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Warner Bros. Picks Up Nonplayer

Warner Bros. has acquired the film rights to Nonplayer, the sci-fi/fantasy comic from video-game designer Nate Simpson, Variety reports. Roy Lee (The Ring) and David Heyman (Harry Potter) are set to produce.

The six-issue miniseries, which debuted in April from Image, follows Dana Stevens, a young woman who retreats from her dull life into the digital-fantasy realm of Jarvath, where she’s a fearless warrior. Soon, however, her vide0-game adventures begin to intersect with the real world.

“She’s kind of given up on the idea of achieving anything in the real world — the only reason she bothers with a job at all is to help pay for her little sister’s school tuition,” Simpson told Comic Book Resources in March. “When she’s not delivering tamales or kicking butt in the game, she builds her own virtual worlds as a hobby. She has some amazing creative gifts, but having received a single rejection letter from a game company, she’s decided she’s not good enough. Personality-wise, she’s one of those people who thinks she’s irrelevant and ends up surprised when people are hurt by her offhand rudeness. In the real world, she’s an ant. In Jarvath, her actions feel like they have consequences.”


  • Dawnell_do

    I never read the comic, but i’ll watch the movie if its good.

  • Another Ian

    The movie will likely get made before the comic finishes up.  His art style is so intricate…must take forever to finish up a single page.

  • robinson robinson

    I think the comic is a masterpiece!  Hope the film is too…