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Vaya Con Dios, Brah: Point Break Remake Looms At Warner Bros.

Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros. are teaming up to remake Point Break, the Kathryn Bigelow-directed 1991 action film headlined by Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves.

Set against the backdrop of surfing, the original starred Reeves as Johnny Utah, a rookie FBI agent who, with his partner (Gary Busey), investigates a string of robberies committed by the Ex-Presidents, a gang of surfers led by the charismatic Bodhi (Swayze). Utah goes undercover, developing a complex relationship with the adrenaline-fueled gang, developing a relationship with an orphan surfer girl (Lori Petty), and becoming enthralled by Bodhi’s philosophies.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new screenplay by Kurt Wimmer (Salt) places the action in the world of international extreme sports, with an FBI agent infiltrating a criminal ring.

The film, which will be distributed by Warner Bros., is being fast-tracked, with the search for a director expected to begin soon. Alcon, the Warner Bros.-based production company behind The Blind Side and the planned Blade Runner revival, has also secured the television and gaming rights to Point Break.


  • Shawn Richison

    (empties clip into the air, whilst screaming in rage)

  • Guydc3

    No…just no.

  • Stymie The Invincible

    I remember when I first saw the trailer for The Fast And The Furious and said to my friend, “Point Break with cars instead of surf boards.” I’m thinking the Fast And The Furious crowd will just think of this remake as The Fast And The Furious with surf boards instead of cars…..hey……FULL CIRCLE!!! LOL!

    I’ll pass on this one, most likely.
    Geeze! Next you’ll hear there’s a new Beetlejuice movie coming….?!?….nevermind! ;D

  • Mr. M

    I ain’t gonna lie…seeing that trailer makes me want to watch this movie again!

  • jim gorr

    Enough with “remakes”… I hope that every “remake” that comes out bombs at the box office big time… IMO Hollywood just doesn’t care about making good moviess anymore…

  • Enrico Vendemio

    Oh no man no……. oh hell no damn this is just so wrong