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Jason Momoa Has Already Written A Sequel To Conan The Barbarian

Marcus Nispel’s Conan the Barbarian hits theaters on Aug. 19, drawing from the rich history laid out by author Robert E. Howard. The movie might not be out yet, but a sequel is already cooked up and even written — and by star Jason Momoa, no less. It’s not greenlit and hasn’t even been approved as the series’ direction by the studio, but it’s a thing.

Momoa confirmed the script’s existence in an interview with Crave Online in which he expressed a desire to bring more “mythical creatures” into the sequel. It’s an element that ended up being toned down in the upcoming release, both to avoid comparisons with the Clash of the Titans sequel and to “put the budget into some other things.”

The sequel will be more centered around the villain and “what that villain is going to extract from Conan,” since Momoa’s barbarian will be well-established in the first outing. That’s about all he had to say though, though it’s good to hear he’s interested in sticking with the role. Then again, wouldn’t you want to stay on as the star in a big-budget blockbuster movie franchise? Smart play, Momoa.


  • Jacob

    Assuming it doesn’t flop.

  • Jmcreer

    Here’s hoping the film is as good as it looks in the trailer and the sneak peek of Conan as a child.  Would love for this film to succeed and generate more sequels.  Good on Momoa for being invested in the character as well.

  • jim gorr

    I’ll be passing on this…

  • Z-

    Already written? Whatever. I love how studios jump the gun with the sequels declaring victory even before the first game has even been played. Like the DC Comics, Mattel toys, the Green Lantern and the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Jacob

    Did you even read the article?

    “It’s not greenlit and hasn’t even been approved as the series’ direction by the studio, but it’s a thing.”

    Third sentence in the whole thing.