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Underworld: Awakening Trailer Is Underwhelming

Maybe it’s just me — I woke up on the wrong side of the Internet this morning or something — but this new trailer for Underworld: Awakening isn’t doing it for me. There’s a slick bit in the beginning when Kate Beckinsale takes out a gang of security guards as she makes a speedy advance through a long corridor, but the rest of it feels kind of soulless and lazy.

You’ve got your obligatory teases of action, some story setup, a quick flash or two of the movie’s monstrous werewolves and a few more of our stars, all of it drenched, as The Playlist notes, in a blue filter. The only thing this trailer is selling, to me, is an unoriginal bit of brain filler. Here’s hoping it’s just a lousy trailer and that the actual movie, the fourth in the series, deliver on the awesome promise of vampire vs. werewolf warfare.

Underworld: Awakening opens Jan. 20, 2012.


  • Michael Sacal

    I like that she asks about Michael.

  • Carmen Vergara

    While no one except them knows
    whether or not they have been trying, it is strange that after seven years of
    marriage, Kate Beckinsale still hasn’t had any children with Len Wiseman. He
    has selflessly helped raise her daughter for all this time and she seems solely
    focused on her career.

  • Sam Robards, Comic Fan

    I like it! Of course, Underworld’s probably my favorite movie trilogy (yeah, even more than LOTR and the original Star Wars), so I’m very excited.

    I like the fact that they seem to be going in a very different direction with the story: the humans were always an element that we were always unsure of, and this looks to remedy that.

    Also, all the movies were a bit blue, in regards to their color palette. So this is nothing new.

    I’m not gonna see the 3D version due to my total aversion to 3D movies/TV but, still, I can’t wait!

  • mdk

    Waitaminute… they actually making ANOTHER of these boring, awful things?

  • demoncat_4

    hope the film is better then the trailer. for like kates character i want to know michaels fate and how kate’s character got locked plus love the humans at war with the lychens and vampire’s this time around

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    I thought it looked cool. Certainly ain’t Shakespeare, but as far as monster movies ago, it seems like it’ll be fun.  

  • J. Wichmann

    so is this like underworld in the future? lol
    i’d say at the moment it’s just a poorly made trailer.  the scenes themselves look pretty good, just poorly mashed together becoming a non suspenseful blob.  needs better music over lay too.

  • Mak

    You’re late

  • Mak

    This Trailer seems so…. Bootleg. As if it was made for Direct-To-Video. Did the film NO justice

  • kalorama

    The Underworld movies are insipid, brain-dead trash. . . . And I absolutely love them!

    This looks good to me, and I won’t miss Scott Speedman as the girlfriend one bit.

  • Kurt

    After seeing the preview, really debating weather it will be worth watching when it comes out or not.