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Evil Dead Remake Set To Shoot In Early 2012 — But Without Ash

An Evil Dead remake is a reality. As much as remakes are the work of the Devil, this particular one reunites the original team, so it gets a pass. Also, it’s Evil Dead. It won’t be the Evil Dead you know, however. Bruce Campbell confirmed in his Twitter feed that there is “no Ash character currently,” a reference to his character and previous series protagonist Ashley “Ash” Williams.

I’m willing to give just everything associated with the project the benefit of the doubt for now, and I’m basing that entirely on the fact that Campbell, Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert are returning to produce. If first-time writer/director Fede Alvarez came at those guys with something intriguing enough to make them say “yes,” I’ll remain excited for this until/unless actual footage gives me reason to think otherwise.

That footage may be arriving sooner than you think, too. Campbell also confirmed that shooting will begin sometime in early 2012.


  • Bowser

    To me it’s not Evil Dead unless it has atleast an Ash character but I’m still willing to give it a shot. I’ll start by putting in my vote for Justin Long as the “new Ash”.

  • Anonymous

    you could just do another chracter that is named ash as it is a commonly used name

  • Blaak

    I’m intrigued by this. I love the Evil Dead series, but there is fertile ground to play with the stories of other people affected by Deadites and such. And it won’t sully the previous movies by trying to recreate them “better”.

    Plus, I’d love to see a new group of people antagonized by Deadites have to seek out the one who defeated the Deadites and find Ash working at a carwash, ready for battle with the forces of evil.

  • jim gorr

    Nope, tired of “remakes”… There is no Evil Dead without Ash…

  • Scud

    Campbell is involved but won’t be playing Ash? I won’t be watching than.

  • Gary

    As long as there is tentacle rape, I’m good.

  • Mel

    tree branch rape. get it right

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    If they can make it as scary and fun as Drag Me to Hell then I’m on board. Make this a new chapter in the Evil Dead franchise, don’t redo anything. If it’s good the people will come. We’ve seen Ash’s story, let us see another hard luck hero emerge.

  • Googam

    Is anyone else sick of remakes? How about something new. Please!

  • Dvillain3

    He’s like 50, he’s to old to be in a remake of the original

  • Joseph Spin

    No, I swear to god if they remake this movie they will get nothing but hate.  I have loved the Evil Dead trilogy since I was young, and this is just gonna be stupid.  No one can be as bad ass as bruce campbell, and he doesn’t even want to be associated with the remake in any way possible.  Evil dead is a movie you cant remake, no matter how good your editing systems are, or how good your actors are.  I dont care if you have Michael Bay as the director, no one can remake the classic horror/comedy franchise that the original Evil Dead movies have to offer, I hope this movie fails and I will not be watching it.  Dumb idea, and a pointless goal.  The Evil Dead can never be remade.

  • zOMG

    I saw him at Wizard World 2011.  Hes in great condition to play Ash.  But this movies stupid.


    don’t like the idea they should make EVIL DEAD 4 NOT A REMAKE

  • J_park123

    god..if they remake this epic movie..they better dig deep down to the roots of the 80’s..they dont have a right to make it a hollywood would be a huge slap in we the fans face.

  • Bobbarker

    It just ain’t Evil Dead without Bruce Campbell as Ash.  He was the best part of the series.

  • ZenTiger

    could be good considering the first evil dead was borderline at best and not really that good.  though Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness were awesome it doesnt’ change the fact that Evil Dead 1 wasn’t just ‘ok’      In a way Evil Dead 2 remade Evil Dead 1 in the first 10minutes of the movie lol  completly rewriting the story as how it happened.  So I have no idea why people are upset if it’s remade again.    With cambell involved I expect a cameo at least even if it’s just working at the gas station telling the kids not to go up to that house bad things happen lol