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Aykroyd: Ghostbusters 3 Will Shoot Next Year, Maybe Without Murray

There was once a time when I was overwhelmingly excited by any and all news relating to Ghostbusters 3. Then, a series of events occurred that effectively made my opinions do an about-face. The movie, if it ever does happen, is very likely doomed to fail.

So it is with mild trepidation then that I bring word from Dan Aykroyd on the status of the long-in-development sequel. The actor and writer discussed the subject in an appearance on The Dennis Miller Show, revealing that Bill Murray isn’t set to return but that the plan is to start shooting early next year.

Aykroyd says the script is “excellent,” and that the plan is still to tell a story about the aging original Ghostbusters passing on the torch to a younger generation. The only thing that doesn’t add up here is the Murray absence; approval the original starring foursome, plus director Ivan Reitman, is needed to make the new movie happen. Will Murrray still sign off if he isn’t involved?

Excuse me while I go cry in a corner.


  • Mak

    How funny is that… I was just thinking about this yesterday… Shouldn’t they have started filming last spring?

    Personally i think they just remake the entire series from scratch with a modern twist.

  • Lastnamecumbie

    Oh they could always throw in the script he died somehow and I wonder who they will get to play the next generation?

  • Guest

    Come on Bill… seriously.. all of us 80’s kids grew up loving this story.. PPPPLEASE..??

  • demoncat_4

    given how long ghost busters three has been talked about and bill seems not to want to be  a part of it with taking his sweet time coming on board. will believe the thing even if they decided peter died now as a way to do it without bill. i will believe ghost busters 3 has finaly happen when Dan says they are shooting now and see a trailer in the future

  • Adam Rosenberg

    Never have I been so tempted to hunt down someone from the Internet and give them a hard slap in the face.

    I sincerely hope that your “just remake the entire series from scratch with a modern twist” was dripping with sarcasm. If it was 100% serious, I’m pretty sure you have a bright future in Hollywood as a studio executive.

  • Jmcreer

    Just let this franchise die a peaceful death…

    Could you do a remake?  Sure.  Would it have the same spark of the original (something the sequel couldn’t even do)? No it couldn’t.  It’d just be a orgasm of CGI with little to no emphasis on script, casting (it’d probably star Ryan Reynolds in the Bill Murray role), and direction.

    Just enjoy the original for what it was and still is.

  • donk

    If they cant make the movie right, than I dont want it made at all.  I’m a true fan and I dont want to see any Hollywood crap, even if that means no GB3 ever.

  • Orphan

    Oh sure give these bozos the Ryan Reynolds idea.LOL How about recasting with Seth Rogan,Will Smith, Will Ferrel and Adam Sandler? Murray, just doesn’t seem to be remotely happy and seems constantly bored with everything these days. Even if he is just holding out for the money, seeing him do another depressed walk through to get it over with is enough for me to say no to this.

  • Jmcreer

    Everywhere I turn I see Ryan Reynolds.  He’s everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scavenger

    Wait, Dennis Miller has a show again?

  • Shecky

    If you can’t get Bill Murry, don’t do it.  Although this was a team story, his character was the unofficial lead, what with him having the love story and behaving like voice of the Ghostbusters.  In the cartoon he worked as the leader of the team.  Telling the story without including Peter just won’t work.

  • Possum

    I’m all up for a sequel, at least it’s not a remake. (God knows we’ve had our fair share of them recently) And granted, at first, I could sympathize w/ Murray and wanting a better script, but he shows no desire for a 3rd film. I’ve been waiting for this for too long. I love Murray, but full speed ahead.