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Top Gun Will Be Re-Released In 3D, For Some Reason

Friends, I have a question: Do you feel the need? The need for what, you ask?

The need for speed.

Oy. I feel the need for a sharp punch to the temple. Hollywood, in its infinite wisdom, has deemed Tony Scott’s 1986 Tom-Cruise-flies-a-fighter-jet movie Top Gun to be “classic” enough to merit a 3D conversion and re-release. A four-minute preview of the movie screened in Amsterdam today, the movie’s “Danger Zone” flight scene, according to The Hollywood Reporter. With that chunk successfully converted, is the rest really necessary?

What’s notable here isn’t so much the movie selected for conversion as it is the business model of Legend 3D, which is tasked with making the movie ready for 2012 theaters (the plan is to release it next year). Legend 3D intends to offer studios a cheaper option for converting older films to 3D than they’ve previously had. It’s all part of an ongoing industry push to make going to movie theaters matter again, an increasingly difficult prospect in a world filled with beautiful LED TVs and home theater sound systems.


  • AdamH12110

    Aw, going to the movies will still matter.  That is, as long as people continue going on first dates and also continue feeling the need to just get out of the house for a couple of hours sometimes.

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t they be working at making Tom Cruise two-dimensional before they start trying for 3D?

  • Bedlam66


  • RunnerX13

    What a nightmare, I can’t think of two things I dislike more, Tom Cruise or 3D?  And I’ve dislike Cruise before it was cool to do so.

  • Cjorg2

     Jet pilots playing volley ball, slapping butts, posing awkwardly in jeans, and
    sporting terminal sunburns – can you get any gayer than that scene?

    Yes you can – ’cause you can see it in 3D now.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…