the last year it is EVERYONE saying how great it is instead of a small pocket of people.  But still, the more people watching that show the better.  This way AMC won’t cancel it in favor of their ratings giant, but least satisfying show, The Walking Dead.

  • Jacob

    If they were going to cancel Breaking Bad for The Walking Dead, it would’ve been before it premiered. They won’t cancel an existing show for an existing show. They might move the schedule around, but canceling the weaker show wouldn’t make any sense.

  • The Hero Business

    Sports Night & Newsradio: Two overlooked “workplace comedy” gems. Clever, quippy and brimming with great characters and outstanding casts. If you like 30 ROCK, give these a try.

    Freaks and Geeks: Perfectly captures the period and teenage awkwardness, and offers a Judd Apatow mini-movie each episode. If you like 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN and KNOCKED UP, give this a try.

    Veronica Mars: Buffy meets Nancy Drew. Smart, witty and satisfying. Mini-mysteries each ep and  very satisfying season-long arcs. (season 3 gives us 3 prolonged mystery arcs instead of 1). If you like BUFFY, give this a try.

    Arrested Development: So smart and funny. Probably too smart.

    Jem and the Holograms: Produced my MArvel & Sunbow, and featuring a lot of the same writers as Transformers and GI Joe. It’s and 80s rock version of Josie and the Pussycats, with added super-elements like secret identities, a love triangle with 2 people, and holographic “super-powers.” Plus, character growth and continuity through the 65-ep run. Currently returned to tv on The Hub. Eps written by Buzz Dixon, Roger Silfer, Marv Wolfman and Paul Dini! Funs stuff! If you like JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS and G.I. JOE 80s series and GLEE, give this a try.

    Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated: Current series on Cartoon Network updates the concept with retro fun and new wrinkles. It’s the classic Scooby mystery per eps, with season-long character and story arcs, including romance plots for Daphne/Fred and Shaggy/Velma. Plus, fun cameos and homages abound. For example, “Don Knotss” and “Cass Elliot” and “teenage Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm” are townspeople. If you like BUFFY and the TEEN TITANS 2003-2005 cartoon, give this a try.

  • Squashua

    Veronica Mars and Arrested Development
    – watch them in tandem, so you can see the unofficial crossover episodes (where AD namechecks the VM episode, but has said namecheck blatantly edited out so Ron Howard voices over an explanation, and the VM episode where Maeby and George Michael play college students).

    The Wire
    – best crime drama ever and an epic multi-seasonal story; need to stick with it early on.

    Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me
    – stick with them even though the protagonists are unlikeable; skip the Dead Like Me continuation film

    Firefly and the Serenity follow-up film
    – Should always be included on any of theses lists

    Pushing Daisies
    – from the creator of Wonderfalls; should have never been cancelled; fantastic

  • Squashua

    Must watch.

  • Squashua

    Breaking Bad and Weeds are great.  And they’re as different as the drugs they are based on.

  • Squashua

    And “Undeclared” if you liked Freaks and Geeks.  It’s like a more comedic follow-up, but not as good.

  • Chuck Smith-Dewey

    Not sure that nobody knows about them :) but the best shows ever on TV have to include HBO’s The Wire and AMC’s Breaking Bad and Mad Men, all available on iTunes. Historically Freaks and Geeks, thirtysomething, West Wing. Many guilty pleasures including ABC’s maligned but imaginative Cop Rock (not available in any form as far as I can tell).

  • The Hero Business

    Newsradio is brilliant. The fifth season falls apart a bit, but s1-4…. brilliant! One of the best casts of any sit-com.

  • Coryjameson

    The never-made “Locke and Key”

  • Jacob

    Pretty sure he wants shows he can actually go and watch.

  • The Hero Business

    Good picks! PUSHING DAISES is my fav from Bryan Fuller, though.

  • Cdauch 1

    why didnt we watch arrested development when it was on the air? now we’re trying to bring it back…what have we done

  • Squashua

    Next season, Season Five, is purportedly the last season of Breaking Bad.  My prediction?  Walt’s son gets hooked on the meth that Walt makes.  I feel like I’m already sensing shades of it (they’re sort of neglecting him) this season.

    Forgot to add AMC’s MAD MEN to the list – it is excellent excellent excellent and since you can watch an entire season in a row now, easy to digest.

  • Jacob

    It’s not being canceled though. Gilligan intends to end the show. It’s a bit different.

    How are they neglecting Walt Jr.?

  • Mr. M

    Locked Up Abroad (aka Banged Up Abroad) from NatGeo is a must-see.  Much like Behind the Music used to follow a pattern almost every episode, most eps of LUA follow a person or two who get snagged smuggling drugs, although there a few episodes which deal with victims of kidnapping. Why should you watch?  It’s interesting to see a very lopsided telling of these tales, while watching the storyteller leave out the graphic parts of what happened to them in prison as they learn their lesson.

    Dan Vs…  on Hub. It’s just funny.

    Regular Show on Cartoon Network.  Bizarre, funny and good vocal work.

    For the record, I didn’t care much for The Sopranos (except for the line, “Don’t disrespect the pizza parlor!”). I watched the first season on DVD, then bailed somewhere during the second season. It didn’t really speak to me, and I think my friends overhyped it at the time.

  • mars

    Veronica Mars. You are a nerd! Why haven’t you watched this. Kevin Smith, Joss Whedon and Stephen King all approved this show. It deals with serious issues in a tone reminicent of Daria. I’d recommend the first 2 years. Studio meddling ruined the third although it had its moments. Give it a go. Don’t let Paris Hilton scare you this show spawned careers for Kristen Bell and Amanda Seyfried and makes you wonder why Enrico Contoliani and Jason Dohring haven’t done better.

  • Cicerobuck

    I love Ultra Violet, the BBC show. The first coupla episodes are so-so, but starting with the third, It made me cry, and the further episodes impressed with strong and original ideas. I’m sad it only lasted a season, and that hollywood made the stupidest remake/adaptation of it ever, completely changing everything about it but the title and the vampire presence…

  • Dviig

    Best show very few have seenor heard about is Carnivale an amazing show from HBO.
    It is a must see tv-show :) 

  • Featpete

    Louie on FX is an AMAZING series. Hilarious and disturbing and melancholy all at the same time. Three other comedy must-watch shows are Archer, Community and Happy Endings. Do yourself a favor and catch these shows if you can. Community is one of the most intelligently written/directed shows I have ever seen and while very different in style from Arrested Development, equally as smart.

    I’m not a fan of fantasy, but damn am I a fan of Game of Thrones. Not to say that this show is the best thing since sliced pie, but I literally don’t know a person who’s watched the show and disliked it. It’s fun and engaging and has more balls than any other TV show that I’ve seen in recent memory. They’re really not afraid to kill of characters, which keeps the excitement going because you just don’t know what’s going to happen.

    In terms of cancelled/ended shows, Alias, Pushing Daisies, Firefly (of course), Battlestar Galactica (amazingly well written characters), United States of Tara. 

  • kalorama

    Rookie Blue is an excellent show.

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    Best show I “watch” isn’t even a show at all. It’s a radio drama podcast called We’re Alive. Zombie Apocalypse with professional voice actors and recorded in a studio for clear sound, sound effects, and an original score. Fleshed out characters, a mystery and a growing threat. They just had a season 2 finale which ran about an hour (each ep is 15-20min in 3 part segments). Seriously, look on iTunes or go the the website for more options. I enjoyed their season finale more then either Fringe, Supernatural or Walking Dead this year.

  • kalorama

    Newsradio is one of the best sitcoms of the last  20 years, maybe ever. The death of Phil Hartman before season 5 really  took the legs out from under it, though. It was too big a loss to recover from.

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    I totally remember that. Unfortunately it came out at the height of Xena and Hercules’s popularity and because it was a more serious series and not the camp of the those two it flopped. My reasoning anyhow.

  • isee

     Almost Heroes, a new comedy about two brothers who run a struggling comic book store that’s part of a quirky strip mall.

    Up here in Canada, it just finished it’s first season on Showcase and it is just beyond hilarious to the point of tears. I strongly suggest you find it, you won’t regret it.

  • Squashua

    WJR has been in both episodes for less than half a minute and only as breakfast-time scenery or behind his door with the music blaring.  Mark my words; future blue meth addict.

  • Squashua

    Also, I didn’t say it was being cancelled.  I stated that it is purportedly the last season.

  • Jacob

    I took you mentioning it’s end as confirmation of the other user mentioning that it might get canceled in favor of The Walking Dead.

  • Jacob

    He’s not in the episodes because there’s no use for him right now.  And since he’s no involved with the events of the show, he’s off being a teenager. There’s nothing really odd about his behavior…

  • MW

    Boston Legal. I’m not exactly how sure how ‘lost’ this gem is, but I love it.

  • CMM

    I think it was the second season where the characters became much more juvenile that people had problems with.  So far this season, they seemed to have settled down a bit and struck a balance of humor and seriousness.  Then again, there was the last episode with WC Fields juggling balls…

  • F13

    Friday the 13th: The Series.  Best horror-themed show ever.

  • HeathPetersen

    Veronica Mars proved you could do compelling year long B plots while engaging in excellent weekly A plots. Kristen Bell can friggin act and her relationship with Enrico Cantonelli was one of the best father daughter relationships on television.

  • Sigerson

    Ok, a couple shows that are hard to find in the US. A few Canadian shows, Slings and Arrows, (which most people who’ve seen it agree is one of the best things made for TV over the last decade full stop, but which was made for Canadian pay cable, meaning it’s audience was small.) It’s aired here somewhere, and can be found on DVD. Was even on Netflix. But it’s up there with The Wire, Mad Men and Arrested Development.
    When it finished it was replaced as the same pay cable concern’s flagship drama by a show called Durham County. This one’s MUCH  harder to find in the US, and genuinely terrific. But I won’t say more about it except that it’s VERY very dark. Imagine Twin Peaks made by Canadians. Thirdly, if you like a good mystery, there was a show that lasted one season called Endgame that would be a cousin to Monk, that aired a few months ago. Noone saw it, but I really really enjoyed it.

    UK has a lot that NEVER gets aired here. Outnumbered has just started, but.. Psychoville probably never will.

    And the best show on British TV that doesn’t active have a TARDIS in it, QI. Which is just a constant joy. It’s a huge hit in England, it has many guests that are genuinely famous, and yet the US apparently can’t cope with a show that’s too… cerebral? That’s the reason they’ve given. And it’s nonsense. QI is, simply, the funniest, smartest show of the last ten years on Television. And Youtube is riddled with clips. But it doesn’t air here.

  • Frodis Pshaw

    There was a show that aired on the old SciFi network called FARSCAPE — best show I ever saw on tv. In fact when it was canceled I canceled my cable and never looked back. Sex, drugs and killer muppets — what else could anyone ask for?

  • Mory Buckman

    “The Middleman” was sheer elegance in its simplicity. But given that this is primarily a comic book site, you probably know that already.

  • Sean

    Oh, how I love Roar!  Such a great show.  It was definitely ambiguous on the location.  It had Irish stuff going on, but then it would have British and Scottish as well.  And Heath’s accent went in and out.

  • Anonymous

    I’m liking Suits right now. Not sure how well its doing rating-wise though.

  • Sean

    OH MY GOSH!  How could I forget Middle Man in my first post?!  (and not to mention Veronica Mars and Arrested Development…I figured enough knew about BSG so I didn’t have to post on that).  Anyway, Middleman was fantastic!  I’ve been having my friends borrow the season, and they love it.  It’s absolutely genius.

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree. There are some sci-fi shows like Fringe and Battlestar where the actors’ performances have been brilliant. But the sci-fi bias torpedoed any chance of them getting awards recognition outside of the Saturns.

  • Sean

    Season 3 has been my favorite.  HG Wells was wonderful, and I’m so excited for HG’s spinoff.

  • Sean

    Woops.  Meant Season 2….and the second half to be more exact.

  • Niconico002000

    Surface, Invasion, The 4400, Roswell…

  • Rob Schamberger

    The Wire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Veronica Mars, definitely.

    I recently discovered just how awesome the 80’s Twilight Zone series was, as they’re re-running them on Chiller. Show-run by George RR Martin, story-edited by Marty Pasko, with scripts from the likes of Martin, Pasko, JM Dematteis, and Harlan Ellison, at least one episode directed by Wes Craven, and all wrapped up by a truly creepy score by The Grateful Dead (wtf?) For some reason I’d always thought this show was bad, but boy-howdy, it is not.

  • ATK

     I’ll try and stay away from some of the obvious like Firefly/Serenity that have been stated above and also apologize in advance as some of the shows I am about to describe are foreign TV that does not always air in the US. Though most can be found for those savvy enough.
    Mongrels – A British puppet show that I could only describe as Family Guy meets South Park…with puppets, dirty, foul mouthed animal puppets. It has been green lit for a second season but due to long production it is still a ways off.
    Survivors – Remake of a 70’s TV series about a plague wiping out most of humanity. 2 seasons of excellent drama, with they had made a third season.
    Primeval – Dinosaurs and futuristic creatures invading modern society. Complex story that isn’t afraid to kill a few people along the way.
    QI – Mentioned above by someone else who summed it up perfectly, watch it, you’ll either love it or it will go over your head. Either way you’ll realize how ignorant you really are.
    Pioneer One – a show released only thru Torrents and funded directly by fans. The basic premise is that the Russians sent 2 people to Mars in the 70’s and now they have sent back their son back to Earth.
    Mortal Kombat Legacy – Web series based of of the MK franchise. Very interesting take on the MK universe and the series leaves you wanting more, which from what I hear we will have. The first couple of eps are a little slow but the Raiden episode makes up for everything.
    Top Gear – Do not watch the US version it is piss, watch the UK version and love it.
    True Blood – Not everyone’s type of show but for some it is a wonderful ride thru sex, blood and southern accents.
    Archer – animated spy Comedy with Jon Benjamin and an all star cast, how they got all these people to sign up for this show is beyond me but I love them for it.
    Community – Hard to explain as a show based on a Community college study group does not sound very funny, except that it is. For those who are meta or like seeing ridiculous interpretations of pop-culture this is your show.
    Borgias – Great Historical drama – however I would love for Jeremy Irons to play the Family Guy versions of a pope if just for the blooper reel.
    Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Marvel animation has been lacking over the years and I was skeptical when I started watching this show. It builds slow but by the time you get to Gamma World it starts to hold it’s own. Give it a few more seasons and it might just make par with Justice League. (Also the Marvel Anime projects like Iron Man, Wolverine, Blade and X-men are pretty good, but very different)
    Star Wars: Clone Wars – The only good thing to come out of the pre-quills. The show is awesome, good animation and great stories. Shown out of continuity so sometimes mysteries are abound, like when did Asoka change outfits?
    The Venture Brothers – Too awesome to accurately describe.
    Couple shows cancelled from the recent TV season worth a watch; Human Target, Breaking In.
    Shows from the past that are still worth a watch: Adventure of Brisco County Jr., Journeyman, Reaper, Exo-Squad, Stargate (any and all are worth watching but start with SG-1 if possible).
    Past BBC shows worth finding, Peter Serofinowicz Show, Hyperdrive, Spaced, James Mays Toy Stories,
    And I’m a bit of an Anime fan so here are a few good Animes to check out; Death Note, Samurai 7, Robotech, A Certain Scientific Railgun, Angel Beats, Blood-C, Cowboy Bebop, Starblazers.
    Their are a few shows on American TV that I’ve never watched but suspect I would like, including: Bones, Castle, House, various CSI’s.

  • JAlexander

    Pretty much every show I get into gets cancelled within two seasons (except for Alias, although that never really caught on)

    The Black Donnellys ( I think i was the only person in the US watching this show)
    Pushing Daisies
    Southland (thank you to TNT for bringing it back)

  • Jonflclarke

    I have never heard a single person mention Dan Vs. Animated series starring Curtis Armstrong and Dave Foley that ‘s as wonderful as it is hidden on the Hub.

  • ookerdookers

    “In Treatment” with Gabriel Byrne on HBO. Amazing how 30 minute psychiatric sessions can make for compelling television. I feel fortunate they brought it back for a third season, but I think the writing is on the wall and doubt if they ever make another episode.

    On the comedy side, unknown and brilliant was “Wonder Showzen.” Prepare to be offended though.

    Also, “Assy McGee” was pure genius and even better if you are able to watch with closed captioning – anyone who’s seen the show probably knows what I mean.

    And “Slacker Cats,” the handful of episodes that were released, were great. Much like “Stroker and Hoop” but with cats. 

  • Richjb77

    Vampire Diaries is a great show…My wife started watching it hoping for a vampire/ girl love story…

    instead it turned into a brutal…bloody story of a small town being invaded by all sorts of creatures…great characters…great plot…good show overall..

  • Knighthawk1771

    Haven’t seen anyone mention Psych on USA. Not too sure if it’s obscure enough for this list, but my friends and I love it.

    As for The Sopranos, loved that show. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but being Italian and being from New Jersey… hey fuhgeddaboutit! (Just had to get that in ;])

  • Anonymous

    Hear, hear on all Veronica Mars, Arrested Development, The Wire talk.  Justified, if it counts.  Deadwood, too, for that matter.

    Anyone watch Haven on SyFy?  I’ve just started this season (as I’m a pro rasslin’ nerd and it comes on after Smackdown) and am enjoying it quite a bit.  Seems like “Stephen King’s X-Files”.

  • Atomisk

    Breaking Bad, Mad Men & Venture Bros. are the main shows I watch.I was really disappointed that Fox canceled Traffic Light.Did anyone else watch that show?

  • Mr. M

    I mentioned it above a while ago…we need to spread the word!

  • Mr. M

    Psych was fun for the first season or two…but the dialogue became lazy, no pun left unturned or going out of their way to make repeated 80s references.  The character of Shawn just became more annoying and childish rather than clever. To me it became insufferable, but I think it does well in cable ratings.

  • Rfarmer71

    A lot of great shows mentioned, but one of my faves-Leverage. Great acting, great writing. Lots of pop culture and sci fi easter eggs. Like in the pilot their aliases were all actors who played doctor who. Just a great show

  • Rick

    I think this has a fair audience already, but my favorite show is Eureka on Syfy. Season 4 has been its best yet with the cool time travel story from the first half and some light-hearted episodes so far in the back half. With guest stars like Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton, how can you go wrong?

    Really, all of Syfy’s Monday night line-up is excellent. Warehouse 13 definitely keeps getting better. I loved the last episode where they were all artifact drunk. And Alphas is a great new show that’s only 3 episodes in so easy to catch up on.

    Love Bites with the guy who played Parkman on Heroes (I’m blanking on his name), is new and kinda awesome. It’s sort of an anthology format of 3 different stories per episode that somehow tie together. It’s really clever and funny.

    Young Justice, the animated series, is also new and had some really great stories so far. I could live without grumpy Superboy on the show though. It’s not as good as Teen Titans was, but it’s worth watching.

    Sensational Spider-Man, which was killed off to be replaced by the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man only had two seasons, but it was some of the best animation I’ve ever seen. Incredibly choreographed fight scenes and solid storytelling through Peter’s various girlfriends. A little too much Venom and Green Goblin for my tastes, but overall a great animated series.

  • Crist_freak

    Angel, i loved that show!

  • Pineam

    Homicide: Life on the Street.

    The show won 3 Peabody Awards for best drama, but always struggled with low ratings.

    TV Guide referred to as “The Best Show You’re Not Watching”.

    In my opinion, the most realistic and engaging police drama ever made.

  • Wrenn

    The Wire trumps all. It is the best show ever and I still get sideways looks and “I’ve never heard of it” all the time when I say so. And that is a travesty. It’s compelling, genuine, and IMPORTANT, and not many television programs can claim the same.

    It’s true you have to power through the first few episodes, but soon enough the show teaches you how to watch it, and there’s no going back. It’s The Wire, folks.

    Veronica Mars, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Deadwood, Justified, Arrested Development, Freaks and Geeks, those should get you started :)

  • Anonymous

    I think The Wire has one of the best first episodes of any show I’ve watched. 

  • Wrenn

    Oh, definitely! It’s just such a shock to the system, it operates like no other show on tv in its setup, and really takes its time getting where it’s going, and there’s so many characters to keep track of. But once you know everybody’s name, and you’ve spent some time in that world, it’s an experience unlike any other on television, in my opinion. Nice to see the love for it on here and to read the other favorites!! :-)

  • Anonymous

    monk, eli stone, franklin & bash, reaper

  • Sean

    I love Love Bites.  I’m sad it’s canceled.  I love how it’s like short films all connected by one person.  It’s so cool.

  • Kevin M. Brettauer

    Carnivale, Jericho, Justified, Hung, Community, Caprica, The Killing, MillenniuM, Southland, Avengers: EMH, Kings, Titus, NewsRadio, Spaced and Journeyman all get my seal of approval.

  • andhobbes234

    The Larry Sanders show. From the early 90’s on HBO. A comedy show about running a late night talk show. It’s a true precursor to shows like curb your enthusiasm, and extras.

  • Twin1todd

    BReakin BAd is one of the most disturbingly enjoyable shows on tv.

  • Twin1todd

    I truely miss Northern Exposure.It was a summer replacement that cought on,but I think it was still a very cult following show.The range of characters and stories on that show was wonderful and very groundbreaking.The 1st gay couple on major tv.But when Rob Morrow left it was over.The last season was not pretty.

  • Twin1todd

    Farscape was one of a kind.A sci-fi show that was fun and inetresting.

  • Rollo Tomasi

    In no particular order. Luther, Hustle, Homicide: Life on the Streets, Psych, Chuck, Battlestar Galactica and Fringe. 
    Galactica and Fringe suffer from sci-fi bias. I have no respect for the Emmys. They ignore quality actors like John Noble, James Callis, Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos.
    Have they even watched Psych? James Roday and Dule Hill work magic every week. 
    Homicide: Life on the Street. I’ll take this Baltimore based crime drama over the Sopranos any day of the week. One of the best ensemble casts I’ve ever watched. I’d watch Andre Braugher and Kyle Secor in a scene if they read lines from the phone book. 
    Luther is on the BBC, but if you do an internet search and find episodes posted online. Why watch it. Two words. Idris Elba. 
    Hustle is also on BBC and it features a team of grifters who con the rich and the greedy and help out the little guy and themselves. If anyone thinks it sounds similar to TNT’s Leverage they are right, but Hustle came first. 
    I had to missed Chuck since I was in Iraq when it premiered. I have four more episodes to catch up to until the fifth and final season. A nerd has intelligence secrets accidentally downloaded into his brain and must work for the CIA. Across the board this cast is excellent. I am glad this show gets a chance to finish up its great run. 
    Too much emphasis is put on reality shows by the networks and the media. I won’t watch them because I live in reality every day. I want to be entertained.  There are some great shows out there that need support. 
    I will get around to watching some of the shows others have mentioned like Friday Night Lights and Supernatural to name a few. 

  • Twin1todd

    Samurai Jack is one of the best animated shows ever.Never veered from its mission the many years it was on.Genndy Tartofsky is a genius.

  • Whoiseyevan

    If we’re talking undiscovered great shows that were untimely cancelled, then definitely, Pushing Daisies. They were talking about continuing it as a comic book a while back, but that seems to have fizzled out.

    If we’re talking undiscovered great shows that are still on air, then I got to go with Community. You’ll be surprised at the number of people who haven’t even heard of the show. Brilliant, but highly underrated show.

  • Anonymous

    The best show you aren’t watching is Teen Wolf. Seriously. It’s very Buffy. Oh, and Archer. Damn Archer is so good it hurts.

  • Brian Marino

    Where have you heard this news?  I wouldn’t mind the show ending if Gilligan was choosing the end point.  He had said 3 seasons, then 6 or 7.  My concern was always just that it might not get renewed enough times for Gilligan to do so.

    Also, Breaking bad was renewed a long time ago, long before Walking Dead was such a success.  Walking Dead is expensive to produce, my concern was that they would not want to spend the money on a less highly rated show.  though now that BB’s ratings are vastly increased, I am less worried about that.

  • Generalzod33

    When’s the last time you watched Columbo or Streets of San Francisco?

  • Ninjamec

    I agree, The Vampire Diariesis one of the best shows currently on the air.
    The characters are great, the plots are wild, the pacing is relentless (seriously, this show is like a freight train of campy awesomeness), the cast are brilliant, the writers won’t hesitate to kill characters (seriously, apart from Game of thrones, no show comes even close to TVD in terms of killing their — Great — supporting cast). Despite a shaky handful of episode at the start of season 1, it quickly grew amazing. Much better than the dreadful Twilight-with-gore-and-boobs called True Blood airing on HBO.

    Easily on my top 5 currently airing shows, along with Doctor Who, no introduction needed, Community, Parks and Recreation (The two best sitcoms on air, streets ahead of any comedy not named Arrested Development), and Breaking Bad (Best American Drama, Ever. Probably.)

    Other (still airing) shows I’d consider “Lost Gems” : 
    Archer (James Bond meets It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia and Arrested Development).
    Cougar Town (Not for everyone, but definitely much better than what its title would let you think).

  • Fazhoul

    Some of my favorite unappreciated shows…

    1) Men of a Certain Age – Three college friends approaching 50 and dealing with the things that go on in everyday life. I like this show because it’s not afraid to let people act. Some scenes just have the actors reacting with no dialogue to spoon feed the audience. I also like it because the three leads have great chemistry and their discussions remind me of some of the talks I have with my friends.

    2) Eureka – Quirky, sometimes silly plot lines but everyone is so damned sincere in their performances that you forget the illogic of the plot and just enjoy the performances.

    3) Fringe – A dense mythology, riveting stories and great performances from pretty much the entire cast.

    4) Justified – If you enjoyed Timothy Olyphant in Deadwood then you need to catch this series. He plays a U.S. Marshall who is sent back to his home town as a punishment for being too good at his job. (You know standard crime show trope.)

    5) Parenthood – I don’t think I can remember an ensemble cast that gave such consistently good performances like the cast of Parenthood does. People make mistakes, family members quarrel and characters actually grow and change.

  • Bhashthur Veeratha

    ride si sapis

  • Kevin M. Brettauer

    Has anyone mentioned The IT Crowd yet? Also, the US version of Wilfred has started off pretty amazingly.

  • Rasmus Lykke

    Fringe and Leverage. Both great shows.

  • Nicholas Gallar

    I agree with clinton_norwood, I missed some episodes, but I have the chance to catch up through online tv.

  • James Zaman

    FRINGE! I gave up after md way through season 1 but after several friends telling me how amazing it was I started again with season 2 and NOW I am hooked…the stories picked up and instead of stand alone eps which was what I felt with season 1 there is a proper sense of story and direction and I cant wait to find out where this goes. Game of Thrones is also one of the best tv shows atm.

  • Benji Tomlinson

    Terriers RIP

  • Lex

    Yeah, but nobody knows what it’s about.:)

    There’s too many channels and choices. At a certain point there is too much of a good thing. Stuff gets lost or viewership is spread too thin.

  • Shawn

    Not a fan of fantasy stuff at all, but Game of Thrones will have you hooked anyway.

  • Jacob

    The news seems to be based on a throwaway line from this. Midway down the page. It’s certainly not breaking news, but it at least gives an idea he feels he’s close to an end.

  • Cjorg2

    Does that make you feel stressed? Jen! Does it? No? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure?

    Love that show

  • Cjorg2

    I seem to get hooked on shows that only last one or two seasons.
    Loved “Now and Again” back in 2000 with Eric Close – it was like a reimagining of the Six Million Dollar Man but with the right mix of humour and action.  Close was also in Dark Skies which was also great.
    I also loved “Nowhere Man” with Bruce Greenwood – excellent show.
    Then there was Carnivale as well.
    All great shows.

  • Sean

    Heh.  I just started rewatching it.  I love it.  I don’t think anyone mentioned it.

  • Faust

    Yeah, I just got into FNL’s earlier this year and I’m really enjoying it. The first season was only $20  – and for a 6 disc set that is way cheap here in Australia!

    I didn’t get into Veronica Mars till after it was finished too. It has to be one of my all time favorite series. Smart, and witty writing and amazing actors! Kristen Bell especially!

    The Shield and Weeds were other series I got into late. Great shows! 

  • Faust

    Oh, and Mad Men! An absolute work of art!  – Still have to buy seasn 4! ;) 

  • Faust

    I brought season 1 about 4 months back and so far I have only watched the first ep. Really didn’t draw me in at all. :( 

  • Faust

    Damages is soooooooo good! Season 1 was awesome! And while season 2 was still great (and far above what many other shows could hope to produce), it didn’t live up to the first season. And season 3 saw it meet the the high expectations I had for it!

  • Faust

    It was his second starring role – his first was as a gay swimmer.diver in another aussie series. Can’t remember what it was called off the top of my head. But I did enjoy it.

  • dobber

    Um…Sanctuary anyone?

  • Faust

    Have to disagree with your take on season 3 – I thought it kept up an amazingly high standard through out its whole run. Sure it has a different feel – but it was great to see her grow as a character.

    Although – SPOILERS! – there was a certain death in season 3 that totally pissed me off – and seemed really ramdom. I though it was a waste of a great talent. :(

  • Faust

    The 4400!! I forgot about that. I Loved it! So compelling! Highly Recommend watching this! So many great talented actors!

  • Faust

    Great article!

    Ok – after checking out near everyones posts – and with so much praising – I think I need to check out Arrested Development and The Wire.

    They better not disappoint! ;) 

  • mars

    I thought the character of Piz was really ill judged and just an attempt to replicate Duncan’s good guy character without the backstory. Thomas’ determination to ruin the Logan/Veronica relationship just for the sake of splitting them up created so much unnecessary drama that only served to do three things, depress the viewer, take away Logan’s attitude and make Veronica look like a stark raving bitch. The character of Parker served no purpose after the rape story ended and would have been better as a semi recurring character. Wallace and Mac weren’t used enough and like you said, that death was such a waste. Had the show not ended I’d have been more annoyed about that.  

  • Flash2b

    Thanks for mentioning ‘Nowhere Man.’  That was indeed a terrific show.  In a similar vein was ‘John Doe’.  

    Both only lasted a season and ended with a jaw dropping cliffhanger.  These shows are probably why to this day I am reluctant to begin new series with a continuing storyline running through it.  I’m afraid of getting burned again by premature-cancellation.  

  • Toneloak

    Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated is the best scooby doo WB has made in maybe a decade hands down.

  • Joshua

    My Top ten:
    1. Venture Bros.
    2. Game of Thrones
    3. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
    4. Homicide Life On The Street
    5. The Wire
    6. Breaking Bad
    7. Oz
    8. Angel
    9. Gargoyles
    10. DS9 (I hated Babylon 5 and am indifferent to all other Treks)

  • GeminiJED

    John from Cincinatti

  • Clayton Emery

    KEEN EDDIE.  Stars the guy from Human Target.  A NY cop gets sent to London to pick up a perp, ends up reassigned to Scotland Yard.  Hilarious wacky crimes and set-ups, with him getting in amazing American one-liners.  “For one thing, pal, we can book you for obstructing justice.”  (To British partner): “You guys got that over here, don’t you?”  Or he gets thrown into an illegal fight club against a bruiser.  “Hey, buddy, I have to warn you, I’m trained by the NYPD in self-defense – POW!”  Only went 13 episodes.  What a loss.

  • Oy

    Bring back Land Of The Giants,  Logan’s Run,  Land Of The Lost,  Lost In Space.  

    Saddened to hear that Men Of A Certain Age isn’t being renewed.  As a 48 year old male, i really identified with all the characters.

  • Rogue Lead

    You can’t take the sky from me…

  • Clayton Emery

    I said THE WIRE was the best show ever until I saw FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, which will tear your heart out every ten minutes.  So now I say, “The Wire is the best crime drama ever,” and “FNL is the best family drama ever.”  And this from a guy who hates high school, sports, and Texas – and here that’s what the show is about!

  • CoolComix

    Shows that I’ve enjoyed that failed to find a large enough audience:
    Human Target (2009 – 2011) on FOX
    CHAOS (2011) on CBS
    Rubicon (2010) on AMC
    The Unusuals (2009) on ABC
    Eyes (2005) on ABC
    Cupid (there were two versions, first in ’98, then another in ’09) both on ABC
    Vengeance Unlimited (1998) on ABC
    Shannon’s Deal (1990-1991) on NBC

  • travelsize

    Newsradio, DS9, Archer, Freakazoid, Little Britain, MST3K

  • Yosafbridge


    It’s gone off the rails a bit (just a bit though) in recent seasons.  But in its day (and still today in a lot of ways, especially with the introduction of the character Castiel) it was one of the best shows on television.

    It’s got some of the funniest episodes I’ve ever seen (which includes most comedy shows), breathtaking plot twists, two of the best lead actors I’ve ever seen (especially Jensen Ackles who sadly gets disregarded as just a pretty face by guys who have never seen him in action) who also happen to play two of the most complex and well written characters on Network television.

    Yeah, it’s on the CW, which doesn’t bode well for quality…but it was a WB original back when the WB was still airing stuff like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and it has a real awesome Joss Whedon or X-Files feel to it. 

  • Yosafbridge

    Same recommendation.  Game of Thrones is not a big fantasy show…at this point in it’s run it is a political thriller/mystery and it’s incredibly engaging. 

  • Yosafbridge

    So many ideas!

    I don’t know if “Sons of Anarchy” counts as  a show very few people watch…but it’s a really good one.  A lot of it rests on the great acting, with Katey Sagal being the BEST female actor on TV right now, bar none.  She rightfully won a Golden Globe for her work. 

  • Yosafbridge

    Love me some Primeval.  Spaced was also brilliant!

    True Blood isn’t my thing; but I can vouch for its quality. 

  • Guyincognito

    I completely agree, for my money SOA is one of the if not the show im looking foward to most. and they always get snubbed by the emmys which is a shame. cant believe no one mentioned this earlier

  • Cforshaw67220

    If you write “so” with that many “o”s to create emphasis, how do you write “god” to give it emphasis? I only ask, because I misread that sentence because of how you wrote “so”, and had to reread it. That’s 1.33 seconds I will never get back!

  • Jacob

    I lol’d.

  • Superpup

    Surprised no one’s mentioned Coupling, the original British version, not the disappointing American remake.  Easily one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen, and the show that introduced me to the genius that is Steven Moffat.  

    Also highly recommend Farscape.  

    And second to the person who mentioned Gargoyles, although it’s probably best to keep in mind that the final season, The Goliath Chronicles, is not recognized as official canon anymore.  You can definitely see a drop in quality in the eps without Greg Weisman’s involvement.  

  • Squashua

    Forget those four; THRESHOLD was the best one out there.  Government agency vs. Cthulhu.

  • Cforshaw67220

    ‘Ultraviolet’ was channel 4.

    However, if we are going to start on UK shows for US audiences, can I suggest: Misfits, As If, all of Adam Curtis’ documentaries, Neverwhere, Dirk Gently (one episode, but more on the way!), Yes Minister, Press Gang, Life on Mars, and Sugar Rush.

    In addition, I will also add ‘Tower Prep’, ‘Sym-Bionic Titan’, and the greatest kung-fu based supernatural television show ever broadcast, with the greatest theme tune to have ever been recorded… ‘Monkey’!

  • Cforshaw67220

    ‘QI’ is over-rated, and not half as clever as it thinks it is. I’d take ‘Screen Wipe’ or a Boris Johnson hosted, ‘Have I Got News For You’ over it any day of the week.

    Oh, and ‘Outnumbered’ is terrible. The thing is, my family (there’s another awful show…) will claim it is brilliant, and then sit there and watch it, and not… laugh… once. Yeh, brilliant stuff.

  • Cforshaw67220

    The bit where John Crichton walks into the Skarren/Peacekeeper negotiations with a nuclear weapon strapped to him that would explode if he got upset… That man made Jack Bauer look like an idiotic wuss in every episode.

    But, that wasn’t enough, and they had to top that off with brilliant set design on a budget, compelling stories, and one of the best and most distinctive supporting casts I have come across on television.

  • Edmond D. Smith

    Nowhere Man, (the American version of) Life On Mars and Carnivale. I miss ‘em all.

  • Mr. M

    Forgot about “The Unusuals”…that was good stuff (available on DVD),  as was “Knights of Prosperity” (not available).

    Why, ABC, why????

  • Sigerson

     I’m sorry, you feel QI isn’t clever but something Boris Johnson appears in IS? Ok….. Love HIGNFY but I think Ian and Paul throw up at the thought they helped that imbecile get elected. Knowing how it turned out ruins a lot of jokes. And I wasn’t speaking in praise of Outnumbered. I was speaking in praise of Psychoville. Outnumbered is a british sitcom my mother thinks is genius. Whoever above spoke on behalf of Adam Curtis, though, I think people need to be made to watch his work and shut up until they have.  Brilliant stuff.

  • Briguyx

    Don’t think anyone has mentioned the BBC three part run of “Sherlock,” which brings Sherlock Holmes into the present day and is very well done. I’ll also join the chorus for “Justified” and “Veronica Mars.” The second season of “Mars” has the greatest season long mystery arc I’ve ever seen. And as a “Star Trek” fan, I’d recommend the final season of “Deep Space Nine” as well as the last season of “Enterprise,” when the show started exploring the roots of the “Star Trek” world.

  • lane

    Did anyone watch The Riches? I believe it was on FX.
    It had Eddy Izzard in it. It was great.

  • Robert E Mansperger Jr

    The two series that immediately pop into my mind are TERRIERS (FX Networks) and PROFIT (Fox).

  • Faust

    I’m draging out the so – for god it would just be CAPS!

  • Faust

    Did anyone ever watch Joan of Acadia? Any good? I’ve never watched an entire episode – but it seemed really good.

    Roswell was a great series – And definately a must for fans of Twilight. Just swap hot teen Vampires and Werewolves for hot teen aliens! haha….

  • Mitch_the_itch83

    Corner Gas! One of the most popular show in Canada, barely a blip anywhere else.  My wife and I are the only people I know of in Australia that even know of it.

  • Mitch_the_itch83

    Also, there was this show I loved in the 90’s, that starred the Coach from Friday Night Lights.  The basic premise was that each morning he would get tomorrow’s newspaper, instead of todays, and then would run around trying to prevent the death’s and tragedies that he read about in the paper.  Anyone know what that show was called?

  • Faust

    Early Edition.

    From what I remember it was not bad at all.

  • Michael Howey

    Jem? WOW. Blast from the past. I remember the computer was called Synergy and the bad guys werecalled the Misfits. Thats about all.  

  • Faust

    I didn’t mind most of that. But mentioning the not used characters make me think of a personal favorite – Weevil! I missed him not appearing in majority of S3 – and he looked like he’d put on quite a few pounds too (something about a skin condition was it?). But the inclusion of Laura San Giacomo was great! Seeing her and Enrico together again was to good! And the last ep was one of my favs.

  • Niconico002000

    Yeah, I forgot about Threshold! That one was very good too

  • James

    From the UK — Sea of Souls and Afterlife, both amazing and Afterlife features the guy who plays the lead in The Walking Dead. Sea of Souls has a great concept (graduate students in parapsychology being pulled in investigate potential paranormal goings-on) and is the closest thing to true “horror movie” feel to ever hit television.

    Farscape — long before Battlestar and Stargate Atlantis, this series was taking chances and was not afraid of letting its characters experience permanent change, rather than reset to defaults at the end of each episode.

    The Wire — unbelievably realistic and intricate. Genius writing and impeccable acting all within a tightly woven tapestry, The Wire is a must-see.

  • Matt Steele

    Firefly and Dollhouse are definitely two of my favorites that were cancelled before their time.

  • Ninjagodzilla

     Breaking Bad is SOOOOO much better than weeds. Weeds tries to be all edgy and dark but BB blows it away.

  • Squashua

    AD worked for us now because we can watch all of it in one stretch.  You can’t just watch a random episode, you really need the prior episodes to “get” the jokes from the current one you are watching.  Everything hinges on history, and with TV when it was broadcast, if you missed it, it was gone.

    Granted, a lot of the AD episodes are great standalone, but they work best all in a row.

  • Squashua

    Graeme McMillan – you need to cull the comments, tally up the distinct recommendations per unique commenter and write a follow-up to this blog post.

  • Atomisk

    Parks and Rec is another awesome show that few people seem to watch. Thankfully, NBC renewed it for another season.

  • Faust

    Another one I thought of is Blue Mountain State. Which is a nice opposite to Friday Night Lights. Its a comedy about high school footballers. It is hilarious! With alot of LOL moments.