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Batman Vs. Bane In Photos, Videos From The Dark Knight Rises Set

Warning: Spoilers!

Looking at all of the photos and videos of a snowy Gotham that trickled out of the Pittsburgh set of The Dark Knight Rises over the weekend, all I can think about is how hot stars Christian Bale and Tom Hardy must be. As Bane, wearing a wool-lined coat, stood atop a camouflaged Batmobile on Saturday, it was pushing 90 degrees in the Steel City. On Sunday, when Batman and Bane were slugging it out amid snow flurries and a rioting crowd on the steps of Gotham City Hall (aka the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research), it was even warmer. Sure, it’s not exactly the Sahara, but still … summer in Pittsburgh is sticky.

It seems as if everyone, from the local newspaper to Getty Images to Eyeprime, is trying to capture every bead of sweat and every flake of fake snow from the Pittsburgh shoot, revealing details like Gary Oldman getting his hair and makeup attended to, Marion Cotillard climbing from one of three Tumblers on set, and Bale … I don’t know … rubbing Hardy’s head for luck. It’s wonderful for obsessive fans attempting to piece together the plot of The Dark Knight Rises, but not so great for the famously secretive Christopher Nolan. Of course, the director will undoubtedly film the most sensitive scenes far away from prying eyes.

Check out some of the photos and videos below, and follow the links above for more.

The Dark Knight Rises, which opens on July 20, 2012, also stars Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Morgan Freeman.


  • Coryjameson

    Wow, Talia Al Ghul doesn’t look impressive at all.

  • Shawn

    No one said she was Talia Al Ghul

  • T.

    Sadly, that cameraphone footage will be a more coherent filming of the fight scene than the footage Nolan himself will shoot, which will probably be all shakycam quick cuts, extreme closeups on elbows and ankles and the sounds of mattresses being slapped together. Nolan is horrible at filming action.

  • Stabarttodeath

    She’s a lover not a fighter. But really, how impressive is one supposed to look? She looks…normal? 

  • Deadpool_187

    Why the hell is Nolan wearing a sport coat in 90 degree weather!?!

  • Q…

    Sadly, we’ll have to put up with whiners complaining about unfinished scenes to an unfinished film that isn’t due until the mid summer of next year. Guess the internet wouldn’t have much of a purpose without the whining.

    I’d rather put up with scenes shot by someone with Parkinson’s than having to put up with post like this.

  • Anon.

    T – You are constantly seen posting about the Batman films but you’re just bashing.  You wrote your hate article, it’s written, now you should either add something constructive, relative to the new film, or else just move on with your pathetic life.  Flaming just for the sake of flaming makes you a troll.  You’ve spent that nickel, now either sing a new tune or buzz off.

  • twm

    Lol at Batman’s grin when he’s hitting Bane

  • Anonymous

    You obviously never watched The Dark Knight or Inception. Both have fight scenes that don’t use extreme closeups or quick edits. Do your homework before you embarrass yourself any further.

  • Anonymous

    She does considering she just had a baby.

  • T.

    I have seen Dark Knight, it’s nothing but extreme closeups and quick edits in the fights. I have not seen Inception though, so maybe that was better fight filming.

  • T.

    What I do is no less or more constructive than people who praise the new film based on their love of the last one.

  • Leo_darkheart03

    Looks pretty daggum cool if you ask me. Any of you’ complainers want to take a stab at doing this better? :)

  • Anon.

    Nobody’s done that… merely expressed an interest and provided photos and video for anyone else interested.  You’re not so just move on because you have nothing to add that you haven’t already said.  Passing judgment on a movie is fair but are you really unable to move beyond something you saw three years ago?  Let it go.  Are you actually judging the quality of this film without seeing any of it?  That’s narrow-minded in addition to being pathetic.  People typically pay attention to stuff they like and ignore stuff they don’t.  Criticism has its time and place but wallowing in something you hate is just for self-loathing jerks who live to spread negativity. 

  • Anon.

    T is the only complainer.  Ignore trolls and they go away.  Or they just waste their own pitiful excuses for lives dwelling in their own petty resentment.  Either way… :)

  • Anonymous

    what you do is write and write and write and write, and say absolutely nothing at all.

  • Anonymous

    you know when somebody writes “let the flaming begin” at the end of their supposedly earth shattering blog post that they’re full of crap and just looking for attention.

  • Scud

    The more I look at it the more I hate the bane mask. Also camo tumblers? Yuck.

    I’m sure the movie will be awesome though.

  • Josh

    So, is this a day for night shoot, or did they decide not to contrive a way for Bruce to hit Bane with his car and save the day?

  • Ookie Spookie

     She most likely is, because I do not think a Wayne board member would be so casual around mercs and bodies.
    But in response to Coryjameson , how is she supposed to be impressive?
    Lightning eyes and a bosom of cosmic energy?
    She looks exactly as she should.

  • Anonymous

    Wrong. You didn’t see TDK. There were no extreme closeups. But keep claiming there are. You only show how misinformed you are.

  • Allanalainen

    “Talia Al Ghul” was not cast in this movie.

  • Shawn

    I guess it’s possible since there’s a Liam Neeson cameo too.

  • T.

    When I put “let the flaming begin,” it was because up until that point, any article that dared criticize the movie would be met with rabid flaming by the Nolan fanboys. Look at the NY magazine review for example, and the attacks on the author:

    It has nothing to do with being full of crap and just looking for attention. It’s just that I knew from previous negative reviews and behavior on imdb’s message boards what I was opening myself up to by not praising the movie. It wasn’t like I was proven wrong….

  • Schnitzy Pretzelpants

    Kinda wonder if those tumblers are actually something that has been acquired by Bane and his people – at least looking at the that huge fight scene make me wonder about that – l would guess that all of the guys fighting the cops are with Bane and they are all wearing fatigues, so maybe they (via Talia – if she is Talia) have stolen the tumbler design?

    I wonder if they are kind of playing with that story-line where Bane became a possible
    mate for Talia – maybe this film deals with Talia and Bane trying to take Gotham?

  • Yashtrivedi1997

    where the hell is catwomen

  • Yashtrivedi1997

    where the hell is catwomen

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  • Stylowears

    She’s a lover not a fighter but really, how impressive is one supposed to look? :-)

  • Stylowears

    Yeah she is daring and beautiful Clark Kent