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Doctor Who Midseason Return Teased In ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ Prequel

BBC and BBC America have released a heartbreaking prequel to “Let’s Kill Hitler,” the midseason premiere of Doctor Who.

Written by Steven Moffat, the two-minute scene feature the disembodied voice of Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) leaving a message on the answering machine of a seemingly empty TARDIS — “Don’t get confused, I’m not invisible or trapped in a spaceball or something; I’m just talking on the answerphone” — for the Doctor (Matt Smith), asking about the search for the missing Melody. As devastating as the message is, the Doctor’s expression and body language are even worse.

Doctor Who returns Aug. 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on BBC America.


  • Jacob

    Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions about the prequel for “Let’s Kill Hitler”

    1: Why does the Doctor eat lemons while screening his calls? He’s got a sour face.

    2: How can he set his answering machine message without realizing he has one? Silly Amy.

    3: Hi 2007, it’s 2011. We’re just calling to let you know you should outlaw low-quality streaming. It’s called “high-definition” for a reason. The picture is so good, watching it became the definition of getting high. So I ask you, where the hell is the HD?

    4: Who in their right mind names a child Melody?

    5: The fuck is an answerphone?

  • Faust

    They’re still using that phallic thing in the Tardis?….

  • Tomfitz1

    As someone who is hearing impaired, can anyone say what the message says?


  • Jacob

    Doctor: Oh blimey, ohhhkay, you probably leave a message at the tone or something. Sorry, I really wasn’t trying to do this, I was looking for the BRAAKES!
    Amy: Doctor? Doctor, can you hear me? Are you ever gonna hear this? You don’t even know you’ve got an answerphone… *laugh* How can you be so clever and completely stupid at the same time? Well if you can hear this, please just pick up the phone. Don’t get confused, I’m not invisible or trapped in a spaceball or something; I’m just talking on the answerphone. Just pick up the phone! You said you’d find my baby; you said you’d find Melody. Have you found her? Because you promised. I know she’ll be okay; I know she’ll grow up to be River, but that’s not the point. I don’t want to miss all those years, ya know, I can’t stand it. Can’t. Please Doctor, please. Okay, phone me back when you know something. Please, Doctor, at least do that. As soon as you know, okay? Alright, bye.
    Doctor: *sighs*
    *Doctor has a sour face*

    The narrator basically reads the screen telling you when and where it returns.

    I tried to get it as close as I could for you, hopefully it’s close enough that you hear their voices while reading.

  • Tauheed2099

    i love doctor who