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Captain America Rakes In More Overseas Than In United States

Prevailing wisdom had Captain America: The First Avenger facing an uphill battle overseas, where audiences might not be quick to embrace the star-spangled hero. However, the Marvel film has delivered a box-office surprise, earning more in the international market than in North America.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Captain America has now grossed $178 million internationally — that includes a strong $5 million opening last weekend in China — compared to $173.5 million at the domestic box office, where it bowed on July 22. Nearly one-third of the overseas haul, $57 million, comes from Latin America — $21 million each from Brazil and Mexico — where a fondness for 3D and for the Sentinel of Liberty combined to create a hit.

The tally makes the hand-wringing about the title of the Joe Johnston-directed film seem almost silly in retrospect. If you’ll recall, it was revealed in January that the movie would be offered as simply The First Avenger to international distributors. In the end, only Russia, Ukraine and South Korea went with the truncated title; everywhere else it’s Captain America: The First Avenger.

The film, which stars Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Hugo Weaving and Sebastian Stan, arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD in the United States on Oct. 25.


  • Mythos

    I’m Portuguese. I love the character anyway, despite being an American symbol, because it’s a good symbol. And I watched the movie twice in cinemas, and I’ll be getting it in Blu-ray when it comes out. It’s that good.
    I’m not remotely surprised by this news. Superhero movies are all the rage these days and this is one of the best ever!

  • Michael

    I just can’t help but wonder this: you guys know that “overseas” is bigger than America, right? I mean, I understand that you’re making movies for an American audience, but “overseas” includes Australia, all of Europe, India, China, Russia… a whole lot of population centres. I’d be surprised more if it made less money overseas, given the proportional number of screens it must be showing on.

  • ATK

    True, but they have far less theaters per capita than the US. Making it just that much more awesome. Especially China, I didn’t figure they’d even let the film in the country let alone have it make any money.

  • Cjorg2

    I think what Captain America had going for it was (a) it was a superhero film tied into the Avengers franchise, (b) it looked good (and was), and (c) it was a look back at a WW 2 America that most of the populace admire, or at the least, can view in a positive light – I mean they did help defeat the Nazis, an enemy that made even Stalin look good.  So in comparison America looks pretty good.

    As a non-American, IMO most people viewed the USA as an “evil empire bent on making over the world in their image” mainly during the Bush era.  Obama seems to have reduced that point of view.  Now most of the world just think of Americans as overbearing, obnoxious prats, but certainly not the villains of the world. 

  • Jemurr

    Yeah I think the only people who thought it wouldn’t be a success overseas were naysayers who I don’t care about anyway. I’m an American who lives overseas and I’d say the world doesn’t “hate” America the way you hear about it stateside. That’s usually the same naysayers/people that like to blabber anyway. I saw this movie in South Korea and in Hong Kong, both to packed houses. On the way to Hong Kong I met a young Russian student who told me a lot of people liked X-men, and didn’t necessarily dislike Captain America but more that a lot of people just didn’t know Cap as well there. It was kind of annoyingly funny how the name was changed in South Korea. If I remember right it did actually did say Captain America on my ticket LOL.

  • 0bsessions

    It’s not a matter of volume, it’s more a matter of the anti-America sentiment that’s developed in a lot of countries, particularly over the last decade or so. There was concern that a movie called Captain AMERICA wouldn’t do too well overseas.

  • Lady’sMan217

    The movie was an absolute pleasure to watch. I hope they will continue more stories in the past, but I’m up for anything really.

  • beane2099

    I’m kind of wondering what Marvel’s reaction is to Captain America’s numbers.  Cause Thor made $100 million more than Cap made over seas.  All told, Thor did $448 mill, Cap’s currently at $338 mill.  There’s a host of reasons for it, I know, but I guess I’m a tetch surprised because I think Cap is the best Marvel movie to date.

  • Jemurr

    I second that. I thought Cap was great and hoped it would make more $$. The screenwriters are still working on Cap 2 though, so that’s a plus. Maybe the sequel will make more.