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Taylor Lautner, Dwayne Johnson Could Spar As David And Goliath

Taylor Lautner and Dwayne Johnson have been offered the roles of David and Goliath in Relativity Media’s take on the biblical tale, Heat Vision reports.

Directed by Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Day the Earth Stood Still), Goliath apparently will depart dramatically from the traditional story, with the giant Philistine warrior being “sent to track down the foretold king of the Israelites.” Instead of the young shepherd being on the battlefield by happenstance when he accepts the challenge to single combat, the film details an epic chase and adventure that climaxes with the legendary confrontation between David and Goliath.

According to the blog, talks are in the very early stages, slowed by the salaries of Johnson and Lautner, who each ask for upward of $10 million.


  • AdamH12110

    They’re messing with Bible stories?  This could get ugly if the Bible-thumpers hear about it.

  • Guydc3

    Had me at The Rock, lost me with Twilight boy.

  • Scud

    This has literally nothing good going for it. Bad director, bad actors and bad ideas.

  • Anonymous

    As a Christian who bears no lost love for fundamentalism, I can only hope the more egregious of my faith stand against this. For that matter, throw in the Paradise Lost adaption as well.

  • Duskknight45

    Kind of rude to call them Bible-thumpers, don’t you think?

  • JudahSteven

    I think making movies based of historical Biblical Figures is great. I have never been good a reading, so it is always good to see someone bring the Bible to life with the movies. Obviously because its hollywood it may not be exactly what the Bible says and a little more plot will be added for drama. The Bible DVD collection has some great movies on Paul, Moses, David and Jacob and Abraham. I look forward to seeing it as well as the supposed movie my Steven Spielberg on Moses.