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Avengers Cast Portraits Debut

Entertainment Weekly is still at it, following the unveiling of its new cover and The Avengers production photos with portraits of the stars of “the ultimate superhero movie.”

We already saw the images, cobbled together like a page in a child’s scrapbook for the aforementioned (and, frankly, terrible) cover, but now we get the individual headshots of Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner. The actors also reveal details about their characters, and how they relate to the other members of the team.

Directed by Joss Whedon, The Avengers also stars Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, Clark Gregg, Cobie Smulders and Stellan Skarsgård. It opens May 4, 2012.



  • Jmcreer

    Is that Bruce Banner or Derek Zoolander?

    “Blue Steel, Magnum!  It’s the same look!!! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!!”

  • Jmcreer

    Cap and Iron Man’s pics look like mugshots.  Maybe they were busted for loitering or calling a police officer “sugartits.” 

    Kevin – please whack Mel Gibson’s mugshot up between Cap and Iron Man!!  You know it would be piss funny!!!  : )

  • Jacob

    They’re really using these? Ugh. They’re laughable. We want the general public to take this seriously. These look like shit.

  • Mel

    Ruffalo looks like Sweeney Todd

  • Ryanc561

    That’s the worst looking picture of Chris Hemsworth ever. All of these kind of suck except for Hawkeye

  • Ryanc561

    They’ll do better later, though.

  • Theoneandonlyofcourse

    Horrible. That’s supposed to be Bruce Banner? They fired Ed Norton for that guy? UGH.

  • Timdogg

    Not understanding why Thor’s pic is an action shot when everyone else’s is facing straight forward

  • Oliver Clothesoff

    this could literally be a spoof. If we weren’t familiar with the previous films, this could be a Mad TV skit

  • dookster

    Godly mugshot ?

  • Dude

    Who’s the skinny guy with the red hair and the guns?

  • Bad_omen26

    what in the world is ruffalo doing???  Seriously…sometimes I laugh at it and sometimes I’m angry at it….since when is bruce banner a male model??

  • Thegrunionone

    is it me or is banner giving the “duck face”?

  • guest

    maria hill or gtfo.

  • Nataniel Costard

    Scarlet Johansson as the Black Widow is as believable as her Tom Waits covers.

  • Anonymous

    Those are some crap pictures! Who the hell took them?

    Hemsworth who actually looked like a (greek) god in Thor! ;) Looks down right average looking!

    And why does Ruffalo look like hes 60 years old! 

  • Anonymous

    Your right! He does! haha….

  • Tiberius

    Sheesh…. They’re just portrait shots.  People need to chill the f*** out.  Judge the finished product, not publicity stills.

  • drzeddchaos

    why does mark ruffalo look like that creepy guy at the bar?

  • drzeddchaos

    really man.  stop being such a douche bag

  • Oliver Clothesoff

    Thanks for saying it. I used to make truthful comments like this – but
    the fanboys on comic Web sites and forums always shout me down, or shut
    their ears.

  • Kanderson1

    look very close at the picture of Cap and Thor.  that is NOT Chris Hemsworth dressed as Thor, am I crazy or is that actually Chris Evans!!  look at the eyes as well as the wrinkles between his eyes, same as Captain America.  I really think for some reason Chris Hemsworth was not able to attend the shooting,  I mean look at that fake hair on Thor!  Chris Hemsworth did grow his hair out for the Thor movie, this looks like a bad wig.  (I can’t wait for the movie, but compare this to pictures seen online, this is not Chris Hemsworth)  I just think it is hilarious!!

  • Deanjsimons

    Banner do Magnum to Hulk out.

    is why “hulk want freddie prinze jnr!”

  • Mak

    You’re Crazy. What have you Been Smoking…

    That’s Scarlett Johansson and she can get it. All day everyday

  • Mak

    or atleast an old looking guy play model.

  • Oliver Clothesoff

    it even looks a bit like a blond Pierce Brosnan – lol

  • Jacob

    I give this troll a 2/5 for originality and a 4/5 for success.

  • Nick Marino


  • The_Watcher

    Thor looks like Dog the Bounty Hunter now

  • D.Smithee

    What’s up with Dr. Banner’s super-villain look? That’s just wrong.

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    I thought the exact same thing. Way too funny.

  • drzeddchaos

    i agree with you.  that does not look like chris hemsworth at all.  a body double maybe?

  • Jmcreer

    Edward Norton really holds a grudge doesn’t he? 

    Ed, we know it’s you – stop paying out on Joss just because Marvel Studios declined to have you reprise your role as Bruce Banner in the Avengers.  It wasn’t Joss’s fault.  Who knows – maybe you can be the new Green Lantern in the next sequel.

    Ed, just stop trolling and leave Joss alone. 

  • Xz007

    Ah, yes, so people like me looking forward to seeing this movie are just fanboys who’ll lap up anything superhero related.  That explains why I watched Green Lantern!  Oh, I didn’t.  Or am looking forward to the next Superman movie!  Oh, I’m not.  But that just means I’m a sucker for anything Marvel.  Like Ghost Rider!  Which I don’t want to see.  Or the next Spider-Man movie!  Which I don’t want to see.  So, even though I, and many others like me, have distinguished tastes, we’re nonetheless drone automatons responding to some hypnotic message from… somewhere.  The desire to have fun, I guess.  You should try it.  

  • Joss Whedon is a hack

    Who is this handsome and talented fellow you call Edward Norton? Is he that awesome actor in Fight Club and the only actor who can play the Hulk instead of that hack actor in Zodiac.

  • Siathomas73

    I have always been fond of the Avengers since I was a kid and learning that it would be shown on the big screen made my heart leap faster! All the Avengers movie was great!