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Mike Myers Up For Austin Powers 4, But Nothing’s Official Yet

We learned last week, via HitFix, that Mike Myers is signed on for a fourth Austin Powers movie. That may not amount to much, however, as Deadline is now reporting that there isn’t a done deal on the New Line side. Further, the studio is reportedly baffled that this is only making the news just now, when an offer was extended to Myers six months to a year ago.

That’s really all we know at this point. Powers was last seen in the 2002 release Goldmember, which turned out to be stronger than the previous release, in terms of both the quality of the movie and its box office performance. The series has been quiet since then, though Myers took a hit in 2008 after starring in the detestable The Love Guru. Another Austin Powers could be fun, but it doesn’t seem like it’s a done deal yet.


  • Jeff Kraschinski

    Twins, Basil… TWINS…

    (One of which is Carrie-Ann Inaba from Dancing with the Stars…)

  • Andre Otherton

    I don’t care about Austin powers, when are we getting another Waynes world

  • Lady’sMan217

    Bring it…now!!! AP is uber fun. Stop riding corporate penis and make this deal official.

  • Mak

    Last thing I want to see is another Wayne’s World.