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Scarface Getting Another Remake, Only It’s Not A Remake

Scarface, the one starring Al Pacino from 1983 that most film fans generally know and talk about, isn’t actually the first movie to carry that title. Scarface traces its roots back to a 1932 film with the same name, with the common bond between the two being that they both center on the story of a ruthless, fearless gangster. Universal Pictures apparently sees value in telling such a tale for a third time, as that’s what’s being planned now.

The studio has met with writers in its search to find someone to develop a new take on the story, Deadline reports. The badass crime lord will once again be the central story point tying this movie to the others, but it shouldn’t be considered a sequel or even a remake. The studio hasn’t revealed any details about the main Scarface character, or even if an official decision has been made about his ethnic and social background. Considering that these facts helped shape the main characters in the two previous Scarface movies, you can probably expect it to fill a similar role in the new one.


  • demoncat_4

    this just proves sooner or later holly wood will remake every thing including some classics like scarface that  did fine already. plus the studio would make more money just rereleasing the print used for the blue ray in theatres. next on the remake list citizen kane.

  • brianobx

     I’m still waiting for The Birth of a Nation


  • Philip A Moore

    actually if you include the the 1932 this would be a fourth version there is version that was done the seventies that is ranked just as high as the on in the eighties when it comes to the best mobster films ever made 

  • Scud

    This is doomed to fail.

  • Anonymous

     wouldnt this be better recieved as its own thing than just a remake.

  • Scud

    This is the first I’m hearing of a seventies version.

  • Omegasaga

    NINO BROWN  :  1991  new jack city