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Photos Of Chris Evans, Clues To Menace Emerge From Avengers Set

In the wake of those explosive videos and photos from the Cleveland set of The Avengers, arrives shots of Chris Evans as Captain America in the Joss Whedon-directed film. Warning: Potential spoilers follow.

The images from Celebrity-Gossip show the smiling actor apparently waiting between takes, while the others, from Superhero Hype, reveal the Sentinel of Liberty in action, and possibly offer additional clues as the identity of the movie’s primary villain(s).

The third image below features a crew member holding an alien, or at least otherworldly, weapon while the fourth reveals the use of motion-capture technology which, as Superhero Hype notes, may suggest whoever or whatever is behind the big battle is a CG creation. Follow the links for more photos.

The Avengers, which opens May 4, 2012, also stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Clark Gregg, Cobie Smulders, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgård.


  • leighton moore

    Not bad.

  • G.

    Who is it who design super hero shoes? These suck, just like the new Spider-Man’s.

  • Scowor

    Or the motion capture could be the Hulk.

  • Leo_darkheart03

    Not sure I like this Cap’ costume as much as I did from the CA movie.

  • pDUB

    the new costume looks slightly silly, but i think thatll change when hes around a bunch of other goofballs in tights.

  • Kyle

    I prefer the CA movie costume but I guess it’s all contextual, this is a nice contemporary translation of that look though. Makes him look streamlined.

  • Braunrodman

    That weapon makes it look like it really is gonna be the Kree and Skrull

  • Jmcreer

    The updated costume looks fine – it’ll look much, much better onscreen with the correct lighting and actual motion.  It’s practically a straight adaptation of the Ultimates costume.

    I’m betting that’s a Skrull weapon.  Not too far fetched if we’re also dealing with Asgardian Gods etc.  Also it’s in line with the Ultimates storyline.

  • David

    Who cares about the shoes? Seriously, man.

  • Galitigator

    Most importantly, it follows the next season’s storyline in the animated Avengers: EMH.  The movie will reflect the cartoon and the cartoon will reflect the movie.

  • Paul Bisceglia

    My only issue is that the arms are blue.  would have liked to see the white arms or at least white/grey like the ultimates

  • Lead_sharp

    Who taught you English, because they suck. 

    It looks pretty good so far and at least there’s real costumes to be seen, not mentioning any names *cough Green Lantern cough*

  • Alanwolf4

    I’d love if the Skrulls appeared, that means it could be a stroyline similar to the “Secret Invasion” Saga then “Dark Reign” then “Siege” and then “Fear it self”, there! you have four movies easily.  

  • Jimmy_colls

    I’d rather see them tackle more beloved Avengers stories, for instance if they do decide to go down the Skrull route, the Kree/Skrull war would probably be the best way to introduce the cosmic side of Marvel than jumping right in to Secret Invasion (though my viewpoint may be a little biased, I thought that Secret Invasion and Dark Reign were an awful waste of great ideas).

    Personally, I’d rather see the classic Avengers villains introduced before we move in to the modern era of stories.

  • Jacob

    Better than the pirate boots.

  • Jacob

    I’d like to think they had Ruffalo do that.

  • Jacob

    It’s more likely we’d see adaptations of modern stories, since they’ll be fresher and more likely to be in print. Not saying that Alanwolf’s list is likely, just that more recent stories have a higher chance. We will never see Dark Reign because it wouldn’t make sense in film format. But even for Secret Invasion, they’d need to do the Kree/Skrull War and Annihilation to give them any kind of reason to invade like that. At that point, we’re talking a half dozen movies to set everything up. If they did it, it would be the most epic thing ever. But I doubt they’d go for that kind of inter-connectivity. (that wouldn’t just connect the Avengers’ series, it would require a cosmic series as well, and then tie the two together)

  • Mel

    That chick is checking out Chris Evan’s ass on pic two

  • Jacob

    Like you wouldn’t be.

  • KSChris

    Why would there be two guys (one with an alien weapon) in motion capture if it was just The Hulk?

    Skrulls, man. Skrulls.

  • Twin1todd

    The painted on wings are horrendous.Why not the real ones.I am hoping this is as good as it could be.

  • Thom Vane

    I like the new costume – not as much as the WW2 era one admittedly but in the world of superhero costume adaptations, 2 hits is nothing to sneeze at.

    I wonder if Marvel has the rights to use Super Skrull. That would be an awesome if cheeky nod to the FF if they put him in with the classic powerset.

  • Anonymous

    Not liking the new costume, especially the helmet.
    Are those zippers on his legs?

  • AAB

    Fo’sure! Man, they had it going on w/the CA movie uniform, … NOW it’s Captain Cheese…. >Oi, as they say these days: ‘the crumbling of America…’

  • AAB

    Wow, what a remark you just made… >>>hardly the type of remark though that one would base a ‘Harry Potter’ contender-type franchise upon…. Man, ‘they should create a scene where Cap returns to his old uniform from the CA move, ***Have him say something like ‘I prefer my, how do you say it now in the 21st Century? I prefer to go ‘Old School’ on this…’***

  • AAB

    If by ‘Captain Cheese’ you mean, when you say ‘streamlined’, then I agree.

  • AAB

    I love it that they are going Ultimates on this movie… Too bad though the costume is not as ‘utilitarian’ and as practical as the Ultimates UNIFORM (not costume!).

    PRODUCERS OF THIS MOVIE: check out the Avengers 2 animated DVD Special Features, specifically the interview with Hitch and Millar… Hitch’s explanation of his take on the look and design of the character’s wear is 21st Century>>> AS IN: ITS RIGHT ON, YO!!!! Damn, people get a clue before this turns from a global franchise to a fad.

  • AAB

    Be constructive… how should they do it differently… -like I said below:
    They should create a scene where Cap returns to his old uniform from the CA move, ***Have him say something like ‘I prefer my, how do you say it now in the 21st Century? I prefer to go ‘Old School’ on this…’***     

    Also, like I said below: PRODUCERS OF THIS MOVIE, please check out Millar and Hitch’s interview in the Special/Extra features in the Avengers2 animated movie… the look should be more ‘utilitarian’ and practical,…
    Please make it look more as a UNIFORM… please… before this turns from global franchise to fad. BTW I dont care what your ‘marketing’ ‘census’ fools are telling you>>> How could abandoned comic book readers return to the Avengers if if was not for Hitch and Millar’s take on the Ultimates????? The military look of Hitch’s Captain America with the ‘star in the circle’ and the larger belt and just… give the guy helmet w/an A on it, eliminate the shiney shoulder stripes, refer to Hitch’s drawings… and call a day, Damn.

  • AAB

    Yeah, the producers decided that Millar and Hitch’s take and the character was too Right-On…, so they think if enough people call it dopey and cheesey that it will create a Media Buzz and people will want to spend over 10 on a movie ticket to go see it…. EEeeeYeeeaaaaH, that’s ‘the crumbling of America….’ for ya! ;-) 

  • Serviceable Villain

    Absolutely not!

  • seph

    Do you always just copy/paste your same response over and over in an article?

  • Another Ian

    Ok dude.  We get it already.

  • Mwedmer

    The modern costume looks great IMO No hood ornament wings is a plus. The boots kind of have some design qualities that resemble the comics buccaneer boots.

    Regarding the Skrulls, the Secret Invasion storyline allows for an epic reason to bring them together. The Kree/Skrull War is not needed to introduce them, I mean, both races existed for almost 20 years before that storyline. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Jim

    … you really think the producers are reading this?