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Juno Temple’s Dark Knight Rises Role Kind Of Confirmed?

Juno Temple

For about a week, way back in March, Batman fans stopped fixating on who Joseph Gordon-Levitt might play — Robin? Alberto Falcone? The Riddler? Robin? — to dwell on the curve ball thrown by the casting of indie actress Juno Temple as “a street-smart Gotham girl” in the Christopher Nolan film. Although the role was quickly pegged as that of Holly Robinson, the young prostitute who lives with Selina Kyle in Batman: Year One, there were those who thought Temple might play Harley Quinn or, yes, even Robin. Then everybody kind of forgot about the actress.

Now, however, Temple is grist for the rumor mill once again, thanks to an interview with Total Film, which seems to quiet those rumblings about Robin and Harley. I say “seems” only because the confirmation, such that it is, comes from the magazine and not actually from the actress.

According to Comic Book Movie, the magazine states: ” … Then there’s the big one — The Dark Knight Rises, where Temple plays ‘street smart Gotham gal’ Holly Robinson. Speculation has it that her Holly is the young prostitute first seen in Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One, and that she may be the sidekick to Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman.” To which Temple replies: “I can’t talk about that. But I think it’s going to be [frick]ing unbelievable. [Christopher Nolan] is awesome! There’s something really gentlemanly about him. He’s got an insane, incredible vision going on. Just getting the opportunity to work with him is awesome.”

So there you have it: Temple is probably playing Holly Robinson, who may be Selina Kyle’s sidekick. Or not. Y’know, whatever.

The Dark Knight Rises, which opens July 20, 2012, definitely stars Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Morgan Freeman.


  • Shaun

    Sounds great… Bring it on!

  • Shawn Jones

    I trust that all will be good. So far they have made Batman great again.

    But… What if?
    What if Nolan is pulling a fast one – the proverbial “wool” over the eyes – and JGL is actually Robin and Temple is playing Harley?

    I’m happy either way.