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Man Of Steel Set Pics Confirm No Trunks, Reveal Faora, Mystery Man

New photos from the Illinois set of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel confirm that Henry Cavill isn’t wearing the traditional red trunks, provide a first look at Antje Traue as the Kryptonian criminal Faora, and introduce a mysterious figure into the mix.

Whether Superman’s shorts would part of the updated costume had been a long-lingering question, one left unanswered when Warner Bros. released the first shadowy still from the franchise reboot earlier this month. But now with these new snapshots by Jim Martens, courtesy of the Man of Steel Facebook community, we can see his redesigned costume closely resembles that being introduced in DC Comics’ upcoming relaunch. Or vice versa. Synchronicity!

Faora, described by the studio as “Zod’s evil partner,”  is clad in a black ensemble that appears to give a nod to the costumes worn by the Phantom Zone criminals in Superman and Superman II. It’s updated, sure, even adding a regal cape, but you can see the resemblance.

Enough with the sartorial issues, though: Who’s that walking next to Traue?

We earlier saw a shot of what was most certainly Michael Shannon wearing motion-capture sensors, indicating that General Zod’s costume will be computer-generated (in contrast to Faora’s). But the figure in these latest photos isn’t Shannon. And notice the rod extending from his headband, indicating to the other actors where they should look the character in the eye. That would make the mystery figure, what, about eight feet tall?

Does this mean we should expect a massive new Non — dwarfing the 6-foot-6 Jack O’Halloran — to complete Zod’s trio, or are Snyder & Co. casting a wider net, perhaps bringing in another villain from Superman’s rogues gallery?

Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill as Superman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Michael Shannon as General Zod, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, Julia Ormond as Lara Lor-Van, Russell Crowe as Jor-El, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, Antje Traue as Faora, Harry Lennix as General Swanwick and Christopher Meloni as Col. Hardy. The film opens June 14, 2013.


  • Steven Ferrari


  • Statham

    I think that could maybe be a possibility. I remember the last pages of Geoff Johns’ Action Comics arc that introduced Zod, and he tells Kal there’s something worse than him in the Phantom Zone that *didn’t* get out when he did. 

    I don’t know if that was ever picked up on later during the New Krypton stories, but still. Could be a nod to that. 

  • demoncat_4

    since zod and ursala are back in the comics and zod is on screen again the mystery person could be noon or maybe a new version of doomsday  a much more scarier one. or maybe an update of brainac ten times more evil.

  • Darkstream

    No red trunks, but it looks like no red belt either. It looks too bare there now. A red belt, as in Jim Lee’s new design, would help fill the void and make it an easier transition for fans used to seeing a spot of red in that area.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! That reminds me of the original, original Superman costume.

  • TheCommander

    Too much blue. Sorry haters, but the trunks, even if you think they’re silly, are necessary to give the costume much-needed definition and balance.

    Without them… awful.

  • Darkstream

    Just a red belt would do.

  • Coryjameson

    If were up to me I’d get rid of the entire costume. Literally.

  • Coryjameson

    This looks 1980’s trashy already. I hope this movie turns out to be good (great is too much to ask for). But it looks DOA.

  • Sock

    I think people would be freaked out watching a naked Superman.

  • Chachi

    It was actually addressed at the end of Cornell’s Black Ring story, just a few months ago.  Some old Kryptonian god or somesuch; kind of lackluster in reveal when all was said and done. 

  • Anonymous

    You mean in Action Comics #1?  He had the red trunks in that one, and blue boots, making it look like footie-pajamas.

  • Jmcreer

    Thank goodness it’s not up to you!

  • nailsin

    He looks kind of naked.
    But then again maybe the villains caught him off guard while
    he was taking a dump and he just didn’t have time to put
    his red shorts on.

  • Jean Cruz

    What did I say right? They took out the trunks to fit his new current reboot look in the Dc Comics universe and to hopefully in the companies case if they lose the other half of the copyright of Superman (which would includes the red trunks in his image) then maybe the judge will allow them to use the new version of Superman without any legal ramifications.If this happens then there most likely will be two versions of Superman.The 1930’s original Superman and the 21 first century version that is coming out in September.We all have to wait for the end game to the legal battle come the year 2013.Ironically Warner Bros chose the same year the Shuster’s plan on getting their share of the Superman copyright which is basically the other half, as the perfect year to release their movie Man Of Steel.

    This is just too good to be made up.The hits just keep on coming and I’ll be sitting in that theater in 2013 eating my snacks watching the Man Of Steel movie while the Superman courtroom drama continues.There is no doubt in my mind that the Shuster’s will get the other half of Superman copyright.The Jack Kirby case was a little easier for a judge to dismiss because of that situation of Mr.Kirby working for Marvel Comics when he created his characters and brought them in.Superman is a totally different story because legally the heir of the creators have every right to claim the copyright to this mega iconic character.

    Those who followed this legal drama all have seen that Dc Comics have not once disputed the fact that the family has a right to own a portion copyright to Superman after the Siegel’s won their half of the character and his origin story.So far they’ve kept their mouths shut.Only Warner Bros Studios is up in arms over the possibility of losing the rights to make Superman movies and telling the judge that the Shuster’s lawyer is trying to screw them over and take Superman as his own.This coming from the same company that sat on their asses on the Superman property for about 4 years before the threat of a lawsuit from the family of the creator of Superman prompted them to finally get the ball rolling on a new Superman film titled Man Of Steel.If not for the threat of a lawsuit there probably would not be a new Superman movie in the works at all right now.The judge warned them if they didn’t making a movie before 2011 the family can sue them and Warner Bros was not interested in having to pay the family nothing. 

  • Jmcreer

    “They took out the trunks to fit his new current reboot look in the Dc Comics universe…”

    I’d say it’s the opposite actually – DC comics has altered Superman’s costume to resemble the film.  Film production, costumes etc take months to assemble and construct while, as we saw with Wonder Woman’s trunks/ leggings, comic art/ development of costumes can take only a matter of weeks or even days before hitting the page. It’s a common trend in comics to alter their characters costumes (albeit temporarily) to resemble their film counterparts.  The best example I can think of is when they put the X-Men in black leather.

    The lack of trunks has nothing to do with any legal battles – DC is merely trying to attract a wider audience by modernising the costume.  The simple fact is, superheroes are still made fun of for wearing their underpants on the outside.  That’s why Christian Bale’s Batman wears body armour, and the X-Men, Thor, and Captain America wear leather costumes and not underpants on the outside in their film incarnations.

  • Shar7four

    I hate the suit without the trunks. It looks incomplete.

  • Rosstkirby

    i’ve heard internet rumors that the mo cap character next to faora is doomsday, the ‘what if’ scenario.  i think it should be bizarro.  doomsday deserves a movie to himself, but bizarro is a great surprise character.  the brute strength bad guy to general zods strategist bad guy.  finally a superman fight scene of epice scale while keeping the emotional focus on the personal connection between superman’s kryptonian side and the only people left of his entire race.  I vote Bizarro.