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Preview Supernatural’s Premiere: ‘The Castiel You Knew Is Gone’

The CW has released a teaser and preview clip for Friday’s seventh-season premiere of Supernatural, an event that has viewers twisted in knots. In “Meet the New Boss,” we’re faced with both the culmination of the not-entirely-convincing Castiel-gone-bad story thread — a development that didn’t sit well with a lot of fans — and the end of Misha Collins’ tenure as a series regular. Here’s how the network describes the episode:

CASTIEL TAKES ON HIS NEW POSITION AS GOD — Castiel (Misha Collins​) doesn’t kill Sam (Jared Padalecki​), Dean (Jensen Ackles​) and Bobby (Jim Beaver​) but warns them not to interfere in his business. Assuming his new role as God, Castiel sets out to right some of the wrongs in the world.

Dean decides they should bind Death (guest star Julian Richings) and order him to stop Castiel, but the former angel is one step ahead of them, leaving Dean to face a very angry Death. Meanwhile, Sam struggles to deal with the broken wall in his head. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Sera Gamble.

Supernatural kicks off its seventh season Friday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


  • Khiaao


  • Anonymous

    this is epic but its gonna be hard to see cas fall so redeeming him might be out of the picture.

  • Dawnell_do

    Death said God will die maybe he was talking about Castiel, meaning no redeeming him, just putting a made dog down.