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Cotillard’s Dark Knight Rises Role Doesn’t Have Comic Roots

Of all the rumors swirling around The Dark Knight Rises, those involving Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s role have been the most persistent. After that, though, comes Marion Cotillard’s character, long thought to be Talia al Ghul, daughter of Batman’s mentor-turned-nemesis Ra’s al Ghul.

Even when Warner Bros. announced Cotillard had been cast as Miranda Tate, a Wayne Enterprises board member eager to help a grieving Bruce Wayne resume his father’s philanthropic work, many fans presumed it was a ruse by director Christopher Nolan to cover the actress’ real role — that of DC Comics character Talia al Ghul, leading her father’s League of Shadows in the conclusion of the Batman trilogy.

But in a red-carpet interview with MTV, the Academy Award-winning actress appears to shoots down that speculation, asserting her role “was not based on a character of the comic.” When asked whether she’s telling the truth, Cotillard insists, “Yes, I am.”

So there you have it: Miranda Tate apparently isn’t a daughter bent on revenge, but merely a Tumbler-driving corporate board member with a thing for Bruce Wayne. Mystery … solved?

The Dark Knight Rises, which opens July 20, 2012, also stars Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Morgan Freeman.


  • Coryjameson

    Fer realz? If she isn’t Talia al Ghul then this so-called movie can go to hell.

  • Kurt Onstad

    She might be a great actress, but she’s a terrible liar.  The way she smiled, you can tell she was holding information back.

  • Stymie The Invincible

    Maybe I’m just picking things apart here but perhaps she means Miranda Tate is not a character from the comics (but Talia IS). You know… selective truth, or something. ;)

  • Catsmeow

    I do not want to see Catwoman and Talia fighting over Bruce. We all know Catwoman would kick Talia’s ass, but I still don’t want to see a lame-ass love triangle. The only woman for Bruce is Selina, not that mutt daughter of the demon.

  • Stymie The Invincible

    Got to disagree on the Talia vs. Catwoman thing. Talia has far more of an advantage over Selina. Talia has extensive training in various forms of martial arts disciplines than Selina ever acquired. Her intellect is also far more superior than Selina’s as well. Not that it wouldn’t be a rockin’ chick-fight! LOL!

  • JJ

    Selina would kick her butt lol

  • Catsmeow

    You’re so wrong. Selina is smarter than Talia—Talia is just a vicious cow and a rapist. Plus, Selina fights dirty and can get the drop on Talia. Plus, ten times out of ten Bruce would choose Selina over that nasty, dirty Talia.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, technically if the comics have swapped out origins for now then yes, Talia is on moratorium along with the traditional DCU until DC’s own Age of Apocalypse-type event with Lex Luthor finishes returning them then their inevitable Onslaught brings the characters all back “for good.”  

  • Shaun

    So she starts off calling herself “Miranda Tate” but it’s later revealed that she’s Talia. I mean, anyone recall the real Ra’s calling himself “Henri Ducard” in Batman Begins? Keep your options open, Kevin. Chances are Talia wouldn’t just tip her hand to Bruce right away!