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The Dark Knight Rises Shoot Spawns New Spoiler-Filled Videos

Christopher Nolan continues to weave together the bits and pieces of The Dark Knight Rises as shooting continues in Pittsburgh. We’re left with two new videos after the weekend, one featuring Tom Hardy as Bane in the far distance, threatening a stadium filled with people, and the other giving a look at Bane brawling with Christian Bale’s Batman in the midst of some kind of street riot.

Be warned that either of these clips, and the details that follow, probably qualify as omega-level spoilers. You have been warned.

The stadium scene, which the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (via Movieline) says is a flashback, shows us Bane parading a hostage onto the field — it’s not clear who — and preparing to make good on some kind of threat. The scene ends before that threat is carried out, so we’ll have to keep wondering about that. Worth noting though that the audience of extras is expected to respond to a series of explosions at the top of the scene.

There’s less context for the other video. We can gather that it’s winter, since snow appears to be falling. Batman and Bane are duking it out on the steps of a large building with white columns in front of it — the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research, I’m told — while uniformed police trade punches with gun-toting private soldiers.

The Dark Knight Rises, which opens July 20, 2012, also stars Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Morgan Freeman.




  • nailsin

    I don’t think it spoils that much.

  • Guest

    Wtf Bane sounds like a pussy..

  • Scott Laudano

    Omega Level spoilers? Right. It was nice to see another version of the bat-fight dance in the riot scene though. Very coordinated :)

  • The Info

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  • Jacob

    This looks so bad without the editing it’s going to get in post. I’m sure it’ll be awesome, but it looks horrible right now. xD

  • Anonymous

    Curious to hear Bane’s voice properly, I’m guessing it sounds rather muffled with that mask over his mouth, probably will dub it in post-production.

    Also, it seems some people are not familiar with film making. Most films look strange when doing the actual shooting, all the magic happens in the post-production stage…

  • Guest

    Why are the cops and the dudes with guns punching each other? Are they under the influence of some kind of mind-altering drug? That doesn’t seem like how that should be going down

  • trimcat

    doesnt really spoil much… funny thing is the football team logo is almost identical to the “outlaws” who use to be in the cfl after the expansion into the us

  • AAB

    Title should not read “Spoiler-Filled” :> Title should read: “FILLED w/SPOILED READER EXPECTATIONS.

    P L A E S E avoid this website from now on -> we can only “Vote” with how we spend our money and where we web/channel surf. Stop going to this website and the editors of this site will STOP TELLING US THERE ARE SPOILERS WHEN THE INFO IN THIS ARTICLE TELLS US ***N O T H I N G***.

  • Faust

    So many people to coordinate. Looks like alot of work!

    Can’t wait for this!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, this is pretty much what was shown in the pictures that posted last week. Hope Bane’s voice is a bit more badass than that though!