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The Dark Tower Held For A Year, Netflix Release Possible

Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s in-development adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series may be off the table at Universal, but they’re still intent on putting their ambitious transmedia project into production. Eventually.

Grazer told The New York Post’s Page Six that everything is on hold for at least a year while Howard continues to try “to get outside financing to make it, and distribute it through a major [studio].” The original plan called for a three-movie trilogy with a spinoff TV series to run between releases. Grazer said they’re still aiming for that, mentioning Netflix as a possible alternative to networks for the TV side of things. Javier Bardem is also still attached to star.

For the time being, Howard will focus on a completely different project. “Ron is now going to be working on the Formula One racing movie Rush about Niki Lauda, so the soonest we could do [The Dark Tower] would be June next year,” Grazer said.


  • Spookyeurodude

    i would like this so much more if it wasnt javier bardem i like him but it seems off

  • demoncat_4

    ron should let frank darbo do the thing since he no longer with the walking dead any more. at least this shows the thing is not dead as thought  and another missed oppurtunity by universal if ron suceeds though still the problem about the actor playing jake ageing out of the role and also still no way the demon abortion with a bullet will be allowed to be shown ever.

  • Jean Cruz

    I’m curious as to who’s going to foot the bill for the film.I have no doubt it will be up in the 100 million dollar mark if Ron plans on creating sequels for the entire Dark Tower books.I’ve only read the first book which I have to say was pretty darn good now all I have to do is find the time to read the second book that is collecting dust on my shelf.