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Karl Urban Joins The Chronicles Of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking

The Riddick news just keeps on flying out. Vin Diesel keeps bringing the goods in the form of Facebook updates, but today’s reveal seems to come from more of an insider source. The Chronicles of Riddick star Karl Urban will apparently be reprising his role in David Twohy’s upcoming The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking, according to Bloody Disgusting.

Urban will play Vaako, who in Chronicles was a high-ranking warrior among the marauding Necromongers, which Diesel’s Riddick takes control of toward the end of the movie. It’s unclear how the character will fit into the upcoming sequel, or even whose side he’ll be fighting on, given the way the previous Chronicles ended. One thing is certain though: this is great news for us fans.


  • Mel

    awesome sauce

  • Michael

    I was worried that this movie would ignore the previous one. I’m glad it won’t.

  • Clements_01

    Vaako will only have a minor role. I think he betrays Riddick immediately and leaves him for dead on an alien world, flying off to do whatever it is the Necromongers do.

  • Michael

    Based on some summaries I’ve read, I think that the betrayal thing may be a smoke screen. I think that what Riddick wants is to lure all his enemies to this planet so that he can finish them once and for all. The rumor that Vaako has betrayed him and tossed him there to fend for himself would be a successful way for him to lure all his foes to a single spot.

  • GK15

    Been waiting way too long for this one but glad to hear it’s finally getting done! BRING US THE RIDDICK!!!