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Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions About “Closing Time”

After dropping off Amy and Rory last week, it’s no surprise that the Doctor would seek out another old friend in this week’s “Closing Time.” But as we edge ever closer to the Doctor’s demise, it’s no surprise that we’ve got five questions about last night’s episode…

What’s With All The Children?
There’s been a very obvious uptick in the number of stories over the last couple of seasons centering around children, hasn’t there? Not just episodes like this one, “Night Terrors,” “A Christmas Carol” or “The Beast Below,” but the entire Amy/Rory/Melody arc. At first I presumed it was then-new showrunner Steven Moffat getting back in touch with the show’s roots as a kids’ show, but at this point, I can’t help wondering if it’s something else. As the series has gotten noticably darker, I’m beginning to suspect that we’re supposed to be paying more attention to the way children view the Doctor, and view the world. Think about the future reports we overheard as the Doctor said goodbye… Is there something about the simplicity of a child’s view? Given Craig’s idea that the Doctor always saves the day, and that beside him is the best place to be… Is that actually what this season is all about (Remember, Amy has that childlike belief in him too, even after last week’s episode)? An admittedly long-winded way of proving that simple belief to be true?

What Kind Of War Was The Silence Waging?
We’ve seen armies prepare to wage war – and lose – and we’ve seen the Silence inspire an intergalactic pact between all of the Doctor’s enemies to try and save reality, but what if both of those were just diversions from what they were really up to? What if the Silence’s true objective was to manipulate the Doctor into the frame of mind that he’s in now, that he is dangerous, and deadly to those around him, and that he should not only be alone, but allow himself to be killed? What if the only way the Doctor can be killed is by being convinced that there’s no reason to think of a way out of it?

I said it last week, and I’ll say it again: There’s a marked difference in this Doctor’s attitude towards potential death than there was the previous incarnation’s, at the end of “The End of Time.” Maybe the only way to kill the Doctor is to make him think that he deserves to die.

What if the Silence’s true war was always a psychological one, and the Doctor was too arrogant to ever see it coming?

When Did This Episode Take Place?
The Doctor has been on a “farewell tour” since leaving Amy and Rory last week, and given that he’s become convinced that he’s going to die “tomorrow,” then that tour must have taken up the thousands of years he’d apparently aged by the time he died in “The Impossible Astronaut.” But why does he die “tomorrow” – Does this episode take place on July 21st 2011, and he’s being literal? Did the Doctor know what his exact age was when he died, and it’s going on his own internal chronometer? What does “tomorrow” actually mean, here? And also…

Amy Is A Famous Model? What?
The revelation that Amy was apparently a famous model seemed to come out of nowhere, and the tagline for her perfume ad (“For The Girl Who’s Tired of Waiting”) seemed weirdly coincidental, considering the rest of her history. This all feels like it’s very important, but I have no idea what any of it means. And, getting back to my last question: If this episode takes place the literal day before the Doctor was murdered, does that mean Amy’s been a famous model during this entire season? Even considering this being a time travel show, unless the Doctor returned her to the day after she got in the Tardis in “The Impossible Astronaut,” wouldn’t someone have missed her by now, if she was a celebrity?

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Where Is The Twist?
The closing of this episode set up “The Impossible Astronaut” too well: We saw where the Doctor got the hat and the envelopes – but not, importantly, why he invited everyone to meet up with him… unless it’s part of his “farewell tour,” or simply to complete a timeloop – and also saw River revealed, finally, as the Impossible Astronaut. But… something else is going on, and it’s in plain sight, but I can’t work out what it is. It’s connected to the Doctor’s “final trip” in the Tardis, I get that, and more importantly, related to the Doctor getting his mojo back from his experience in Craig, which reaffirmed not only his love for humanity, and his belief in the power of love – Sentimental, like he said, but important, especially in this show – but, far, far most important of all, his belief in himself. I don’t believe that the Doctor at the end of this episode was resigned to his death in the same way that he was at the start. And I think that will end up making all the difference in the end.

I just can’t work out how.

Next week: All will be revealed, including how the Doctor can avoid death. Theories? Ideas? It’s your last chance to guess how everything will end in the comments below!


  • Brian

    “…then that tour must have taken up the thousands of years he’d apparently aged by the time he died in ‘The Impossible Astronaut.'”
    Where are you getting “thousands of years” from? They explicitly said he was about 200 years older when he died.

  • Jim

    You’re assuming, I think falsely, that Amy is famous. Just because we saw her face on a poster in a department store doesn’t make this true. That could have been her very first modeling job; look at the fact that no one else around was making a big deal about her being there except the little girl who noticed she was the person on the poster right there. I don’t think that was meant to imply Amy had any kind of fame at all.

  • Jacob

    It’s even more simple than that. He was gone for a while after leaving Demon’s Run.

  • Jacob

    The children:
    I think you’re reading too much into it. Seeing as his entire run has been about the things we were scared of as a kid (or are scared of, if the viewer is still a kid), it makes sense to use a lot of children.

    This one I agree. But this has been a more pessimistic Doctor from the beginning. It’s more like the Silence poured salt on an open wound. While Ten may not have wanted to go, it was pretty obvious that it was time. He ruined each of his companions and got a bit excessive in his pride. It was in that mindset that he regenerated, and that clearly carried over.

    I’d say it takes place the day before the Doctor is ready to face Lake Silencio. He decided when tomorrow was.

    Dude, have you seen her? Of course she’s a model. I think “For The Girl Who’s Tired of Waiting” is a message for the Doctor. Being a model and clearly famous, then having that as a tagline, it’s like she’s trying to get the Doctor’s attention. I figure the crop circles would only work once.

    The twist:
    No idea.

  • T_Jay78

    So if you look at this entire season you can see how much of this season took place out of sequence. Things to look for: When the Doctor was wearing his long coat versus when he was wearing his tweed coat. I think we learned from last season that fashion changes were a big clue and I think this season is no different.

    The Amy/Rory that we meet at the beginning of the Impossible Astronaut takes place not long after the events of the God Complex (at least for Rory and Amy). Notice how in Closing Time when he sees them it looks like he has not seen them in ages. I think the Doctor has been travelling with them for this half of the season not revealing to them his true age. He is in fact trying to create time paradoxes in an effort to negate his Fixed Point in time but it has taken him 200 odd years to figure out how to do so.

  • Jacob

    That kid went and got her autograph. You don’t get autographs of people who aren’t famous.

  • Anonymous

    Thank god next week ties up two years work of gobbedy gook!  I read Moffat quoted that he’s ditching the uber multi-year arcs because I think I’m nearing Colin Baker levels of disinterest here. Love Kingston but River needs some serious time away and the WIlliams’ almost total disinterest in their kid has soured me on them too.  Maybe a slightly older Stormageddon could be next year’s companion?

  • Michael

    If he really wanted to change his destiny, he would kill himself and regenerate into his next iteration.

  • Macsaka

    Um I know time travel confuses people but seriously? For the Doctor it is one day before his death, that doesn’t mean or indeed imply in anyway that it is for anyone else. It would be quite reasonable to assume that the Amy and Rory he saw were shopping years after the end of God Complex.

  • Anonymous

    Check the date of the newspaper. April 19, 2011.  Two days pass in the epsode.  He leaves on April 21, 2011

  • Histaryo

    I suspect Let’s kill Hitler revealed how The Doctor avoids death. River Song gave him all her regenerations.

  • Luke Korley

    The Rory/Amy in The Impossible Astronaut can’t be the same ones who were in The God Complex because otherwise they would have experienced this season twice. They must be the ones after the Christmas special.

  • Jacob

    That’s irrelevant. He’s killed before he can regenerate.

  • Matthewcondello83

    Amy was modeling for a fragrance called petrichor, referring back to “The Doctor’s Wife” episode when she needed to think of that smell to open the door. So did she make the fragrance as well or was she just modeling for it. Not that it’s important at all, but interesting to note LOL

  • Khiaao

    yea ties it up, but will probably leave us with new  questions for next season

  • Anonymous

    Go back and watch Impossible Astronaut.  See that shed?  There’s someone standing behind it.  And After The Doctor gets deaded?  He’s crumpled on the ground.

    And shall we all think back to the Gagnger Doctor?

  • Khiaao

    and cremated after that

  • Invisible_Jester89

    Yes, but that child also pointed out the Doctor to her mom. It *could* be the little girl saw Amy, Rory, and the Doctor together at some point in time and recognized that Amy was his companion. That’s pretty damn famous a position right there, being the Doctor’s companion, so it could be related to that AND to the modeling job both.

  • Elias Algorithm

    She was on the wall. To a kid, that’s famous.

  • The Librarian

    “I’m a stupid selfish man.”It goes back to his cowardice, and how this reasoning is because of rory and rory’s two deaths.  The doctor needs someone though as this episode kept pointing out.  He puts people in danger, even thinks he destroys lives, but he needs a companion.

    Also, we all (even me) forgot one thing.  They cremated the doctor, like the doctor did the master…  The master had people…  So will the doctor come back via the same ritual as the master did?  Is this another of the many reasons he needs people?  Besides all the other reasons mentioned in this episode.  It really makes sense too, it’d break the brain washing on river since mission accomplished, and it’d also still mean he died.  We know he comes back after death though somehow (not just because of the new season) because of river’s birthday jaunt, and more.  Plus she makes a crack about two doctors being an entirely different kind of birthday that I still think is a reference to the valeyard and a weird rebirth possibly would create the valeyard (the ritual interrupted gave the master weird powers, so the ritual done incorrectly splits the doctor good and bad?).

  • Invisible_Jester89

    I dunno if anyone else noticed that the name of the perfume was “Petrichor”. Nice tie-in to “The Doctor’s Wife”. ;)

  • Jay Seaver

    Kids can have a pretty broad idea of “famous”; I’ve seen kids at small-town high school basketball games run up and ask the teenagers for autographs.

  • The Librarian

    It takes place a day before he does face Lake Silencia.  Personal timeline means he always dies at that exact age to the day.  Which has now come…  Barring some other timey whimey all time has been messed up thing.

  • Elias Algorithm

    I think the twist in this one was there wasn’t one. C’mon, YOU didn’t see it coming.

    I quite like your explanation of “when” btw. That fits given that he obviously spent some time fixing up Craig’s place. Time may not be on his side, but he’s still his own man.

  • Jase

    That child wasn’t really pointing out the Doctor to her mom – she was pointing to the picture of Amy that was behind the Doctor.

  • Jase

    That’s how I interpreted it as well.

  • Invisible_Jester89

    But the Doctor is still the Doctor regardless of what regeneration he’s in. The Silence would still be after him even if it took them time to figure out what he looked like now, it wouldn’t change anything at all if the event is a fixed time point. It’s never specifically stated anywhere in this season that the Doctor *must* be in his Eleventh Regeneration at the time he’s killed, that’s just the ‘life’ he’s on right now, so even if he killed himself and regenerated, he’d at best delay the inevitable and at worst mess up the time stream (if the event is fixed to the point that he MUST be in his Eleventh Regeneration when he’s killed). And that’s if the event is even fixed at all (which I say it’s not, not completely, but that’s another topic).

  • Jim

    Exactly what I’m saying. The kid saw her face on the poster, said “Holy crap, that’s her,” and asked for her autograph because, like you said, to a kid, that’s famous. That doesn’t mean Amy would get that kind of attention anywhere else.

  • Invisible_Jester89

    I agree. It’s like Jacob pointed out above – if you’re a thousand-year-old alien with a time machine who descends from a whole planet full of once-time-travelers, then “tomorrow” is a pretty irrelevant term since you can essentially choose when “tomorrow” is.

  • Invisible_Jester89

    That is a good point, and one I didn’t consider.

  • Guest

    My question is how did he get the right River to come to his death. Based on their original meeting, shouldn’t the last time they meet for him be her first time meeting him? But she already had her first time so shouldn’t that have been his last? Isn’t there a version of the doctor living with Rose? He would have to regenerate though to be Matt Smith and I don’t know if he can do that.

  • Invisible_Jester89

    If they pull the DoctorGanger into this, my brain will asplod in WTF.

  • Invisible_Jester89

    I think part of it could be River ‘breaking’ her brainwashing somewhat and taking a third option. Maybe she shoots the Doctor, but (assuming the event is NOT fixed) right before actually killing him, shoots herself? Timeline is borked, The Silence is pissed off, and the shockwaves carry over to next season.

    Plus I love it when River is completely badass.

  • Captaingra

    The events of Closing Time must occur some time after Amy and Rory were dropped off at the end of the God Complex (months, a year?), according to their timeline, and two centuries in the Doctor’s timeline. When he sends the blue envelopes, it will be to an earlier version of both Rory and Amy (who have not yet experienced the events of Series 6) as well as himself. Hmm, I am even confusing myself there …. it will be to a version of Amy that is pre-pregnancy and was already a Flesh, or at least about to become one.

  • Snowy

    Trying to follow River’s timeline and the effect the Silence has on her memories is also mind bending. Sometimes it seems she knows who Amy and Rory really are and sometimes she does not know.

    But I don’t believe anything happen now effects the doctor with Rose because he was part human with a human life span.

  • Ryan

    He’s been having adventures for 200 years of his own time in the “last week.” And Amy’s tagline for her perfume wasn’t a coincedence. I also think he means he’ll die tomorrow in his own timeline. I would think he keeps track of his age.

  • Ryan

    Oop, totally forgot about Demon’s Run. Good point.

  • Dardanus100

    Ok did anyone notice that the screwdriver the doctor left inside craigs house on floor looked different : white handle. Is this related to Amy building a sonic screwdriver. I mean how ?!

  • Companion

    >Check the date of the newspaper. April 19, 2011
    Do you have a screen cap of this?

  • Anonymous

    1. doctor who could be considered a coming of age show for the companions.
    2. that makes sense given that doctor thinks no one can outhink him.
    3 and four are connected because could have gotten discovered as a model during the time btw the episodes.
    5. its to be revealed.

  • Manuel

    But in the first episode of the season, if River killed a good man, she MUST to know, who killed and when she did it, i mean, Why she didn’t stop herself? 

  • Jacob

    The Meta-Crisis Doctor cannot regenerate. They established that in the show.

  • Jacob

    Stormageddon wouldn’t be a companion. This episode strongly hinted that he’s evil. He calls himself “Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All.”

  • Jacob

    Because the Doctor said no matter what happens, not to interfere. Also, I figure since she was forced at the end, she’s not completely aware of what’s going on. And then there’s the option of her having always been evil.

  • Anonymous

    Now that you mention it – 

  • Jordon B

    So I was watching “Day of the Moon” today and found this out!
    From my tumblr:

    I was confused about how the lady with the eyepatch said she could control River and make her do what she wanted during yesterday’s episode “Closing Time”. I personally thought that there was going to be no explanation for how that was possible.

    Anyways, so today I’m watching “Day of the Moon” with my sister and I’m at the part where they’re in the TARDIS and the doctor implants a recording device into everyone’s hand. Then the American agent turns around and starts fixing the Doctor’s bowtie. When he turns around he realizes that he had left a message, he plays it. The recording is of him confused about how the Silence got in the TARDIS.

    Then in the recording the Doctor says “Keep eye contact with the creature, and when I say, turn back and then straighten my bowtie”. He turns around, and looks at the Silence. The Doctor says it’s just a hologram from the picture Amy took of one from her phone.

    THEN just in passing, like it’s not anything significant to the plot, the Agent wonders why he was fixing the Doctor’s bowtie. The Doctor then says, “You straightened my bowtie because I planted the idea in your head while you were looking at the creature” Rory then says “It’s like post hypnotic suggestion”


  • Maggie Turney

    I mean, there’s going to be a season seven so somehow he cheats death or it’s a time loop. Also, killing off the Doctor completely is stupid because the series would be done for good. Matt Smith is one of people’s favourite Doctor’s and the show has gained so many fans these last few seasons it would stupid to end it now.. 
    I don’t have a theory but I feel like it will be a time loop or something like that. I dunno, I just know he’s coming back for another season so he’s not dying for real, ect. 

  • Lufio

    a newspaper? in 2011? maybe the Doctors HAS created an alternate timeline.

  • Cheryl Killam

     I think he invites everyone via the envelopes to the marriage of River and himself. In the last episode the Doctor says how important “love” is. It is what gets them out of the sticky situation of the Cybermen. Maybe River’s love for the Doctor brings him back to life.

  • Confessor_l

    The Doctor that dies is just that spare shape-changing robot from ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’.

  • Lufio

    If the Silence are waging a mental war on the Doctor, it’s possible that they’ve been with him and his companions on the TARDIS, gathering intel and planting suggestions. If so, that slogan for Amy’s perfume, “For the Girl Who’s Tired of Waiting”, is a direct assault on the Doctor’s idealistic perception of her as “The Girl Who Waited”, the one with the unshakable faith in him; thus, making him doubt his worth.

    The Silence are obviously still around despite their orders to be terminated on sight. There is a possibility that these orders are just an illusion to make the Doctor think that he had won so that he would let his guard down so that they could stow away aboard the TARDIS, gathering intel and implanting suggestions. There was also a 3 month period in 1969 where the Doctor and his companions were all on the run from the Silence where they had ample opportunity to plant more suggestions.

    Two questions:

    Is there anything preventing one of the Silence to reverse an order? Is there a connection between the Doctor’s new ability to shush people and the Silence? I say yes on both counts.

  • +40 Teenage Werewolf

    At the end of season five, after all the running around with
    Amy & Amelia, the exploding Tardis is earth’s lone star sun, the stone
    Daleck, the last Centurion, and the Doctor wearing a fez , there is a quite
    moment just before The Doctor reboots the universe when he tells Amy that he
    will return her parents. There was only a mention in the first episode that
    little Amelia had no parents. But the Doctor had figured out that that had been
    the real problem all along. Maybe this time he will return Amy and Rory’s baby daughter
     and Melody can grown up with a real
    childhood and a proper family?

  • Jacob

    That doesn’t make any sense. The Doctor began regenerating before he died. That robot can’t do that.

  • Lew Stringer

    I think the 100 or 200 year gap is between this episode and the next.

    As for something else going on in plain sight, during last week’s episode in one of the shots from the hotel cam, the voice of eyepatch woman could be heard saying “pupils are dilated”. This would suggest that either The Doctor, Amy or Rory is a ganger.

  • Dpcoltx

    Ok, what if…
    The real dr did that time watch thingie like the master did. The dr dies, revealing it to be a ganger. Rory then awakens to something and voila! He was the dr all along. Source: the girl who waited; rory: you’re trying to turn me into you.

    But then if the dr marries river, and as rory married Amy…..

  • Douglasbrowning2

    didnt anyone relize those three kids were rose donna and roses bf from the ninth dr series

  • Bill Reed

    Makes no sense with Amy’s famous status, however.

  • Bill Reed

    They aren’t going in exact opposite order, otherwise why would they compare notes, and how would they both have done Jim the Fish?

  • Bob52158

    could not the dr come back like capt jack did in tourchwood when he was  burned up the fire he was in was not enough to complectly comsume his body

  • Jacob

    That makes no sense. This episode was in 2011.

  • Jacob

    The Doctor is not immortal. If he dies before he can finish regenerating, he dies for good. Which he did in “The Impossible Astronaut.”

  • Jacob

    Lol even though I still get a daily paper.

  • Jacob

    Sure it does. We have no idea how Rory and Amy were making money while the Doctor was gone between series five and six. They’ve not commented on it once (personally, I’m convinced the Doctor steals everything he gets, like Rory’s car; so the issue of finance would never come up).

  • Jcupach

    One BIG clue in this episode, I thought, was the screwdriver. Did it ever shoot a beam like that before?

    Also, I don’t understand how he knows when he is going to die exactly. He knows the date but if you’re a time traveller that’s kind of meaningless. Amy and company knows how old the Doctor is when he dies, but I don’t think her ever told him that information. And even then wouldn’t he have to know his age in terms of years and days? 

  • Jacob

    Or he could just decide he’s ready to face it. Like you said, he’s a time traveler. He could go running forever. And he did, for a while. But now he’s ready.

  • Michael Novick

    this may be nothing, but ive been thinking about it since it happened.

    What ever happened to the Doctors daughter, from Episode 6 of Season 4. Is she part of this time line, can/will she Intervene!?

  • Jacob

    She regenerated (partially) and went off to have her own adventures.

    Yes (why wouldn’t she be?).

    No (I think it’s obvious she wants nothing to do with dear old Dad).

  • bmumble

    He downloaded information from the Tessalector. Considering that the knowledge they had was from the future, it probably also had information regarding the Doctor, which let him work out when in his own timeline the events will happen. Add that to the fact that he’s been investigating his own death since Amy told him about it back in The Almost People… I’m sure it’s easy for him to work out when he’s going to die when he has all that fore-knowledge…

  • bmumble

    but that will mess with River’s timeline… eg. she won’t be in the stormcages for killing ‘a good man'; she won’t try to kill the Doctor, then revive him and later become someone whom the Doctor trusts with his name…. and other such stuff…

  • conjecturaltechnologies

    Well, no one says the Doctor has to survive Silencio Lake for the series to continue, even with Matt Smith. I mean, we’ve got 200 years to play with, in-between the Doctor’s age at the end of season five (and the beginning of six, when we see him for the second time, in the diner). There’s no rule saying the seasons of Doctor Who have to be consecutive. And as was stated earlier, the fixed point in time is that the Doctor dies at a specific time & place. The specifics of how, and what regeneration he’s on when he does can change, because those differences wouldn’t create any kind of paradox, so long as they don’t involve him interfering with his own time stream.

    All that said, I sincerely doubt this is what Moffat is planning. Overall, this season at least *seems* to be a lot more straightforward than season 5. In all likelihood, the Doctor will simply be able to avoid death somehow. I’d suspect our Doctor has been a ganger since “The Rebel Flesh” onward, if it weren’t for that melting scene at the end of Pt. 2 of that storyline, if I remember correctly. But I’m not convinced the ganger Doctor isn’t involved.

    And there are still essentially 3 mysteries that are unsolved (or at least not solved to my satisfaction) from season 5. It was stated that the Doctor caused the cracks in the universe. We still haven’t seen when or how. And remember how the TARDIS was drawn to a specific date and it seemed there had already been a TARDIS on Amelia’s lawn at the time?

    Also, is the fact that the Silents seemed to be building a makeshift TARDIS enough of an answer to the mystery posed by “The Lodger” in season 5? Why was it abandoned? Because the Doctor defeats the Silents in 1969? It seems like kind of a big deal for The Silence (religious order, not the creature) to be developing TARDISes, and a plot point not to be glossed-over.

    It’s also my understanding that our Doctor for this season is not the Doctor for last season, but this theory is really tentative, and I also doubt Moffat would use it. Remember that Amy’s memories “rebooted” the universe — remade it from a new big-bang. The Doctor on the other side of the cracks is still outside of time. Our Doctor from season 6 belongs to the “rebooted” universe, and there is another Doctor on the other side of the cracks in complete isolation.

    And has anyone ever wondered what the TARDIS will do when the Doctor dies? “The Doctor’s Wife” has certainly cemented the idea that the TARDIS is a living entity with a strong connection and affection for the Doctor. Is it conceivable that the TARDIS could try to save the Doctor after he dies and thus cause the cracks in the universe in season 5?

  • Me

    Yeah, Ganger Doctor is the obvious way out. They hammered home ‘HE IS THE DOCTOR’ just like Canton did as he burned the dead one. 

    Expect plotholes, mild disappointment, and some completely unpredictable 11th hour changes.

  • Companion

    >11th hour
    No pun intended, right?

  • Lorie Taylor 28

    I was going to mention the daughter as well.

    And as per Jacob’s thought on that, I didn’t get the impression she wanted nothing to do with him, more that there was more to see and do before she settled a little, she is after all, her fathers daughter, a wandering spirit and all that.

  • Ruckergsc

    I love all the theories on this so far… In the states where I am I hardly get to discuss this with anyone. Now back onto the subject at hand. I think the poster of Amelia was important but for another reason all together. In the beginning of the season remember how the doctor communicated to Amelia? Through history books. He was leaving her messages (at least she thought so) for her to figure out. What if all this is for Amelia to rescue the Doctor? What if now it is her leaving HIM messages, like on the poster? Similar to how Rose left bad wolf for the Doctor? I think if we look at the season as a whole the gangers are a side track as are the Silence and the question. The time Lords in general are being hinted at strongly, with all the old,dead Tardis lying on the planet from “The Doctor’s Wife”. I know we have not seen any of them yet, but that means that alot of them have been buzzing around for quite a while. Why would none of them help the Doctor? What is it that makes the Doctor so special that they all leave him be? Why does it always have to be him? I can’t wait till Saturday!!

  • Lars

    The TARDIS exploding caused the cracks in the universe.  The Alliance assumed it was The Doctor’s fault because he “is the only one who can control the TARDIS”.

    And the marks on the lawn were from a space ship from The Alliance looking for things to make the trap for The Doctor and Amy at Stonehenge.

  • Lorie Taylor

    I was thinking something similar about the his death, a paradox, the tardis and the cracks. I’d forgotten there was a second trapped on the other side, and if Rose could get through from that sealed off world to help in that last epi she was in, why can’t the doctor shift?

    I’ve also considered that the one who’d died might be a flesh, or perhaps he’s regrown a second half life, like the one of #10 built from his hand. He may not be able to fully regenerate, but, who’s to say there isn’t enough residual energy to simulate the process.

  • Pedro

    THE TWIST: here’s a crazy notion, which I haven’t yet seen addressed. Remember when in “The Girl Who Waited” the Doctor went about trying to generate a paradox within the Tardis so that *both* Amy’s could coexist? There is a strange moment there when he flicks N buttons on the Tarids, large noise AND THEN sudden quiet, and the Doctor turns back, as if looking at something or someone.

    What if it DID work, and the Doctor was able to “split time”, creating an alternate version of himself? THAT’s the Doctor who will eventually die in Lake Silencio, but who wnet on to take an extra 200 years of adventures, alone, before returning in this episode and heading towards his doom. The other Doctor, however, is quietly waiting for events to unfold, allowing the Silence to believe his death and then reappearing.

    That would also “explain” what the Doctor saw inside Room 11 last week – himself, or more to the point, his Other Self, the one who’ll die in Utah.

    As for the explosion of the Tardis last year, that one was also bugging me to no end, but since in this season we’ve seen that River has been programmed by the Silence (and Rory wonders if she still has bits of that programming left, even after saving the Doctor in “Let’s Kill Hitler”), here’s a possibility: the Silence wish to use the tardis to bring about the End of the Universe, after the “question has been asked”. To that end they programme River to cause a massive explosion within the Tardis. Notice how at the end of last season River is left completely alone inside the Tardis. Could it be she was “activated” then?

    MAD THEORY TIME: I’ve been cracking my skull trying to figure who the identity of the one-eyed guy shown in the trailers is. He looks a bit like a Viking, but the eye-patch, shared by Madame Kovarian of the Silence, is telling. Suddenly, an idea: Odin of the Norse Gods was also blind in one eye – he gave one of his eyes for all the knowledge of the world. Odin had a strange relation with the End of the World, he knew it was coming but tried to avoid it at all costs. Plus, Norse Gods would make sense of the Viking motif! So, could it be that the eye patch Kovarian (and River, judging from next week’s trailer) uses is a symbol of allegiance to Odin?

    Want some more evidence for Odin being that guy? Remember in “Silence in the Library”, when River asks the Doctor if they’ve already had their picnic at ASGARD…?

    Overall: thanks for the five questions, and I’m loving this season. The Doctor’s never been as good as under Moffat, in my opinion. And the week will seem sloooooooow until saturday arrives,

  • kookoo

    I too have thought this is a likely outcome

  • Xombygod

    The doctor will die but it will be a “Flesh” doctor just as amy was fake the Doc will be fake, There is even a “flesh” River, I say they will have been flesh all along to double cross the silence.
    Because the storms end facility where river stays and breaks out of, It must have been run by the silence all along.
    off topic but just hit me.
    But why do I think they will be flesh?
    Be cause they are selling two action figs. one is a flesh doctor the other is a flesh river. And we never actually saw the flesh doctor die!

  • Jacob

    Don’t expect any of that. The RTD era is over.

  • Jacob

    It’s been a couple hundred years… She could’ve looked him up at any point in all of that.

  • Chojinotaku

    Tweed coat = our Doctor, new long coat = fake “flesh” Doctor?

  • Shawn

    I think the Doctor is more accepting with Death now because now he knows for a fact that his death is a fixed point in time. It says so on his TARDIS screen, and that definitely means it cant be changed. Many times the Doctor has prevented from changing fixed points in history, and this is again one of it. Before dying he tried to have as much fun as possible for 200 years. And now he’s done everything he’s needed to. The Doc said that knowing the future was what made u make the decisions in the present. And thus knowing his coming death is what makes him make all the choices he does until his death.

  • Ronnie

    We never see a flesh River at all…..

  • Xombygod

    Ohh MAN I GET IT! ‘The silence will fall when the question is asked’! The question the doctor asked Loki(?) ‘Why do I have to die?
    So if this whole season has been a mindscrew by the silence to get the doctor to go peacefully, Then when he ask’s why, Then he will fight back and the silence will fall.
    Like the person below says there are 11 episodes that have children or childlike characters, So the doctor sees himself as our protector and when amy loses faith so does he. Now craig restores it. but will the flesh Dr. and River save the day.

  • Cyberdalek

    The dying Doctor is not going to turn out to be a Ganger.
    I doubt anything about the TARDIS exploding last season is relevant to this.
    I don’t believe Amy is trying to leave him messages with her adverts.
    I do believe, however that The Doctor accepting his death was a hypnotic suggestion brought on by a Silent. I’m assuming the Silent that suggested this was what he saw in his personal hotel room.

    Also, there IS someone behind the shed in the background on Lake Silencio right before The Doctor died.

  • FrancieBrady

    Actually, I think the Doctor said knowing your future is what allows you to change it, which was an implication, to me at least, that he was going to alter his own.

  • Lufio

    Just had a thought: if the Doctor who dies at Lake Silencio is in fact the Flesh Doctor, how could we account for the regeneration process kicking in? Is 200 years the amount of time required for the TARDIS to alter someone’s genetic make-up? River was conceived on the TARDIS, so I’m willing to give her a pass.

  • Jacob

    It was never denied that the Flesh Doctor could regenerate.

  • Imnutamunkey

    dont care for matt smith hope he regenerates to an older guy  or even to a previous form (david tennant) just lose the baby boy smith and ill be happy.

  • Lorie Taylor

    Perhaps it’s a case that she’s just lost track of time, sort of thing, bound to happen when you have an infinite amount of it. There were also rumours that we haven’t seen the last of her, pretty pointless imho to give him a kid if we never see her again. Writers are always thinking that far ahead, where can this character potentially go…

  • Lorie Taylor

    Agreed that’s a possibility, but he has also said time and again how strong the survival instinct is. Yes, he is willing to self sacrifice to save others, but not if he can find a way out, and how is this a case of self sacrifice, if it is, there really isn’t any foreshadowing, at least not obviously enough for there to be a path.

  • Anonymous

    I just had a thought maybe we are all overthinking it.
    We know what happens at lake silencio we saw it already. But maybe episode 13 will be a what if? episode.
    The doctor goes to some alien and says what if I had died?
    Then we get all the weird dinosaurs and stuff.
    But I still say the flesh doctor will die.

  • Lorie Taylor

    ah, but in the christmas 2005 epi with the sicaracks, (likely spelled wrong) he says that you can’t hypnotize anyone to death, the survival instinct is too strong. It would be one thing for him to self sacrifice for others, if, and only if, there is no alternative, another for him to just lay down and die, that’s not true to his character. 

    That said, I can see the silents playing psychological warfare on him, being a thinking man, it’d be their best weapon, something subtle, over a long period of time. However, the goal of the hotel rooms were to amplify their greatest fears. I don’t think he’s afraid of himself, not in such an obvious way. I think he saw rory and amy, dead, along with the others he’s cared for, it’s why he sent them home once they got out.

  • Lorie Taylor

    The Tardis could give him that. It gave power to both Donna and Rose, as well as regrew #10 from his hand, why not for this purpose, especially if the flesh doesn’t feel pain, it wouldn’t get the agony that the real doctor would.

  • Ronnie

    Would the flesh burn….or just explode though…..maybe the read Doctor did die but with the Flesh Doctor traveling around in the TARDIS….gives him more “real” Doctor like qualities…

  • Lorie Taylor

    As much as I loved David Tennant as the doctor and I didn’t like Matt Smith originally, I think he’s adapted well to the role. He conveys the quirkiness and the ageless wonder as well as the usually hidden angst, not easy to do.

  • Cyberdalek

    I had forgotten about the Christmas special, Maybe they didn’t command him to accept his death, but maybe instead they made him realize everything he told Amy, about how he wasn’t a hero and was just dangerous. I’m sure psychological warfare was involved though.

    I believe it was himself in the Hotel room. He is afraid of himself, Afraid of what he can do, and what he has done.

  • Cyberdalek

    I wonder who is behind the organization of The Silence, Its not Daleks, or Cybermen, or anyone from the Alliance of Series 5, because they knew nothing of what was going on.  Whoever it is, they must have some serious history with The Doctor to go to such lengths to see him dead.

  • Cyberdalek

    I would love to see an old Doctor again, but it would be terrible if he regenerated into Ten.

  • Ronnie

    I have a quick question here….maybe I am over thinking this but When did the Doctor that received the envelope  find out about the events that happened at the Lake? The first 2 eps didn’t Rory, Amy and River keep the events from him?

  • Imnutamunkey

    hes not quirky, hes addle brained and flighty,  i really cant see him any other way, i did try but i cant really believe him as the savior of so much and so many  2 seasons i just cant do it for another. i dont care who they get just get someone else.

  • Cyberdalek

    In The Almost People, Amy thought se was telling the Ganger Doctor about it but she didn’t know they switched shoes to trick her into trusting the ganger, so she told the real Doctor about his own death.

  • Ronnie

    Ahhh yes…that’s right….ty

  • Lorie Taylor

    You know, I was thinking about that, it being on his screen. A fixed point may not always be changeable, however, there’s no saying the date was accurate. Lots of things are recorded incorrectly, or purposefully, to direct a specific path. Plus, if there were only the four of them, plus canton and the silent, and whoever was behind the shed, who recorded his death? Canton couldn’t, he’s an old man in that scene. Amy + others wouldn’t, and it doesn’t make sense it would be the silents. Given that most of us assume it is the doctor behind the shed, he’s the only one left to record it, but why?

    Also, with the whole timey wimey thing factoring in, if they rid the world of the silents in 1969, how was Amy seeing one then and there? One would assume they’d have moved on with people offing them on sight.

  • Cyberdalek

    Its true that he is flighty, but every doctor has his drawbacks. I enjoyed Tennant, but imo he was whiny and self-contradictory all the time. I view Smith as an improvement to Tennant, but  would choose Eccleston’s Doctor anyday.

  • Imnutamunkey

    finally someone smart, eccleston was fantastic childish and serious brooding and silly all rolled into one(and he had a chin) i liked tennant but eccleston was good he just didnt really hang around long enough to own the character . no doctor who fan that i know personally likes matt smith we watch to see how they’ll get rid of him, including my mom who has watched since 1963 , she has missed the last 4 episodes and doesnt really care. that is not a good thing.

  • Imnutamunkey

    dont really care who he regenerates into as long as matt smith goes away

  • Imnutamunkey

    okay so i will bid doctor a fond farewell as matt smith will indeed be back and i just cant take anymore of him so i will quit watching for now  and hope for a change before the next season starts cross fingers and!(sad face)

  • Ronnie

    I also noticed that when he was using it for a flashlight it turned from Green to Blue also

  • Jacob

    Who says the TARDIS needs to give him anything? If he’s an exact duplicate of the Doctor (the entire point of that episode), he should be able to regenerate on his own.

  • Scot

    Actually, watch “The Wedding of River Song” prequel at BBC America and you’ll see that the guards and River all wear an eye patch, and if I had to guess based on the clip, I’d say it’s a bit of tech to help the wearer retain knowledge of having seen one of the Silence.

  • Brenda Who?

    Amy hasn’t been a famous model all this time because the name of the perfume is Petrichor, the smell of rain on dust.  She only found that out in the Doctor’s Wife episode.  I think this is what Amy decided to do with her time after traveling with the doctor.

  • Brenda Who??

    My thinking exactly!  I notice that he started wearing the coat (the same coat that he went to Lake Silencio in the first episode) when he met Amy and Rory at the crop circle.  It just makes sense that the doctor would use a flesh avatar to get back at Madam Kevorian after she had fooled him twice the same way. 

  • azangor

    That’s just a kids fancy, by the end of the episode he prefers Alfie.

  • JohnD

    I figured out how the Petrichor got up despite this supposedly being the day before the Doctor dies.
    Amy spent some time on Earth, and designed a perfume.  But she needs a name for it.  Doctor comes knocking, they go traveling, Doctor drops her and Rory off at a new house a few days before “Closing Time” (let’s say a week before).  This house is far enough away that the two pairs of Ponds will not interact.
    Further in the future Amy calls up the company and tells them the name of the perfume should be Petrichor.  They finish the ads with that and post them up.  Younger Amy and Rory are too busy getting ready to go to America in that week to notice.
    Complex? Sure, but it works.

  • Lorie Taylor

    I can see that point, afraid of the consequences for others.

  • Lorie Taylor

    True, and he could always have used the Tardis to go back and make another.

  • Lorie Taylor

    Agreed, there are some people who think Tom Baker was the ultimate doctor and others who couldn’t stand him. Each man who’s filled the role has had both strengths and weaknesses. Matt’s not my favorite doctor, but after having watched them all, I can at least buy him in the role.

  • Lorie Taylor

    He was shown his death date in the Let’s Kill Hitler episode.

  • Bjweinstein

    Rule Number One: The Doctor always lies.  He could be lying about his age.

  • Jacob

    That would be incredibly out of character for him.

  • The Librarian

    I’m starting to think the entire thing has more to do with his companions than we realize.
    “Silence will fall when the question is asked.”  I think the question is so simple we overlooked it.  I think the question is the single question that will forever save the doctor from this tedium he’s created in forsaking others for their safety.  The episodes have been very focused on children, friends, and in this one, relationships or better halves including how much the doctor needs one he can talk to and will talk back.  The question asked?  “Will you marry me?” By the doctor to River or vice versa.  I think the death of the doctor is a fixed point, especially now that it’s crossed into his timeline of Amy and Rory, even River apparently knew this as her response of “Figures” when shooting at herself as it’s a paradox.  She can’t kill herself in an earlier time as it’d negate her being there to fire the shot, but coming back from the dead?  The doctor keeps finding ways to do that as the Pandorica showed.  He can’t be late for his own wedding if River says yes.  Unless it happens after the wedding, but that’d be an older river who already killed him?  I don’t know, so far I’m still leaning the same ritual the master used as well as the question being a proposal.  It’d make sense though for now him to marry future her, so when he dies by her younger hand, future her can use the ritual with the wedding bands or something to bring him back.    It’d also explain her birthday remark(an in joke to this moment of rebirth? or rebirth and birth of the valeyard?).  Can’t wait for saturday to see how they do all this, or how much of this pans out or if it’ll be stretched into next year too as a sub plot.

  • The Librarian

    For river in the suit, it is the first time she meets him as Dr. River Song.  Baby her doesn’t count technicly, and Melody her isn’t quite her yet, 

  • The Librarian

    In God Complex which happened in this Amy’s timeline before the perfume had her faith shaken and destroyed by the doctor himself.

  • The Librarian

    Not for Good as the Master showed with his cremation in the Tenant years.

  • The Librarian

    She has no time machines as yet.

  • The Librarian

    Yeah it was.  When the flesh Doctor goes nuts at birth, “Dealing with all those past lives with no regenerations.”  The flesh doctor can’t regenerate by himself.  Exposure to the time vortex not withstanding.

  • The Librarian

    The history book adventures are the 200 years between God Complex and Closing Time.

  • Newsajay16

    The last time the doctor sees river he gives her his screwdriver and cries, because she will die in the library. The library is the first time the doctor sees river. Get it? Already tide up in season 5

  • Jacob

    Other time-lords have come back as well. The President, Rassilon, is one of the original time-lords. They still die. And since we’ve seen no evidence of the Doctor having a ring like the Master’s, I’m inclined to think he doesn’t have one.

  • Lorie Taylor

    He could also be lying about not interfering

  • Cheryl Killam

    I just watched the last scene again and yea that is who I think they were, Rose, Donna and Mickey. Too much of a coincidence not to have been. 

  • Nexada

    Isn’t the biggest question ‘Doctor Who?’ You always hear people ask that in almost every episode.

  • Nexada

    I commented below about the question that is to be asked and the silence will fall. Is it “Doctor Who?’ River knows his name and they seem to make a big deal about keeping his name hidden..

  • FingerStinger on Game Center

    I think it is odd that Alfie refers to himself as “Stomageddon” and The Doctor refers to himself as “The Oncoming Storm”
    I don’t know how I will deal with a new face on The Doctor. This one is so ugly and alien, that besides the obnoxious, long-earlobed Eccleston has been the most ideal Doctor to me.

  • SLashley

    ugh… i hope he doesn’t pull a Doc Brown.

  • The Professor

    The question could be “Who are you?” referring to
    the alien creatures whovians have come to call “The Silence”. As it is stated in the first episode after the
    summer break, the silence is not a species, but a religious order in pursuit of
    the oldest question. We find out in the first episode of the sixth season that
    the silence have been around since the beginning. So, the question from the
    beginning would be, for those who see the silence, “who are you?”. I
    know this question is asked by the doctor in the first episode and they reply
    “The Silence.” However, we come to find out that is not a thorough
    enough answer, considering The Silence is actually the name of the religious

                I think it
    is a possibility that the silence could be revealed to be a version of The
    Doctor in some way, or some Timelords. The Timelord idea stemming from the reboot
    of the universe in the Big Bang episode. After all, who else could be cunning
    enough to fool The Doctor so many times, than The doctor himself, or a large
    number of Timelords?  What else could be
    The Doctor’s worst nightmare? Also, in defending my ideas about “The
    Silence” aliens, we know that Timelords have abilities that The Doctor
    does not use. For example, the beams of energy shooting from The President’s
    hand in the final #10 and Master showdown. It seems very similar to the bolts
    of energy from “The Silence” that killed the lady in the bathroom in
    episode one of the sixth season. If The Doctor rode out the Big Bang in his
    TARDIS, that would put The Doctor at the beginning.

                As for how
    the doctor will escape this one, I like the ganger-doctor theory. Whatever the
    case may be, we all know that Moffet is a master-writer and can manipulate the
    mind as well or better than “The Silence”.

  • Rikkigos

    at the end of “the impossible astronaut” amy and rory went down in to the sewer which linked to the tunnel network, you hear river scream “RORY!!” but you don’t see what happens, could it be the silence have done something to rory as he seems to be the over looked and steven moffat does like us to be distracted with other things “ooooh shiny”

    plus the whole why did amy, rory and river have to go on the run from canton 3 that was never explained and when amy was in the orphanage and the astronaut and the silent came in you never see what happened there either………so fricken excited people!!!!!

  • Cheryl Killam

    Looks like you had it spot on. Bravo!

  • Mikechristy1

    Matt Smith is not a believable doctor.  And, (I know this will probably make most of you mad, but) this 6th season is positively one of the worse since they ended the serious once before with that actor Sylvester, something or other, back in the 90’s.  They are clearly running out of material and the last 5 episodes I actually fell asleep watching they were so boring.  Now, I am not just a recent doctor who fan… I was born 2 months before the original was released in 63 and grew up with the Doctor and have watched every episode tens of times, some of them 100’s.  They really lost track of so much that could have pulled the story together, like Romana, or the Doctors Grandaughter Susan.  She too was a timelord.  As was the Doctor Daughter. They just blew it all off and Amy and Rory’s baby was the bombshell??????  Bad writing.

  • Someone

    I bet that the writer of the script now looks into your comments and says: Look at all the crap they’re developing, and all I did was to fill up the 5 minutes I needed to end this episode faster.