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Rooney Mara Reportedly Wanted For Spike Lee’s Oldboy

The Oldboy remake is progressing quickly now. After years of wallowing in development hell, things finally took a turn for the positive over the summer when Spike Lee was officially confirmed as the director. Then Josh Brolin was cast in the lead role a few weeks later. Now there are some rumblings pointing to a possible top candidate for the female lead: Rooney Mara, who you’ll be seeing before you know it in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

This information is in no way official, with TwitchFilm citing unnamed sources. If the source is correct, then no formal offer has yet been extended to Mara. It’s worth noting, however, that Twitch is responsible for breaking the original news of the Brolin casting. If that same source is bringing us the Mara news … well … maybe take this info with a few less grains of salt.


  • Scud

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much the thought of an Americanized remake of the pitch black Korean masterpiece Oldboy disgusts me. Oldboy is a perfect movie in my opinion, one of the dozen or so perfect movies actually. Also Spike Lee is a good director but he doesn’t even come close to Park Chan-wook.

  • Scud

    Also before anyone says “Its not gonna make the Korean version disappear.” or “You don’t have to watch it.” I know and I won’t.

  • Captain Comet

    I’m seeing Spike Lee tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll ask him about this…..