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Batman Interrogates Party Clown In Hilarious Dark Knight Send-Up

Following in the footsteps of Funny or Die, which lampooned Captain Planet last month, the folks at College Humor turn their attention to Batman in this new short that re-imagines the interrogation scene from Christopher Nolan’s 2008 film The Dark Knight. Unfortunately for Wiggles the Clown, who sneaked two beers and some cooking sherry at a children’s party — “I am so sorry I broke your rule, giant bat!” — the Caped Crusader’s skills as the World’s Greatest Detective appear to be exaggerated.


  • Mel


  • Jacob

    Oh lord… That was amazing. I kinda wish they would remake the entire movie like that. Batman and Joker were spot on impressions.

  • Scud

    “You want one of my telescopes?” and “Harvey Dent, can we trust him?” are definitely the funniest things.

  • Anonymous

    WHERE ARE THEY?!!!!!!!!!