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Captain America Screenwriter Lobbies For MODOK In Sequel

Just last week Captain America: The First Avenger screenwriters Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus confessed a desire to feature the Falcon and Sharon Carter in the sequel, which seems more likely than not to be set primarily in the present day. We can now add to the character wish list a certain Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing.

“I love MODOK and I think you could make a terrifying movie with MODOK but nobody seems to be on my side at the momentum,” Markus tells Hero Complex. Okay, so MODOK, one of Cap’s stranger Silver Age foes, seems far less likely than the Falcon to make an appearance. Still, it would be pretty glorious to have the massive-headed menace floating around, leading A.I.M. agents against Captain America and Agent 13 (the aforementioned Sharon Carter).

It gets even better when you see who Markus would like to see play the offbeat Stan Lee/Jack Kirby creation: Emmy-nominated Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage. It’s kind of inspired, really.

“I will win you over to Peter Dinklage as MODOK,” he says. “If he came around the corner and you saw him floating there you would be terrified. It would be amazing.”

Although we probably shouldn’t hold our breaths for MODOK or Dinklage in Captain America 2, we can all probably agree that the very idea of it is, yes, amazing.


  • Mythos

    God, no, please. Just stick with HYDRA, maybe get Viper in there. Anything but M.O.D.O.K. floating around.

  • Anonymous

    MODOK seems like such a strange place to go after the success of the first movie. Am I the only one that wants to see the seeds planted for the Masters of Evil for Avengers 2 in the midst of a cool Winter Soldier storyline?

  • DrMlieko

    That sounds pretty awesome 

  • Rasx

    I would prefer seeing Baron Zemo in Cap A 2 and use MODOK in Ironman 3 instead

  • Anonymous

    Tyrion Lannister as Modok? Eh, if they could pull it off visually, I’d buy it.

  • Donald

    TV-in-chest Arnim Zola or go home!

  • Guydc3

    I like MODOK a lot…but not for a live action movie. That’s going to look ridiculous.

  • tom

    Nobody’s ever really bothered trying to update MODOK’s appearance in the comics. He was designed to look horrific but he just looks bizarre, and he looks bizarre because of his  anachronistic appearance. So it may be possible to make it work on the big screen. But it would be an easier sell on producers if it had been shown to work on the page first…

  • Randy Watson

    Yeah, Cap’s got his own giant faced cyborg terrorist. MODOK is Iron Man, fools.

  • inukemi

    I vote Yes for MODOK

  • Christopher Cummins

    this seems like a bad idea.  

    they just spent all that money firmly planting Capt America in a realistic(as possible) world, just to throw someone like MODOK into it which would totally blow up the feel of the franchise at this point.  

  • AdamH12110

    I think MODOK fought Cap first.  The general “Marvel Super-Heroes” characters tend to share a lot of villians anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I always thought MODOK was ridiculously cheesy and silly.  And then Christopher Priest wrote him in Captain America & The Falcon … and I became TERRIFIED of MODOK. 

    Could it work?  Hmmm … Cap in the present day starts to take on contemporary super science terrorist threats, one of the biggest being AIM.  In their efforts to stop his successful campaign, they create MODOK and he kills off AIM leaders immediately and takes it over and is presented as a scary scientific offense to nature itself ……. you know, I think it definitely could work!

    But … would I rather see a Zemo story that flips back and forth between present and past?  Most definitely.  And others have mentioned stories that would be better for a Cap sequel as well in the comments.  Still, I think MODOK could actually work, as long as they play him up as less ridiculous and more a frightening being that should not have ever been created (read his Cap/Falcon arc …).

  • Snowson60

    Modok DOES seem like a better fit for Iron Man (to me, anyway.) Still, if “they” felt that they couldn’t pull off Galactus, I think Modok is even harder. But they might be thinking Way Different, design wise. Hmmm. 

  • MW


  • Kwame


    Zemo and Winter Soldier seems to make the most sense.

  • Al D.

    MODOK seems a little left-field although Peter Dinklage is great in anything.  After watching the flick, you can clearly see they’re going for Winter Soldier.  Course, any ole Cap Villain could be pulling his strings. I thought Weaving was awesome as Red Skull but he got zapped/teleported to Asgard. Hey, wouldn’t Red Skull staging a breakout at an Asgardian prison to return to Earth be a crazy opening scene?

  • Al D.

    Seriously, if anyone could get the better of some space Gods and at least make a run to a birfrost bridge to get back to earth and kick Cap all over the place, I’m going with the Red Skull

  • Lead_sharp

    This is genius! Go for it! Look anything in comics can be realised in film, it’s the way it’s handled so minds un-used to twenty plus years of comic reading can fit it into their mental landscapes, MODOK would be wonderful and Dinklage is inspired!

  • Shaun


  • Shaun

    I was just kidding.

    But seriously… NO MODOK!

  • Bill Reed

    I demand MODINK.

    I kinda just figure on Zemo, though.

  • Cliftonenrico1980

    hell fucking no

  • Bill_P

    MODOK may be a good idea, but not without a major rework of the character.  Though I grew up with the comics of the 60’s and the big floating head was a part of that childhood, he needs to stay there.  Now if they want to retool him into something less 1960’s comic bookesque that could work but if they go to that extreme why call him MODOK.  If Marvel is exanding itself into a movie franchise (Good job so far BTW) who says you can’t introduce new villians into the new medium?

  • Oneonly

    I first saw Modok when paging through an issue of INCREDIBLE HULK when I was nine. The bloke scarred me a little bit. Heck, my mom even thought the character was little bit on the disgusting side when they showed him getting off on the cover of CAPTAIN AMERICA by the Serpent Society. And the Peter Dinklage casting idear seems perfect to me. I say go for it. 

  • nik

    Now that I’ve had a taste of MODOK, I almost won’t see the next movie without MODOK.

  • The Librarian

    I’ll say the same I said on hero complex.
    “Peter Dinklage would be an epic Modok(Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, though computing does open an interesting origin change possibility). After Dinklage’s performance in Threshold, I can’t see anyone ever being a better Modok. This MUST happen. Maybe give us a two fold movie. Cap adapting to the modern world, facing off with Modok from the story build, but tons of flashbacks to WWII from Caps memories to give a sense of contrast to the modern world and how he’s adapting. This way we get the best of both worlds, including the entire ‘forever young’ man out of his own time period type drama that the Avengers movie may not have much time for.”

    I’m not against more WWII, but let’s move the overall story forward some.  So why can’t we have both?

  • Geekgazette

    characters like MODOK and Hector Hammond are ridiculous in the comic books, putting them up on the silver screen is idiotic. Sure in the comics they may be fan favs and creators can pull off ridiculous characters in a comic, but in a movie, with actual people they just come across as dumb.

  • Jacob

    You’re talking about two different “they”‘s. Fox felt Ultimate Gal Ahk Tus was better. Marvel Studios won’t make that mistake.

  • Jacob

    MODOK is actually in Hulk right now, so you’re spot on.

  • picodegallo
  • Guesty McGuesterston

    They redesigned him in Jeff Parker’s Hulk.

  • Anonymous

    Considering how hard people were laughing during Green Lantern I don’t think that’s a good idea.

  • Not Joe

    I was just watching the Captain America movie and enjoyed it despite it’s lead into the Avengers films.

    Then I was watching the credits and saw Millars and Quesada’s name in the credits and was bummed a bit. I know a lot of the stuff under Millar’s Ultimates and Quesada’s regime get big praise, but a lot of it was also terrible. I challenge people to try to convince me that Civil War was competently written and Millar had his head on straight. It was basically about changing everything and nothing mattered. Try to tell me that the Captain America in that monstrosity was the same guy as he was before. I’m sure he’s an even more different character now. They don’t seem to care at Marvel anymore.

    So, if they do put MODOK in there somehow, they should base him on the old books that had it’s writing together. Hey, atleast the movie I could tell who Cap was as a person.

    “I quit.”

    What a bunch of garbage.

  • Alex H

    I actually think, that with a bit of work, MODOK could be a very scary villain, as visually a live action MODOK would be very intimidating.

    I would however, adjust him slightly.  First on the agenda, no hovering, having him bouncing along through the air diminishes his menace and waving his tiny arms around again just makes him preposterous.  Also, don’t give the comedy voice that he tends to have in most adaptations I’ve seen – a cold emotionless voice would be far more intimidating.

    My pitch: don’t have him as the villain in the next film, but essentially use him as a sort of prop for whoever the villain does end up being – have him suspended in the middle of some huge chamber essentially acting as the master computer.  When Cap inevitably beats up whoever the bad guy is at the end of the film, have the explosions cause him to get free, so that if the audiences react well enough to his presence this time, he can be used in a future film as a villain proper, or, not used again.

    I’d have to say, Zemo is probably the prime candidate in my eyes, is probably too soon for a full blown Winter Soldier plot (tho you can certainly tease it) and Zemo can then be used to set up a Thunderbolts film if necessary.  I actually think Batroc could be quite a fun henchman character.

  • Jmcreer

    Sorry Donald, MODOK first appeared in Tales of Suspense #93 where he fought the one and only Captain America.  He is primarily known as a Captain America villain, although he has fought a number of Marvel Heroes over his career.

    I guess we know who the fool really is…

  • Sadfran

    Modok is a challenge, why not?

  • Scavenger

    MODOK as a character could be good….Priest’s MODOK is terrifying.  I like Parker’s new manipulative MODOK 2.0 in Hulk right now, and I dig Yost’s slightly more comic relief MODOC in Avengengers: EMH.

    MODOK as a live action character is problematic, though we’ve seen similar in recent Doctor Who’s so it’s not impossible.  For everyone complaining…it’s just a movie monster.

    MODOK as a vehicle for Peter Dinklage in a major motion picture..yes please.

  • Donald

    You?  I made no comment on Cap & Modok’s history.  I just think Zola, already established in the first film, would make the better villain.  Save exposition and plot time using an already established character.  

  • Digital Transfer

    I LOVE MODOK, always have, if done correctly it could work. Remember, Cap worked great as a period piece, and the sequel would be set in modern day. Though, combining Zola and MODOK for the sequel would be easiest, I’d prefer MODOK as the master behind a villainous Winter Soldier.