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Disney Sets Summer 2014 Dates For Two Mystery Marvel Films

Igniting a firestorm of speculation, Disney has penciled in dates on the 2014 calendar for a trio of mystery films, two from Marvel and one from Pixar.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the first Marvel film is set for May 16, 2014, followed two weeks later by the untitled Pixar project. The second Marvel movie opens June 27, 2014.

With Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 already set for 2013 — May 3 and July 26, respectively — it’s more than likely one of the 2014 dates belongs to the Captain America sequel. But what about the other? It’s possible that it’s for the follow-up to The Avengers, which opens May 4, 2012. However, Marvel also has Ant-Man, Doctor Strange and, apparently, The Guardians of the Galaxy in development. And let’s not forget Runaways, which was fast-tracked before being abruptly shelved in October.


  • logan

    doctor strange!

  • Chris Katrev


  • jim gorr

    Guardians Of The Galaxy could be a cool film, if done right…

  • Jacob

    ” 2o14″ That looks kinda funny…

  • Jacob

    ” if done right…”

    That means have Abnett and Lanning do the story.

  • Tyler Kes

    One of them is the Amazing Spider-man sequel. Its already been announced 

  • Mike

    I don’t see Ant-man or the Runaways getting a big budget summer release. Could be Dr Strange. Avengers 2 might be a little to rushed. Plus, that would have RDJ playing IM for 3 straight summers. Can’t see him doing that unless they are paying him a ton. 

  • pDUB

    the rights to spider-man are with Sony, which would go against the Disney/Marvel bit in the article.

  • andrewhawnt

    An X-Men: First Class follow up?

  • andrewhawnt

    Dazzler!!! heh

  • Ryan

    Hulk sequel with Mark Ruffalo?

  • Squashua


  • Jacob

    That would be Fox, not Disney.

  • BoyBlunder

    antman has to be one of them. that movies been in the works fo years!

  • Kiid Show Business


  • Cornbreadflavor


  • Aja Russell

    I Know…’The X-Men meet The Seven Dwarfs’, the Pixar movie is ‘Toy Story 4: Rise of the Punisher’ and the last movie, will be Donald & Howard the Duck in ‘Die Hard 5: You’re All F*#%ing Quackers!’

  • Ortiz

    :D I like the one with Donald & Howard


  • jephd

    There’s a good reason why these films are “mystery’s”….
    No decision has been made yet!  Disney/Marvel have (at least) 8 films announced/rumoured to be in development (strange, hulk, runaways, antman, black widow, cage, Daredevil reboot, Iron Fist) ignoring Thor 2 Iron Man 3 (both 2013) and Cap (which as the article states could actually be one of the 2 as it has been tentatively announced for 2014). Pixar have 2 or 3 non sequels rumoured to be in development plus TS4 and Incredibles 2.   This announcement is simply Disney staking their claim on a couple of good weekends in anticipation.

  • Todd Ramsey

    I saw GotG and I immediately thought Starhawk, Martinex and Charlie.

  • Jacob

    The Daredevil reboot is with Fox, and a sequel to The Incredibles has been outright denied.