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New Man Of Steel Set Photos Offer Close-Up Look At Superman’s Suit

Forget the first official still and distant snapshots. These latest photos from the Illinois set of Man of Steel now provide us with our best  look at Superman’s much-discussed costume, and illustrate how closely the newly introduced DC Comics redesign resembles its big-screen counterpart. Red belt and silver piping excluded, of course.

They also show how much star Henry Cavill has bulked up for the role; while the suit may enhance his abs, it’s pretty clear that most everything else is all him.

However, the close-ups will likely also draw criticism away (if only briefly) from the absence of the traditional red trunks and onto the suit’s texture and aforementioned piping. Like the much-debated redesign for Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man, Superman’s new costume sports a basketball-like pattern, gauntlets and additional lines that follow the contours of the body. But on the Man of Steel, those lines are more pronounced, forming an almost alien design on his back and lower torso mimicking that of his gauntlets. We can also see there’s the suggestion of the traditional yellow belt, now with a floating buckle.

Directed by Zack Snyder, Man of Steel also stars Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Michael Shannon as General Zod, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, Julia Ormond as Lara Lor-Van, Russell Crowe as Jor-El, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, Antje Traue as Faora, Harry Lennix as General Swanwick and Christopher Meloni as Col. Hardy. The film opens June 14, 2013.

(via Man of Steel Facebook community, ComicBookMovie)


  • Geistbusters

    Nice suit. Not for Superman, but a nice suit for someone who isn’t Superman that just happens to also have a big “S” on their chest. I don’t know how they keep getting Superman wrong. It’s almost as if they’re TRYING to mess it up. What next, a blond Superman who has a big “T” on his chest? The formula is easy: Look at a comic book. Read one of the MANY great stories found within the series. Use the designs found in the comic book (LIKE THE ACTUAL SUIT OF THE CHARACTER YOU’RE MAKING A FILM ABOUT). Film the movie. It’s that easy.

  • The Screedster

    Waaaaaaaaaay too much package for me.

  • Michael Sacal

    Looks good.

  • Anonymous

    So I’m guessing the red cape is going to be added in in post?  I’m fine with the material and texture of this suit but that stuff on the side and on the back is just ridiculously stupid looking.

  • Dr.M
  • Christian

    i agree

  • Michael Sacal

    The cape is not an FX. These images are clearly taken in between shots, not during filming, so he probably took it off for some reason.

  • Mike

    Love it!

  • Scott Ruth

    This suit is similar to the way he looks in the comics recently. ;)

  • Pat

    It looks strange. It looks awesome. I dunno if it should be considered a suit for superman. But I am willing to give this new suit and look a chance. Maybe Superman needs an update. We’ll always have the comics.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I figured that when I looked back at some of the older shots.  This is still clearly a costume gone wrong.  The new Spider-Man costume looks so much better than this.

  • James207

    Sorry, that’s not Superman. Superman is not in the X-Men. And the X-Men wouldn’t wear this particular suit because it looks ridiculous.

  • Fanboy

    It’s Ultra Man from the Crime Syndicate!

  • Lew Stringer

    What is it with Spider-Man and now Superman having those unnecessary stripes down the legs? Pointless and too fussy.

  • kalorama

    I’ve got not problem with the suit unless it’s the suit that’s making him look like a WWE wrestler. he looks too bulky.

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    He looks like a strange visitor from another planet…

  • Elibutcher

    I love the look of the new suit. Although the old suit is traditional. Hasn’t anyone else ever thought it was a bit ridiculous that a guy would go from being a farmer in modest denim and plaid to wearing tight and bright blue spandex with underwear on the outside??? I mean, everyone has always made fun of the briefs, but now that they’re doing something about it, everyone’s got to cry-a-river over it. If it’s anything like the new Grant Morrison Action Comics coming out, the suit is some sort of Kryptonian ceremonial armor. Much better than a Martha Kent tailoring job! And this suit is like a hybrid of the new DCnU suit and some of the Kryptonian armor ideas from DC Universe online by Jim Lee. I love it. Plus the darker colors look WAY better.

  • Yenthe Oerlemans

    Superman is bulky… read the comics… He should even have a bigger chest but I like his body shape, best body for Superman.  The suit looks awful, the S is pretty nice, the things around his waist suck…

  • Raymon Ryu Ronquillo

    I just watched the ‘Immortals’ trailer and he ain’t that big. And speaking of bulky…well The Screedster has already pointed it out. No use of me repeating.

  • Yenthe Oerlemans

    They should’ve put on his belt like they’re doing with the reboot, not saying I like it that the underwear on the outside is gone because it’s a part of Superman but the rebooted suit looks nice and the belt is a part of that

  • C_rome93

    Dump the bracelets,  put some shorts on, and give us back the traditional look

  • Mel

    It’s funny how much people complained about the suit in Superman Returns and that one was more traditional than this.

    I like this suit.

  • Kyle

    Wow that’s a lot of padding lol a bit muted for my liking but that might be changed in post.

  • David Fullam

    Huh? I thought it was a Superman film. Why is he dressed like The Eradicator?

  • Lady’sMan217

    The suit looks great. Quit your whining and grab a goat behind door number three…

  • Charles Storey

    Immortals was done way before this , so yeah , he is that bulky . he had a lot of time to get that big .

  • Desire718

    Beautiful man….wooof

  • Becpuss

    Where’s his cape? :(

  • Michael Sacal

    You remind me of myself back in 89 when I saw Batman’s armor from Burton’s movie. I thought that was wrong because it wasn’t the grey and blue suit from the comics and Adam West TV show.

    That armor has now become the standard for Batman, and I’ve grown to like it much more than the original costume.

    This could be worse, Superman could be wearing a stupid armor with a high collar.

    Nah, there’s no way anyone would design a costume that stupid.

  • Michael Sacal
  • Anonymous

    Well now that I read someones comment on how it looked more alien and is probably a gift from Jor-El it makes a little more sense to me.  It’s a costume that will definitely have to grow on me.  It’s just not an instant like, like the new Spider-Man costume was.

  • Michael Sacal

    “Much better than a Martha Kent tailoring job!”

    Not really because the notion of it being a Kryptonian armor implies that Jor-El foresaw that Kal-El would need such a thing. If he thought he was sending him to a world where he would require an armor, why did he send him to Earth?

    Also, why would someone who is invulnerable need an armor in the first place?

  • Michael Sacal

    But why would Jor-El give him such a gift? What need would baby Kal-El have for an armor? I mean, come on, the ship has room for an adult-sized armor but not the child’s mother?

    Lara: “Jor-El, don’t you think it be wiser to spend your time outfitting the ship with enough room for one of us?”

    Jor-El: “Shut up, woman. Can’t you see I have to make sure the ship has everything the boy will need to become a superhero?”

  • Catsmeow

    Mmmm…I like what Henry’s packing! :-D

  • Rich Bowen

    Is it me, or does that look like the Earth-2 version of the shield?

  • Stymie The Invincible

    Actually if you watch Immortals or it’s trailer and look at the pics of Cavill from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, between Immortals and filming Man Of Steel, he’s actually bulked up a LOT since filming Immortals. I’d imagine the suit is both his build AND padding…all the onscreen Supermen have been padded to one extent or another. I like this suit. Lots of people are comparing it to the Jim Lee redesign with the awful armor lines and that atrocious high collar. I like this movie suit better than that comic book redesign. Just like it to be a bit lighter in color. More traditional blue and red.

  • Duskknight45

    Wow, that looks really cool. I can’t wait to see this movie. :D

  • Robert

    Shows they don’t understand the character. He was raised as an Earthman and this look just
    doesn’t work. The son becomes the father, the father becomes the son
    doesn’t work as far as how he looks…….. because Kal-el/Clark/Superman is an
    Earthman who wants to do good, maybe inspire some people and most of all
    do as little as possible to alienate them. Dressing like a Kryptonian
    is NOT the way to do that.

  • Robert

    Exactly and comics are the place for an update. Not a film. There have been literally thousands of Superman comics through the years and in comparison….only a handful of films. Why mess with something that has hardly ever been done in the first place???

  • Robert

    I never made fun of the trunks. I hate the idea of Kryptonian “armor”. Supes is basically an Earthman. That’s where he was raised. The parents he has always known are Earth people. Wearing an alien costume instead of the brightly colored symbol that always seemed to work is a great way to alienate the people of earth.

  • Carl

    depends on the superman origin and backstory. some versions had superman becoming more kryptonian the more he learned of his heritage. and depends how long th kents live.

  • Texanimal99

    his package is fine. nobody complains when there are ginormous boobs in the way of a movie, and his package is actually pretty normal sized. get over your masculine insecurities folks, men usually have junk in that place.

    yes, mourn the briefs, AND the curl.

    he looks good, and i have confidence in this movie.

    and it makes sense if Jor-El sent a suit of armor. invulnerable or not, anything helps. remember doomsday? there’s always something tougher, might as well be prepared. abyway this suit is hardly armor. i’d call iron man – armor, this is more like a sporty-action suit. makes sense.

    get excited folks, this will be SO MUCH BETTER than that awful singer/routh film.

  • Elibutcher

    I do think it’s much better than the original. Everyone knows that he’s alien, so why not allow his suit to pay homage to the homeworld that he lost. And the idea of the Kryptonian armor would obviously be more for aesthetics since he is invulnerable here, but they would still have armor when they lived on Krypton because they weren’t invulnerable there. It’s the yellow sun that does it. So to have a suit derived from look of Krypton is not far-fetched or invalid. Plus, everyone acts as though the only parents Clark knew where the Kent’s, when he communicated with Jor-El also. It was Jor-El that provided information, crystals for the Fortress of Solitude and the ship that got him to Earth. It was Jor-El that pushed the idea of a destiny and purpose, then provided the knowledge that would aid him. If not sending him an actual suit of armor (or any suit in general) he could have just as easily included into the info given to Kal-El a history of Krypton such as language, world history, political history, and access to various military agencies and ceremonial wears would have surely been included. Clark could have had his own made based off of his knowledge from there. But this suit doesn’t look like something a normal tailor could have made, so it stands to reason that Jor-El must have sent it. Either way, there are tons of reasons and ways that he could have gotten the suit. No matter what, it’s a new superman movie with with General Zod, a good cast, Zack Snyder (although Suckerpunch wasn’t great, 300 and Watchman were cool) and Christopher Nolan; so although everybody is going to complain their asses off about the most inane things (I’m bummed that Kevin Costner is in it), all the fanboys and girls as well as everybody else will still go see it and even if it bombs, it’ll still make crap loads of money.

  • Chad Happens

    I wish fangirls would stop bitching everytime someone make a few changes to upgrade stuff. The suit looks awesome. Its great, much more believable than PJs and briefs. If you want the plain ol suit go watch the previous movies. This movie is gonna be awesome and updated.

  • Michael Sacal

    There are certain ways to make it credible, but that’s key. If they want the suit to be of Kryptonian origin it can’t be something Jor-El sent along for Kal-El to use, it has to be something Clark turns into a suit.

  • Elibutcher

    So how exactly does blue spandex and red briefs and a cape equate to “earth”? I mean, what about the traditional suit, when you look at it, screams,” Look at me, I’m from earth! “? I don’t recall ever seeing anyone walking down the street in full spandex and underwear on the outside? I mean, I could have missed it, but I’m pretty sure that’s not normal either.

  • Elibutcher

    I don’t remember what storyline it was, it could have either the original movie, or perhaps one of the animated movies even, where the Kryptonian council forbid Jor-El and his wife from leaving Krypton. This would make total sense that there was more room in the ship for more than just the baby. Not to mention that using 1 crystal, Clark was able to “grow” the entire Fortress of Solitude.

  • Michael Sacal

    “So how exactly does blue spandex and red briefs and a cape equate to “earth”?”

    Original version = Shuster based the design on the circus strongman.

    Post Crisis version = Jonathan Kent based the design on the outfits worn by the members of the Justice Society of America, who were his heroes growing up.

    In both instances, the inspiration for the colors and design is entirely earth-based.

  • Michael Sacal

    It’s from the movie. Jor-El promises that neither himself nor Lara will leave Krypton.

  • Guydc3

    Looks badass to me. I’ve been reading comics for over 30 years and I’m glad they changed the suit. Yay for not being stuck in the 1940’s…or 60’s…or 70’s. An updated Man of Steel for our times. And it actually looks like something a Kryptonian would wear.

  • Elibutcher

    Thanks, I knew it was from something on screen, but couldn’t place it!

  • Shutthefuckup

    Arent you being fussy?
    It’s just a fucking suit, get a grip and save your criticism for the release date.
    Oh and the suit looks…………..

  • Elibutcher

    I can understand the colors as a base to link it to say America, it’s almost Red, White and Blue. Then a yellow belt made more sense. 

    The original reference to a circus strongman is completely out of date. It was a valid connection back then, but seems completely irrelevant to modern times. 

    Also, the link to the JSA. For the movies purposes, to throw that in and have it make sense, they would have to reference the JSA, which won’t happen, but they WILL talk about his Kryptonian heritage since they’ve cast Russell Crowe as Jor-El. Also, the JSA have always had “dated” costumes, with a few exceptions like Hawkman, Dr.Fate, and PowerGirl. Hopefully as they re-introduce them into the DCnU they’ll get somewhat of a make-over as well.

    I understand where you’re coming from, but I’ve always thought alot of the DC costumes were dated, so I’m thrilled that they’re going in this direction.

  • TouchyRogue

    Guys have a penis, get over it. Im sure if it were a womans costume and it left absolutely nothing to the imagination you’d be thrilled. Grow up.

  • The Screedster

    You must be a big fan of Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin.

  • moon

    Cos even if Superman is invulnerable the ‘Martha Kent tailoring’ job of a suit made of polyester would not and and am sure it would be quite embarrassing when Supes walk out of a burning building for instance let alone a fight sequence with the Zod for that matter!

  • Scott Laudano

    So you’re wanting them to be BORING, UNORIGINAL, AND LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!!! You should direct the new Superman movie then. Oh wait you aren’t. My bad.

  • Scott Laudano

    No dude the suit has a cape. Didn’t you see the official release picture?

  • Scott Laudano

    The new Spider-man costume looks like a homo made it wanting to be captain of a pride parade… This is nothing like that in comparison. 

  • Anonymous

    Way to be totally homophobic and annoying “dude.”  I was referring to the texture of the fabric because they are so similar.

  • Anonymous

    Yes I did “dude,” if you can see I was questioning whether it was added in post production but I quickly figured out that this is just from a practice shoot.

  • Anonymous

    You know what I’m fine with this its not perfect not fond of the black stripe things on his sides and legs or bracelets but its not terrible. Its a way better then the ugly abortion in Amazing Spider-Man anyway.

    Face fact people the classic Superman is dead or sooner or later will be. WB just doesn’t think people want him anymore and who knows they may be right.

  • Michael Sacal

    Not during the Byrne era, when he had the invulnerability aura that enveloped his suit and made his skin tight uniform as invulnerable as he was.

  • Jon Peters

    People, stop whining! The S is too big, the undies are gone, the cape is not the right shade of red, my vagina itches! Enough is enough. Superman is clearly recognizable, just be happy you’re getting a movie and shut your mouth already. You are all annoying.

    – A Hollywood Executive

  • In Zod we Trust

    You had me at codpiece.

  • CJ3

    it’s an interesting look.  I will wait to see a commercial and if they are changing a lot for this version I wonder if they will change the music from what we’ve known all this time.  Meaning will the intro music be different because I love that.  I can’t wait to see a trailer so I can see how this guy does at portraying Superman.  As for the costume, I’m not a purist so not a big deal, I think it looks fine for Superman.

  • kalorama

    I have read the comics. Thousands of them over the course of multiple decades. I’ve also seen all of the previous film and TV incarnations. Enough to know there’s a difference between “big and muscular” and “bulky.” He looks top-heavy and awkward in those photos.  In addition to power he should also have some sense of gracefulness. I’m not getting that from those pics.

  • Joeymax8

    I listened to an interview with Caville about both The Immortals and The Man of Steel. He spoke directly of the two different physical appearances for the movies. He intentionally had different workout routines to give him different body types for each role. So, he very well CAN be that bulked./buffed up for the Supes role…different from his leaner appearance in The Imoortals.

  • Joeymax8

    I LOVE the S-shield design and size!!! A bit retro and yet, new too. Not
    crazy about the faded gold like color of the background but, maybe
    it’ll be enhances in post production?  One thing I have to say…. it’s
    NOT the Superman costume we’re all use to seeing but, if the STORY lives
    up to what a Superman movie should have, FREAKIN GREAT! If I get a
    SUPER Superman story in this movie, I’ll take any version of the costume
    they have!

  • Deqzekker

    love it! it looks real and awesome!

  • jim

    would look better on tom welling

  • No reason to know

    There are obviously a lot of movie professionals here. Quit your whining about the suit people! Expand your mind! There is a reason the suit is designed this way. Let the movie come out first before bitching about the suit.

  • Faust

    Nice! Henry really knows how to fill out that suit! Those arms are huge ….and not to mention his other areas! …..wink, wink! haha….

    I sooooooo can’t wait for this!

  • Faust

    Just the right amount for me! :)

  • Coryjameson


    Maybe this movie won’t be so bad after all – if only to leer at Henry Cavill.

  • Tgolden

    Looks like the talent scouts are sleeping in Hollywood. All they have to do is to persuade Tim Tebow ( Denver Bronco Quarterback) to get into acting and they can scrap the suit.
    Tim has the build, the looks and more than likely enough talent to pull this off.
    Somebody sign this guy to a contract.

  • dlc320

    Sad!!  Really sad!  Ok, that said, I suppose I can keep that movie money in my pocket.  Along with my old DC Comics money.

  • Coryjameson

    Why would we want a Sean Hannity-ass-kissing, Christian a-hole mofo to ruin the role of Superman?

    The role of Superman requires a certain bearing and nobility that Tebow couldn’t summon if his ridiculous life (which should have been snuffed out before he was born) depended on it.

    Thank god (pun intended) Henry Cavill has the role.

  • MadMikeyD

    Seriously?  What was the precursor to this comment?  Did Tebow bully you as a child?  Someone mentions the name of a guy who happens to be proud of his faith and you automatically resort to this.  That says a lot more about you than him.

  • Michael Sacal

    “The original reference to a circus strongman is completely out of date. It was a valid connection back then, but seems completely irrelevant to modern times. ”

    If Superman became a hero today, his most likely source of inspiration for a costume might be the wrestlers from the WWE, who wear extravagant, colorful costumes.

    It would really depend on his motivation behind the costume. Whereas Batman looked toward warriors (like samurais with their armors, or soldiers with their boots, for instance), and Wonder Woman looked toward the American flag and her Greek culture for her costume, what does Clark look at for inspiration?

    Some would argue his Kryptonian heritage and his human upbringing, which he could combine to form a symbol.

    This would require getting into the psyche of Clark and asking ourselves what kind of upbringing he had growing up in Smallville, Kansas, keeping in mind that at this point he would have been a kid and a teenager in the 90s, and, thus, they would inform his likes and dislikes, to a point.

    Maybe he looked up to football players. Maybe he looked up to wrestlers (maybe he liked the Ultimate Warrior, or Hulk Hogan, or Macho Man, whatever. I’d cite football player’s names, but I don’t know any).

    Whatever his upbringing might have been liked, that is what informs how he creates the costume. Maybe. There are other factors to consider.

    All I know is that the costume being premade in the ship is crap. That the costume and/or cape being made from baby blankets is crap. Jor-El didn’t send Kal-El to earth to become a superhero or a Kryptonian soldier.

    Now, if he got the costume from the Fortress of Solitude after the crystal/eradicator/whatever creates it and creates a room full of historical Kryptonian artifacts and outerwear, then that would make sense.

  • RD

    The only way it could look more gay, is if it was assless.

  • Darrell Tucker

    Bracelets?! I can totally see how that is an improvment…

  • Zor-El of Argo

    It looks like he has velcro next to his collar right where the cape should attatch.

  • Mak

    Why couldn’t Jor-El send it to him to wear when he grows up? Or maybe Jor-el was suppose to wear as a space suit or something. The truth is it doesn’t matter. Until the film Drop… I don’t care.

  • Mak

    Geesh… You all are fussing over nothing… If you don’t like it make your own Superman movie. 

  • me

    I agree with TouchyRogue.Don’t be so immature about it.  Besides, maybe you’re just jealous…..

  • me

    It’s called weight lifting.  You to can try it.

  • me

    You know people, “gay” actually means Happy/joyful.

  • me

    No thanks.

    I’ll take this new suit instead.

  • me

    I love the new suit.

    He looks Kick Ass!!

  • Senblade

    listen i don’t think you guys get it, his costume has been used the same way for like 40 yrs, its time to revamp for the new age. i don’t care if its “iconic” model of a super hero. after awhile it just looks boring, and unoriginal. like batman’s old suit vs his new suit in the dark knight ..  and if you think about it, he is an alien for not our planet, his cloths aren’t going to fit ours if my DC knowledge is right. get over it you stupid Fan-boys. they will change it and this time it will work, cause its fresh enough without tainting the original formula, but giving a powerful presentation of alien trying to bond with the human race, but making sure its is known that he is not of our world. ” as for the red trunks, who fucking cares, they were stupid as shit anyways, why red trunks…? its works in comics cause it is the style of the char on paper but not in live action, looks stupid. but this suit makes it very cool. with a HUGE solid “S” showing that he is the MAN OF STEEL. GO HENRY CAVILL MAKE SUPERMAN THE REAL MAN OF STEEL. this post is for geistbuster, if you didn’t notice.

  • Michael Sacal

    Why send an armor? It makes no sense unless Jor-El thought he needed it. Why would he need an armor on a planet that revolves around a yellow sun that makes him invulnerable?

    The only reason he would need it is if he WASN’T invulnerable.

  • Ds

    Quick everyone go apes*** for this even though it will bomb. see previous examples: Green Lantern, Superman 2006

  • Neroemblem

    Zack Snyder is really putting up a good job especially on the new Kryptonian armor of Kal-El. It’s far better so far than Captain America’s to be honest although I understand the Militia touches is cuz he’s a soldier.

  • Neroemblem

     I agree so sad not a few realize these kinds of details, I mean these are ideas that make a unique an original movie

  • L:ea

    Captain America didn’t bomb. Neither did Batman or Thor why should this. We all new the Green Lantern looked stupid Superman returns had no action and it did not bomb is got positive reviews it just didnt have action or much hype. People will see this Henrys hot the suit is modern and lots of great actor are in this.He’s had the same suit for 40 years time for a change! Batman’s suit changed for the better no more yellow belt!

  • Lea

    he has a cape duh!

  • Anonymous

    Shenanigans! Fake muscles, and this guy is a pune. I want a Man of Steel. He should be 6′ 2″ at least, and 230 – 250lbs of rompin’, stompin’ USDA prime beefcake. This guy is a short armed weasel in a muscle suit.  The suit is horribly bland without the red briefs and gold belt. The red boots are pointless now. They might as well have gone with black boots at this point. Why do these Hollywood jerkoffs insist on reinventing everything. NO NEW COKE!!! NO PEPSI CLEAR!!! Just do your friggin’ job for Pete’s sake!

  • Hampshire Alan

    i think supermans costume sould still have the bright colours in other wise its not superman

  • Shimmyshackaball

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, NO…’s SNYDER-MAN!

    Zach Snyder sucks DICK!

  • Scott’ssDOUCHE!

    you’re a DOUCHE BAG!

  • Christkaczyk

    Yea its way cooler to wear tight underware on the outside of your cloths hahaha  even saying that as a joke sounds ridiculous


    They done messed up big time, Cavill is a tiny guy, now superman looks like a strong midget