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Chevy Chase Writing New Vacation Script, Game For More Fletch

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, and let the man himself do most of the talking. Chevy Chase recently sat down on the set of Community far a chat with Collider. During that chat, Chase had things to say about the future of both Vacation and Fletch. Read the rest for yourself, and be thrilled:

“I’ve written an idea that would be basically like a ‘Swiss Family Griswold,'” he said. “There’s a cruise, there’s a fire on the ship, we think the whole ship’s on fire and we jump—it’s just a little fire—and we end up on an island where we meet Randy [Quaid] somewhere who’s been left there from an old Survivor series.”

Everything about that idea is sharp and perfectly in tune with the spirit of the classic comedy series, don’t you think? Chase also said a little bit more about Fletch, and while it’s not quite as encouraging, the important takeaway is: He’s game to be the character again. Community is a big hit, too, which certainly ups the chances of studio giving the right pitch a greenlight.

“I mean look, I’m not gonna do Fletch unless I’m Fletch. If they start writing something for a kid who’s Fletch and I’m just helping out… ‘Bye. I mean, there’s no reason why, at my age, I can’t still be Fletch. I’ve always been getting this impression that they’d like me to be mentoring a younger Fletch type thing.”

There you have it. Fletch and Vacation shouts in the same interview. I feel like I’m 12 again.


  • Michael Sacal

    I thought I read that they were doing a Vacation sequel with Rusty as the dad.

  • Olds

    It’s just a shame that some actors refuse to return to roles that made their careers until it’s just too late and the ship has sailed and the actor is just too old. Case in point: Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones. Both he and Chevy could have been doing something with their respective characters, raking in the dough and not have to come crawling back to the franchises with their tails between their legs. Maybe I’d think different if Crystal Skull hadn’t been such a pile….

  • Anonymous

    Vacation?  Yes.  Of course by now his kids would be about…32?

    Fletch?  No.  Someone shoot him if he gets too near a script.

  • Sugargl1der

    Actually since the first Vacation was in 1983 and the kids were 11/12 ish…I’d say they were probably around 40 years old now.

  • Cjorg2

    I’d see that Vacation movie in a heartbeat.

  • Faust

    I’d love to see a new Vacation movie – and that premise sounds good – at least the cruise ship part does.
    But Beverley DeAngelo has to return too. And in keeping with tradition – new actors playing his children!! haha….

  • Jmcreer

    Watch Community – Chevy Chase has still got it in spades – the ship hasn’t sailed, hasn’t even left the dock.  Chevy’s the man!!!