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Highlander Remake May Go To The Crow’s Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

You might remember hearing a year or so back that Summit Entertainment will be taking point on a remake of Highlander. The bad news, of course, is that it’s yet another remake. The good news is that this particular remake will allow us to listen to people bellow “There can be only one!” all over again.

Plans continue to move forward for the remake, with the latest word being that Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, director of The Intruders, is the studio’s top choice, according to Deadline. Summit will co-finance the project with RCR Media Group.

If Fresnadillo’s name sounds familiar, that’s because he directed 28 Weeks Later, and he’s also pegged to helm another upcoming remake, The Crow. There’s no word on how the director landing Highlander might affect the other remake.


  • AAB

    There can be only 1  ! ! ! ! ! -First posting that is ;-P  :-) Word to yer ‘Highlander!

  • nailsin

    There can only be…more remakes.

  • Jill Marin

    It’s ripe for a remake.As long as they keep the story consistent with the number of Immortals, ignore the planet Zeist storyline and don’t make unnecessary sequels to needlessly expand the Highlander universe.

  • Paula Hatton

    Shia LaBeouf, Penn Badgley or Chace Crawford as Connor MacLeod
    Mischa Barton or Blake Lively as Brenda Wyatt
    Mark Strong or Rhys Ifans as The Kurgan
    Gerard Butler, Ewan McGregor, James McAvoy or David Tennant as Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos RamírezI hope in this new Highlander film series, they will include:Duncan MacLeod, Amanda, General Katana, Louise Marcus, Dr. Alexandra Johnson/Sarah Barrington, Kane, Nakano, Jacob Kell, Heather MacLeod, Rachel Ellenstein, Tessa Noël, Darius, Hugh Fitzcairn, Charlie DeSalvo, Maurice Lalonde, Anne Lindsey, Richie Ryan, Joe Dawson, Methos, Nick Wolfe

  • Mel

    Die, Jill Marin

  • Jmcreer

    Shia LeBouf?  Chace Crawford?  Mischa Barton?  Blake Lively?

    ARE YOU INSANE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Jmcreer

    I’m a huge fan of the franchise.  I even have the fourth film (sure I’ve only watched it once mind you).

    I’m not sure if they can capture the magic of the first film though.  Seriously…
    How do you replace Sean Connery as Ramirez?  No one comes close to his charisma, especially in that fatherly/ mentor role.  The only reason Liam Neeson is in movies is because Connery retired!
    Christopher Lambert – no actor can capture the otherworldliness/ uniqueness of his role as Connor MacLeod.  He was perfect.  Sure he was crap in pretty much everything else but Greystoke, but he made Highlander his own film.
    Lastly, Clancy Brown.  Let me write it again.  Clancy Brown. CLANCY BROWN!!!!!!  He is the Kurgan.  Accept no substitutes.

    Good luck to whoever ends up making the reboot.  For we fans, no one can replace the original film.  The worst case scenario is that todays’ audiences will have to suffer a watered down “Twilight” version of Highlander.  God help them.

  • Big H

    I’ve been saying they should remake this for awhile now. Clancy Brown definitely needs a cameo.

    Thomas Jane, Michael Fassbender – MacLeod
    Liam Neeson, Ron Perlman – Ramirez
    Kevin Durant – Kurgan
    Rachel Weisz – Wyatt

  • Lewis4510

    How about Antonio Banderas as Ramierz?

  • jim gorr

    NO!!! These don’t need a remake…