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More Catwoman Photos Emerge From The Dark Knight Rises Set

If you thought a shot of Anne Hathaway astride the Batpod was an unusual choice for the official first look at Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, well, you’re probably not alone. However, it turns out there’s a perfectly good reason for Warner Bros.’ decision: The studio was racing ahead of photos they knew would emerge this morning from the Pittsburgh set of Christopher Nolan’s film.

SpoilerTV has several shots of Hathaway’s stunt double driving the motorcycle down the snow-covered steps of the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research, which is doubling as Gotham City Hall for that big Batman vs. Bane/riot sequence we saw earlier in the week.

The photos offer a better look at Catwoman’s costume, rumored to be inspired by Darwyn Cooke’s decade-old design. There are significant differences, however, even beyond the goggles; note the pouches on her belt — practical for a thief, certainly — and what appear to be thigh-high boots.

Check out some of the shots below, and visit Spoiler TV to see more.

The Dark Knight Rises, which opens July 20, 2012, also stars also stars Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Morgan Freeman.


  • Jeff Kraschinski

    MEOW! Almost looks like a fusion of Cooke’s and Jim Balent’s designs…. The gloves are also arm length unlike Cooke’s design.

  • Guydc3


  • catsmeow

    Please please please I hope she wears a mask! And she’d better have a whip! If Nolan butchers my favourite comic book character I swear I’ll…..

  • James207

    So she’s no longer Catwoman, she’s Trinity from the Matrix. Horrible. Here’s a clue WB…the Trinity thing is terribly dated…don’t use it for Catwoman, and don’t use it for Wonder Woman either. It’s tired.

  • aka. sprflyspdrguy

    Oh snap, I didn’t know Black Widow was in this movie too?!

  • Luthor Manning

    Jesus this looks like a horrible Hallie Berry catwoman! WILL DC fuck up yet another character?????

  • nik

    I like everything about it but the head.  The lack of goggles…and the hair, she looks like she’s got a mullet.  I’m gonna have to thumbs down for the moment.

  • Mak

    That’s it?

  • Eddard

    Puke. If the Bat gets to keep his ears, so should the Cat!

  • kalorama

     Never has the word “fanboy” seemed more appropriate than now. WTF were people expecting? A purple velvet with a tail and big cat ears? Have you people actually seen any of Nolan’s Bat movies? Enough with the whining, already.

    @Luthor Manning: Are you kidding me with that “looks like Halle Berry” stuff? Seriously, just stop.

  • Why

    Jesus. It’s like filmmakers go out of their way to fuck with the female characters. The whole “Cat” moniker will probably be some toss off joke title labeled by the press because she is a cat burglar.

  • Therightstuff

    Never seen so many dumb post before, really comparing her to trinity in the matrix? HEY GUESS WHAT cat woman WORE LEATHER FIRST DINGUS

    and its only ONE SHOT, who knows if thats the headgear she wears.

    there is a reason they dont let the fans make these choices.


  • Matt Havok

    No. I’m sorry. How is that even a disguise? The bodysuit is fine and should be sleek and simple but people want to see CATwoman with the cat ears. Like someone else said, if Batman gets to wear his, it is no less logical for her.

  • Bret

    to say this is officially “CATWOMAN” is a bit of a miss IMO. Just call them Selina Kyle pics. Nothing here resembles catwoman.

  • kalorama

    Aside from the absence of the leather aviator helmet with the ears, the black leather bodysuit looks almost exactly like the one she’s been wearing in the comics for the better part of the past decade.

  • Kain

    You idiots that complain about fans whining are even worse. Welcome to the internet, jack offs. People are going to complain. Go back to your circle jerks if you can’t take it. 

    All people want is for Catwoman to look like CATWOMAN. Batman gets to wear his cape and bat cowl, why can’t she wear her mask?

  • TheCommander

    Call me when they put ears on the costume.

  • Darrell Tucker

    I like how this catwoman has nothing intrinsically cat-like in her appearence. Nail on the head WB!

  • Bobby Washington

    I’m guessing most of you were here a couple of years ago, complaining how little Ledger looked like Alan Moore / Brian Bolland’s Joker? Calm down, take a couple sips from your Capri-Sun and breath slowly. Or at least wait until you actually see the movie before you bust a capillary over a teaser image.

  • Why

    It’s Darwyn Cooke’s costume minus the cowl. That’s the only real difference.

    Not to mention, there’s a reason the web address for the first pic is titled “Selina Kyle:”

    What’s the big deal? Just imagine a cowl on and save yourself the coronary damage*.

    *Not the poster, but the disturbed ranters.

  • Capt USA(Jim)

    I must be the only person on the planet that hate the vehicles from the new batman series. 

  • Anonymous

    This whole scene looks crazy epic!

  • Anonymous

    how does it look like Halle Berry at all… AT ALL?!

    and its WB, DC has little do with their films…

  • Tangentman

    Load of rubbish as usual.

  • Shifty

    How does it look like Hallie Berry’s Catwoman?  She’s not dressed up in a torn up hooker’s Halloween costume…

  • Bret

    wow, a black bodysuit :|

    EVERYONE wears those. This could have been Black Widow, as previously mentioned above.

  • Shifty

    It looks pretty good from here, but I miss the mask and cat-ears.  The costume looks more “Emma Peel” right now than “Catwoman”.

  • Anonymous

     Well, they are filming in Pittsburgh so a mullet would be quite appropriate.

  • fantim

    Black Widow is in the new Batman movie?  *confusion* 
    Isn’t this scene supposed to be towards the end of the movie?

  • Bsavini781

    Everyone going on about how IN NOLAN WE TRUST, lets be honest Batman begins was a step by step remake of BATMAN from the 80’s, in beats and finale. The Dark Knight was an ok movie, but got the hype machine behind it because Heath Ledger died. Ledger did a really good Joker, not gonna take that away from him, Two-Face was great, seeing Harvey Dent’s Fall from grace and all. but Cristian bale’s Batman has been piss poor in both movies. I have little faith for the 3rd movie, it’s going the Spider-man 3 route, shoving in way too many villians to give any of them a substansial story, when you have Cat Woman Bane and Talia. I am saying this now, only the hardcore geeks will be saying Dark Knight Rises is any good when it comes out. Much like the prequal Star Wars, all the geeks swore up and down how good they were, til a year later they started even saying they sucked

  • Kyle

    I’m sure that the cowl with the ears will be in the movie at some point. Who is to say we don’t see the character develop her persona throughout the movie. I don’t think it’ll be “bamn” here cat woman. I’ll reserve judgement until more images emerge, but I agree with the consensus – she needs her own cowl

  • AdamH12110

    I’m going to agree with what many are saying here: It needs some cat ears.  Even if it’ll make her look kind of like a high tech member of Josie and the Pussycats.

  • Shifty

    Yeah… no.

  • Anonymous

    First there was Mini-Bane’s Hobo-chic look, now this (which is just pretty weak).  Hope this translates better on screen than it’s doing in these pics.

  • kalorama

    “EVERYONE wears those.”

    Yeah, everyone including, for 10 years (and counting) worth of comics, Catwoman, making the statement  “Nothing here resembles catwoman”
    simply and flatly untrue.

  • Why

    So, based on a few stills and about 10 seconds of new footage in a teaser trailer that has almost zero context, you’ve determined only “hardcore geeks” will think it’s any good.

    Do you even realize how absurd that sounds? That you’ve dismissed an entire film almost a year before it opens and while its still shooting without one objective reason?

    It may be amazing. it may be awful. But nothing released thus far points to either of those outcomes.

    How quickly people forget the nadir of “Batman and Robin.” It’s as if they hate to hate.

  • Anonymous

    It actually kind of DOES look like the first costume that Berry wears (before she decides to go for total stripper-wear).  I’d say go watch the movie to see for yourself, but I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  • kalorama

    “lets be honest Batman begins was a step by step remake of BATMAN from the 80’s, in beats and finale.”

    You want honesty? Okay . . . that’s complete and utter nonsense.

  • RodimusBen

    I get more psyched for this movie with every new pic that is leaked. This is sexy but realistic. I think there is also a good chance that cat ears will be involved before the movie is over. Don’t forget, Bruce Wayne didn’t wear the Batman costume until about halfway through Begins.

  • CMM

    In these images alone, she’s overpowered by the bike.  It seems to have more of an identity and personality than she does.  The outfit, as seen here, is generic.  All together, this looks more like a promo shot for a Batgirl than a Catwoman.  Her hair should be darker and shorter too, which she has had in other films.  If the goggles were more stylish, maybe yellow in color as well or something, that could help too.

    We really should wait for more non-action, standing in conversation or walking in action images to see if there is anything more to her look.

  • Boyblunder

    I’m absolutely sure they modled it after trinity….ugh freaking fanboys. It’s virtually a Modern comic version of the cat woman costume just with out the cat ears. You haven’t seen horrible till you’ve seen cat woman movie. but even that is subjective. This is an upgrade no matter what they do. Nolan is a genius! At least in my opinion, after two great batman movies, that redeemed the movie life of the charecter, he is a bigger hero than Bruce Wayne himself…..if I saw bane with heels on dancing to a rendition of umberella, sung by Jason mews, I’d still give that guy the benefit of the doubt!

  • Mark

    I was hoping more a Jim Lee’s style Batwoman….

  • starstealer

    It looks wrong without the ears.  That is what distinguishes Catwoman from all the other vixens and villians.  She might as well be Blackcat, or the Black Widow…;/

    Ears better make an appearance in the movie, especially if they can pull a realistic excuse for Batman to have his.

  • Upickafrigginname

    I don’t like it. I know I’m gonna get shit for this, but I don’t care, the haters can all kiss my ass, cause I am sick of getting ripped on for having my own opinion. Catwoman should have the mask and ears, right now she looks like just another spy or something. I don’t like the way Bane looks either. Now I’m not saying that this is going to make the movie suck, Nolan is a great director and the past two films have been great. I just don’t consider them comic book movies. Comic are campy, cheesey, and childish, and thats why I love them. They are fun. Nolan’s Batman is not fun, he is a psychopath who beats people up. I don’t want comics to be real, that takes the specialness out of them. But at the same time if you make them too campy you get Batman and Robin. It takes the right touch, and not many directors get how to do them. I just hope they try to keep Superman a bright and happy film, and not make him dark, brooding, and a complete douche.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus this looks like a horrible Hallie Berry catwoman!

    How so? They’re world’s apart. First, she’s fully covered up here. Second, she doesnt have that goofy helmet mask. I think she looks great.

    WILL DC fuck up yet another character?????

    You mean DC Comics right?

  • Anonymous

    I dont see the mullet. More like long hair slicked back

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I really don’t understand the rage. So what if it’s different from what’s in the comics today. Catwoman’s had so many costumes over the years.

    I like it a lot. It’s pared down, no-nonsense and very classy. I don’t care that there’s no ears, whip or tail.

  • Lead_sharp

    I’ve never wanted to be a batpod before now.

  • Shaun

    Explain this “beat by beat” remake you claim Batman Begins was… Are you sure you’re not confusing Batman with how Superman Returns was (truly) an almost beat for beat remake of the 1978 Superman?

    Forgetting how Batman Begins played around with time by showing segments OUT of sequential order, take everything we saw about Bruce’s childhood, his time spent abroad training, his return to Gotham and, well, pretty much EVERYTHING else in “Begins” and then show me how it’s “beat for beat” a remake of that crappy, goofy 1989 Burton movie.

     “Cristian bale’s Batman has been piss poor in both movies”

    Oh, shut up… Compared to Michael Keaton slumming through the part, not looking or sounding a thing like Bruce Wayne? You’re out of your mind. Bale looks the part, and unlike Keaton he INHABITS the part as well. He’s been the most believable live action Batman/Bruce Wayne of them all. Watch those movies again. Even small, more subtle moments like the look on Bruce’s face when Rachel is in the mansion, talking on her cell phone, learning that Dr. Crane is gettng Falcone moved to Arkham. Or the moment in TDK when he takes the drink at his party for Harvey but then quietly tosses the booze out of the glass on the balcony. It’s moments like those that show how Bale, and Nolan, truly get it in a way Keaton and Burton never did.

    Then again, Burton was more concerned about making Tim Burton freak shows then he was making great Batman movies. For that, we had to wait until Nolan came along. He’s doing it right, and I have faith that TDKR will be another great film.

     “I am saying this now, only the hardcore geeks will be saying Dark Knight Rises is any good when it comes out.”

    So you’ve read the script, and you’ve been on the set to see what’s happening. That’s how you know this, right?  I think it’ll be great, but I accept that it could suck. That’s often the case with the third part of a trilogy. But I won’t know until I see it. Neither will you, unless you’e already decided to hate just because you’ve got some crush on Tim Burton or something.

    “Much like the prequal Star Wars, all the geeks swore up and down how good they were, til a year later they started even saying they sucked”

    Like who? Most people thought those prequels sucked from the get-go. I know I did! I saw Phantom Menace once only, skipped the second prequel entirely, and only saw the third on DVD. But anyhow, you’re now comparing apples and oranges. The word was bad on the SW prequels, while both of Nolan’s Bat-movies have gotten high critical praise (which remains, years after both films were released), along with being very successful financially.  Not the same thing at all.

    Anyway, don’t bogart that joint… I’d love some of what you’ve been smoking.

  • Jcfig

    I was willing to give Nolan a pass on the horrible gimp Bane look but this is unforgivable. I’m seeing too much ego take over here and not enough Catwoman in the design. Catwoman isn’t catwoman anymore, she’s looking like Trinity and stupider for it. Hooray. I’m not really that excited about this third Batman movie because Nolan has gone onrecord saying it’s his last bookend to the Batman mythos. I’m about as excited as I was for Transformers 3 which I waited weeks before I finally decided to watch it. I had to pass on Green Lantern though. I’m more excited about The Avengers now after great movies like Captain America, Thor, iron Man and X-men United. At least Zack Snyder has Superman covered.

  • Phantasmavore

    Looks decent and faithful enough to the best version of the comic book version that I’d like to see on screen! So far so good, now just hope they nail down the characterization and chemistry on screen!

  • Lucas

    I think they should’ve had her hair black and cut short you know like what Cooke had it.

  • Boyblunder

    Not to say there’s anything wrong with campy cheesy and childish. But to reduce a whole medium to those three things in ur words, is kinda ridiculous……the batman movies are comic books movies. Simply be us batman is a comic book character. Comics aren’t campy cheesy and childish, and it’s almost kinda insulting to belittle them to that. Comics are everything from Comics like Archie, to comics like crossed, and preacher. It’s a medium like any other.
    But to be fair I think u were meaning superhero movies. And if that’s the case ur closer to the target but u still haven’t hit the tree. Superhero movies can be anything. I wouldn’t consider captain America, iron man, and the incredible hulk to be campy cheesy or childish, but ur right they do have a light hearted senseabilty. I don’t mean to sound like a fanboy, as I’m sure I do writing this. But, movies, books, comics, tv, video games, can’t just have there genres put in little boxes, with barriers saying where and where not to go. Art is subjective (I know I’m sounding pretentious), but taking new twists on things, and furthering them, and doing New amazing and not so amazing stories, that break those barriers is the whole point of art and entertainment. The truth is we need this dark, gritty, more realistic batman movie, much more than we needed another campy, silly batman movie…… commissioner Gordon would say ” we got the here we desreved”

  • Boyblunder

    Yet they still got ur ten dollars at the box office for transformers 3……so that point is kinda moot.

  • BradRz

    I can’t keep up with fanboy revisionism. Is Nolan’s Batman still the greatest thing ever committed to film ever, or has it always totally and completely sucked now?

    I really could flip a coin, couldn’t I?

  • Scud

    The more I see of this movie the worse it looks. Well The Dark Knight had a pretty tight ending anyway so if this sucks I won’t be to mad.

  • Richardcasey

    The goggles look weird, but maybe they’re more to do with wind blowing in her eyes that using them to steal shit. Still, looks pretty cool, and the use of “the batbike” makes me thing Bruce is going to be involved in her origin, maybe she robs him and discovers the bat cave or he catches her in the act and offers to supply her with kit in exchange for turning over a new leaf as a hero.

  • Jcfig

    “Ur”? You mean “your”. Anyhow my point is not moot. I almost didn’t see Transformers and judging by the bastardization of Batman comic characters like Bane and Catwoman, I am doubting I will pay money to watch this because its like watching Smallville expecting see a show about Superman when all you get is Dawsons Creek. Pissing off fans is not a good idea. But then again my point is kinda moot right coming from someone who can’t spell “your” properly.

  • en

    Goddamn it. Why would you bring a cheesy character like that into your classy Batman films. There goes the “realistic and gritty” element is was looking forward to.

  • Faenris

    My thoughts exactly if didn’t know this was from Batman. I would be why the hell is Black Widow on am motorcycle…?

  • frentic

    I was afraid of the casting and now I am afraid of the costumes.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the outfit.

  • Anonymous

    This costume gives me bad flashbacks of Alicia Silverstone in Batman & Robin. *Shudders*.

    Even though I have total faith in Nolan’s vision and am still looking forward to TDKR, the Catwoman outfit is a total fail without the mask. I know Nolan’s Batman is steeped in reality, but if there is no correlation to a cat, why call her Catwoman? The current costume for Catwoman in the comics with the goggles still would have worked for this movie.

    At this point, they should have just made Anne Hathaway the Huntress.

  • Anonymous

    On one vein, I see your point at the overreaction. But on the other hand, unless she is not called Catwoman at all, the costume looks silly without the cat mask. I’ll still see the movie regardless, but ‘realistic’ nature of the Catwoman costume was a bit of a letdown.

  • JayPhonomancer

    And as usual the internet fanboys explode in rage over a few screenshots and think they can judge an entire movie (as yet uncompleted) from on-set stills.

    As Bobby Washington said a few posts ago remember the outrage about casting “that guy from Ten Things I Hate About You” as the Joker?  Yeah, people didn’t end up looking silly then did they?  The fact that all they knew him as was “that guy from Ten Things I Hate About You” said more about them than it did about Ledger or Nolan.

    This is ONE SEQUENCE of the film and according to the article this wasn’t planned on being the first look at the character but they had to release it to beat these pictures getting the exclusive.

    And let’s face it Nolan is doing a realistic crime-movie style Batman and so Catwoman as a cat-burglar seems perfectly acceptable.  To be honest it’s kind of what I was expecting.

  • Bigntalljj

    Name one character that DC fucked up other then this Catwoman? At least DC can put out movies that actually follow the original comics. When was the last movie that Marvel did correctly…..THE FIRST TIME!

  • Tommythetuba

    The title of the official pic release was Selina Kyle, not catwoman. These pics look totally unofficial. Since catwoman is being introduced in this flick, it’s not far fetched to believe that the suit can improve/progress throughout the movie, much as batman’s has in the last 2.

    Save you anger til it’s released… You never know what you’re gonna get. Besides, thus far, Nolan’s been kicking ass.

  • Boyblunder

    Nope. Ur. Easier to type. And bastardization? 1. That’s a bold claim to make from a few screen shots and 2. UR point is moot, because when it cam right down to it transformers got UR money, u contributed! So yeah bad point. But arguing semantics is pointless.
    Smallville lasted 10 seasons, so regardless if u liked it or not, it’s clear a lot of folks did (even tho they said from the beginning this wasn’t a superman show “no tights, no flights” so once again point = moot)…..give Chris Nolan the benefit of the doubt whether u like the costumes or not, he hasn’t let us down yet (at least in the opinions of the masses), and I doubt he’s gonna fuck it up on his last film of the series. There is definitely more to say about story, than there is about wardrobe. So I hope they get UR cash at the box office ;)

  • Boyblunder

    Film will always be subjective. But there’s no doubt in my mind both of his bat films have been phenomenal……dk is, and probably always will be in my top five favorite movies.

  • Boyblunder

    Cus she’s a cat burglar

  • Boyblunder

    Nolans such a mind f**k, he’s probably making us think he’s making tdkr, when he’s actually making a big budget dcuniverse movie staring every member of the beetles living and dead.
    P.s. Guess who’s wonder woman?…….sorry ringo

  • Anonymous

    Did they state that in the movie’s press release? Never heard that she’s specifically a cat burglar.

  • Jcfig

    Listen blunderboy, ur opinion is just that. Stick to what you know and fraggerfraggin okay I really did like Nolans 2 Batman movies. No scratch that I loved them but that doesn’t mean he can’t mess up his last movie with poor costume decisions. Get it? I’m not saying the movie is going to suck I’m saying Bane looks like a gimp and now Catwoman doesn’t look like Catwoman which makes me type that I probably will not watch this third Batman movie. Unless the trailer really wows me. And regardless of how many viewers or seasons Smallville had, it still sucks and wasn’t made with comic fans in mind. It was made for fans of Dawsons Creek. It’s still crap the same way McDonalds food is crap regardless of the money they make. Get it?

  • BoyBlunder

    well…thats the whole basis of the charecter? thatd be stating the obvious. thats why they gave her the cat motif. “lets make a cat burgalar villian, and call her catwoman and giver her ears and a tail’…………Itd be like them having to state in the press release that Batman fights crime…

  • BoyBlunder

    well, ur opnion on smallville is just that aswell. i know tons of people that loved the show. and on a side note, if u watch the last 3 or 4 season they def have the fans in mind! with outa doubt in those seasons it became a live action super friends. they did a JSA episode for crying out loud! and a Booster Gold episiode! they were sucking the fans off those last couple seasons………but anyways that hasnt nothing to do with this article. long story short, u cant ruin a movie with bad costumes. not even bad dialouge, bad cinemetography etc. its usually a mixture of some of those elements, costumes being at the very end of the list….but when it comes right down to it film is subjective. a great movie in the masses eyes, is still just their opinion.

  • jt rodgers

    Ouch! haha (JT from Pittsburgh (un-mulleted))

  • nik

    No, sir.  You most certainly are not.