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Will MTV Open Its Door To Locke & Key?

Just when it seemed as if the doors had closed on Locke & Key, another hope has emerged for the adaptation of the acclaimed horror comic by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez: MTV.

The well-reviewed pilot, from executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, writer Josh Friedman and director Mark Romanek, was rejected in May by Fox, leading producers to unsuccessfully pursue Syfy and The CW before ultimately dismantling the sets and allowing the cast’s options to lapse.

But now, following the pilot screening organized by IDW Publishing at Comic-Con International and the leak last month of an early trailer, Deadline asserts there’s interest from MTV’s head of programming David Janollari, who likes the supernatural thriller but has yet to meet with producers.

“Trying to figure out if I can say anything about the Deadline piece,” Hill wrote last night on Twitter. “People like the pilot. All doors have not been locked. You never know.”

Locke & Key centers on Nina Locke (Miranda Otto) and her three children Tyler (Jesse McCartney), Kinsey (Sarah Bolger) and Bode (Skylar Gaertner) who, after the murder of Nina’s husband Rendell, return to Keyhouse, the family home in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. There they encounter Dodge (Ksenia Solo), and numerous doors that can transport the mansion’s residents to other worlds or bestow them with supernatural abilities. Nick Stahl also stars as Rendell’s younger brother Duncan Locke.


  • Chris Katrev

    I really hope so.

  • Tomfitz1

    As long as there’s “Locke & Key”, there’s always hope!  ;-)

  • Bob

    The transexual played by “Snooki.”

  • Big H

    The trailer and pilot have stuck around and created so much buzz it almost seems foolish that no one has picked it up.

  • Jacob

    I’d actually rather the adaption move forward when there isn’t a Locke & Key. That way they can do it justice and do a fast paced, faithful adaptation.