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Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions About “The Wedding of River Song”

It’s the episode we’ve been waiting for for months: Finally, we found out what else happened during “The Impossible Astronaut,” and the truth behind the Doctor’s death. But this is Doctor Who, so you can’t be that surprised we’ve got five questions about “The Wedding of River Song.”

Doctor Who?
Oh, come on: Like that wouldn’t have been one of the questions. I suspected that this was the first question way back when, but I’m curious to see how this particular plot plays out, not least of which because I can’t remember it ever really having been an issue before that the Doctor even had a name that wasn’t “the Doctor.” Why is his name such a big deal, enough to cause some kind of catastrophe that would necessitate his death? And, even if the Doctor didn’t tell River his name during their wedding, has he really kept it a secret from her since then…?

Can Time Really Be Rewritten?
We’ve been told that time can be rewritten more than once, but more and more often, we’re seeing evidence to the contrary: At the end of last season, the rewritten timeline collapsed when the Doctor forced a second big bang, restoring the original timeline, and in this episode, the time bubble was forcing the collapse of reality itself. How many “fixed points of time” are there, and doesn’t their very existence prove that, for all intents and purposes time can’t really be rewritten? Also…

Bonus Question: Is There Spillover From Reality Being Rewritten?
The leaders of the Silence, as we’re now apparently calling them going by last night’s episode, were seemingly saved from extinction by the time bubble changing history, according to Amy, but I wonder how much of that still holds following time restoring itself. Even though River said that the time bubble didn’t actually happen – which, I guess, leaves Madame Kovarian still out there…? – is it possible that events surrounding what happened inside that bubble ripped outwards? I doubt we’ll find out anytime soon, but I’m very curious to find out what the status of the Silence is, following their apparent victory inside the bubble…

Is Amy A Time Lord?
I know, that sounds ridiculous, but bear with me for a second: She keeps being able to do the impossible and remember primary timelines when thrown into alternate timelines. Yes, yes, I know it’s because of the rift in time in her bedroom as she was growing up, but if Tardis energy during conception was enough to make Melody/River a Time Lord, who’s to say that being exposed to a rift in time for years and years isn’t enough to do the same thing to Amy? And if it isn’t, how else do we explain all the impossible things that Amy is able to do? I’m starting the meme right here: Amy as a new Time Lord. Let’s see her regenerate and rename herself Romana sometime soon, please.

Can The Doctor Actually Be Killed?
Obviously, he won’t be killed any time soon or else the show will end, but… Can the Doctor be killed? He’s “died” twice in the last two years (Okay, it turns out that he was never actually killed by the Impossible Astronaut, which I have to admit I love as an explanation, even though I should probably hate it; the other time was being at the center of the Big Bang 2 in last year’s season finale, in case you’re wondering), and both times, he’s survived. The Silence may want his death for their own reasons, but I can’t help but think that the universe is working very, very hard to make the opposite the case.

What Next?
That’s the real question, isn’t it? The Doctor is believed dead by the universe at large – The Silence, most importantly – and his future appearances can be explained away as being part of his “farewell tour” if needs be (A nice trick by the show’s writers, giving him an essentially empty, companion-less 200 year period to be filled by spin-offs, fanfic and later episodes, should it be needed), but he has a fate to fulfill and a name to reveal, with potentially catastrophic results. Meanwhile, he’s married – thereby ending the reverse timeline relationship of River and the Doctor, perhaps? – and, possibly, companionless for the foreseeable future. It feels as if the show’s been rebooted along with its universe, and the year-long wait until season seven feels far, far too long, now. I found myself really enjoying “The Wedding of River Song,” a celebration of the insanity and romance and impossibility at the heart of Doctor Who, especially this version, and it made me eager for much more. A Christmas Special won’t be enough. Clearly, I need my own time machine to make the wait less frustrating…


  • Anonymous

    OMG! Your five questions are almost identical to mine! But rather than a Timelord, I think Amy is an eternal.

    More on that here: 
    Five Questions raised in the last episode (along with theoretical answers!)

  • Mark Walley

    I feel the episode wasn’t quite as clever as it could have been, instead of revealing that the Doctor had been planning the whole series on how to avoid his death instead it’s a more last minute escape. That said, it’s probably better it worked that way, after all over-complicated things has been the danger of this season in particular so actually having a simple elegant get out feels quite nice.

  • Ryan

    I can’t wait either! But I River is a Human/Time Lord hybrid, not a full on Time Lord. And I think that Amy being able to do all this stuff is because she’s a time traveller, not just a Time Lord.

  • Ryan

    I thought the Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon was probably the best, even though this was a great episode.

  • Alejandro.

    It was neccesary the wedding?, he didn’t have to.
    River song is such annoying character, i hate her.
    it’s the only thing that i don’t like, the doctor DOES NOT NEED some wife. May be the “Powerful” Amy.

  • Diehappy

    Time rift makes timelords, reality rift makes Amy a Real Lady ;)

    The problem with the doctor’s name is that he wont be able to lie. When they find out he’s a boy named Sue, no one will be able to listen to him without laughing.

  • Anonymous

    best. comment. ever.

  • Shawn

    Even though River said she was his wife and Amy said she was his mother-in-law, did they really get married? She technically married a Tesselecta, and it happened in another reality that ‘never happened’ and they can remember it because they were at the center, but does it count? I don’t think there’s a complete answer for that till next season.

  • JJ

    Amidst all the epic, grand and confusing stories we’ve had, it was nice to have a straightforward story without making it too epic. It was epic, yes, but it’s different from something like last season’s finale.

    Actually the Doctor never planned the whole series on how to escape, that’s the thing isn’t it? Everyone, including the Doc himself, thought he was going to die. It was only last minute he realized that eventually, he’s in charge and all is not exactly as it seemed.
    You can’t say the Tesselecta is a cop out because The Doctor never died in the first place. You’re not allowed to say that “Moffat said the doctor really died” because we’re only supposed to believe what happens and is said in the show.
    River said the Doc died, but she knew all along he didn’t. Canton said it ‘most definitely is the Doctor’ but how can we assume he knows what he’s talking about? He’s only human, or maybe the Doc told him specifically to say that.

    Moffat has one big game plan in mind, especially leading into the 50th anniversary, and it started from Season 5. Season 5 was about the cracks in time, even though we didn’t know how it was caused and why. There were many things behind the cracks in time, but the season only focused on the cracks and stopping it, while giving hints about the main picture.

    Season 6, we found out about the Silence and the question and got more hints about the main picture, but that’s not what season 6 was about, because we had another problem, the Doctor seemingly died. And everyone thought for sure he did, that they tried to prevent it, when in fact, he was just trying to make everyone think he died, in which he succeeded, and it’s a game changer. Everyone thinks he’s dead! Season 6 was focused on preventing a death that never happened, while finding out more about the Doctor himself, and River.

    Season 7? What will that be about? It depends on whether it’s part of the 50th anniversary or if Season 8 is part of the 50th. Because if Season 7 isn’t, then I can almost guarantee that season 7 will focus on another small problem while giving more hints about the main picture.

    And the whole main picture will come out in play by the 50th anniversary, whether it’s season 7 or 8. The ‘fields of tranzalore’ and ‘fall of the eleventh’ and the ‘answer to the question’, it’s all just parts of a puzzle that’ll come together by the anniversary. The Moff is setting it up for something epic.

  • Jacob

    He was inside guiding it all. It was his words and his actions and his intent, they were just carried out by proxy. And since they do remember, I really don’t see a reason to discount it.

  • Mars

    Was it a real wedding is the biggest one.

  • Mars

    Is it real consent though or just telling River to go along with the act because it all turns out alright. It seems to me like the entire marriage thing is an act they put on for fun.

  • Jacob

    You’re getting into original research. There’s nothing to support that in the episode. Their romance has been being built all season. His feelings for her were obvious when we saw how betrayed he felt in “A Good Man Goes to War.” There’s no reason to think this was an act.

  • Lee

    River Song is destined for at least one more appearance. After all, technically she did not learn the Doctor’s real name at the end of the season finale. When he actually tells her remains to be seen. But nothing presented so far indicates she will be on “the fields of tranzalore” and “the fall of the eleventh” doesn’t necessarily mean the eleventh Doctor.
    However, the overall season was kind of confusing. How much of it was part of the “farewell tour”? And I was expecting the switcheroo with a Ganger, not the Tesselecta.
    Matt Smith is signed through the end of Season 7, with a 2011 Christmas movie and a 2012 Spring/Easter movie before the new season next fall(?); and has expressed an interest in “being a part” of the 50th anniversary.
    Yet how all that works out under Steven Moffat remains to be seen.
    I do hope the rumor about getting as many of the surviving Doctor performers back for one grand adventure as part of the anniversary in 2013 comes true though.
    And since the passing of the Brigadier is now officially part of the Doctor Who canon, how long before the series acknowledges the loss of Sarah Jane Smith?

  • Akinsela

    What happened to the doctors daughter?

  • Cforshaw67220

    Hmm. I think the question is misleading… It could end up being something like:

    The Doctor: Someone has been manipulating us.
    Amy: Doctor… Who?

    Still, best series since the return, and best new villains since the Weeping Angels. The biggest question is what is with all the Omega symbols? They showed up again tonight, with post-Byzantium River wearing her fatigues…

    Plus, if those soldiers in the Angels two-parter last year were clerics, and the religion of that army that includes Headless Monks, the Silence and Madame Kovarian… and they all have an Omega symbol? Does it mean the Time Lord Omega, or some reference to it being the last of something?

  • Anonymous

    i didn’t even notice Omega!

    The plot thickens…

  • Diamondmyst

    …rename herself Romana …. FUNNY > :) :) 

  • Rhiannon

    Any one else noticed in the Doctor’s speech about he can avoid death forever that the only companion he mentions is Rose? Hmmm, I wonder..

  • Imaginet1

    I think that the answer to the question ” Doctor who ? ” is in the question:

    his name is ” dak torwho” or something like that.

  • Mars

    He clearly says ‘I don’t want to marry you’ in the episode. We know River’s in love with him but not him with her. He needed to get her close to see him her eye and knew she wouldn’t get very close because of the fear he would touch her and send her back to the lake to complete the murder. The act is then begun, she marries the Teselecta while he is dancing in its eye pointing at the TARDIS. She then realises its the Teselecta she kills and not the Doctor, its also the Teselecta she marries because its the Captain driving it and speaking. The Doctor and River carry on the act as they always do with that flirtatious banter they always had. She’s his wide *wink**wink*

  • tom

    “Oh, come on: Like that wouldn’t have been one of the questions. I suspected that this was the first question way back when, but I’m curious to see how this particular plot plays out, not least of which because I can’t remember it ever really having been an issue before that the Doctor even had a name that wasn’t “the Doctor.” Why is his name such a big deal, enough to cause some kind of catastrophe that would necessitate his death? And, even if the Doctor didn’t tell River his name during their wedding, has he really kept it a secret from her since then…”

    Well, it’s been an issue since the First Doctor. It’s right there in the title, isn’t it? But they’ve been developing this since “Girl in the Fireplace”. And of course River knows his name, it’s how she gained his trust in “Forest of the Dead”. (Presumably she’ll find out at the fall of the Eleventh, but I doubt we will! And if it means what one would assume it to mean, then I hope it doesn’t happen for a very long time!)

    Also, Kovarian isn’t dead (as River pointed out, it was an alternate timeline that didn’t exist) and Amy isn’t a Time Lord (she’s just really good at remembering stuff – she even remembered the Doctor back into existence!).

    And I think the Doctor lied about being 200 years older.

  • The Librarian

    Okay, the robot doctor marries river.  Still counts as the doctor since it was him, just it was him using the robot as a proxy.How do robots age?  Well it’s a very advanced robot that replaces people.  Why does the robot doctor mess with the timestream when it touches river?  It is the eye of the storm and always has been.
    One thing caught my attention though.  The beacon sending out “The doctor is dying, please help”” through all of time and space.  To the end of time and the beginning…  Wait, the beginning?  Won’t they simple ask “Doctor who?” as it is at the beginning of time and all that.  Who is the doctor becoming a constant question throughout time.  Wait a minute, when you phrase it like that, the answer is simple for him.  “I am.” or “Me.”   Is it River’s fault that the coming battle on the plains happens?  Is it his outting from the shadows that’ll finally be the fall of the 11th?
    Something is still fishy with all this.  There’s still some kind of mastermind out there that needs all this happen with cause and effect.  The tardis blowing up could be two things now.  One, the Silence punishing river for failure, or two someone else who needed all this to occur and that was the initial event that set the rest in motion for this someone.
    Can’t wait for more episodes.  Loved Amy’s realization at the end of being the Doctor’s mother in law. Can’t wait for the next season with it’s more episodic nature, but I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the order.  The fields of Trenzalore pretty much guarantees that.  So now we have a paradox within a paradox, and River will learn his name in the future.  She has to for the tenant season to not have a problem where River died.  So River will be having nightly adventures with the doctor for generations to come.  This means she may be there at the birth of two doctors as she jokingly commented on.
    Epicly awesome, but way too many future questions now.  The main one being still, who controlled the tardis for it to explode to set the rest in motion including now what looks like the cause of the battle that the 11th(smith) falls at.
    Time travel is a fickle thing, and someone is getting impatient to be born.  The 50th anniversary looks like it might hold the answers to much of this, but with every answer comes more questions.
    Fixed points are fixed, they must happen as they did, but that doesn’t mean what we saw happen is what happened.  An interesting idea to ponder over with the death of river song in the past, and the Valeyard(from the doctor’s future) at the trial of the doctor in the long ago past.  Piercing the veil of perception.  The line of percieved truth and reality.  Genius.
    Oh and I guess we have confirmation on something else.  The doctor never taught river to fly the tardis.  The tardis taught River.  That still doesn’t answer what the doctor will do about his wife’s death though.  He manages to save her mind, but would he really leave it at that?  Will her diary left at the library be connected to any of this about what others know?Also just when did the death of the doctor take place for Amy and Rory?  I’m just going to assume it was after he brought them back home for now, and it was some kind of dilation reason from the hiccup River caused that made their older versions take the place of their witness selves.

  • Sapphireruby

    I’m curious about him mentioning Rose too, I mean since  Matt Smith joined the show, mentions of Rose are all but gone. Could this signal a return in the anniversary episode or am I reading into it too much?

    Gah. I’m not too fond of the new layout, too much focus on the long-term story arcs. 

    I want Rose or Donna back ;)

    Rose meeting the 11th Doctor would be cool….

  • Jacob

    I think the only reason the show didn’t acknowledge Sladen’s passing is because there are still episodes to air that feature her. In the timeline, she’s not dead yet. I do expect a reference next season.

  • Jacob

    He mentioned Jack as well. They’re the two companions he fucked up the most. Major guilt there.

  • Jacob

    Or Torchwood…

  • Jacob

    “And I think the Doctor lied about being 200 years older.”

    Any evidence or just intuition?

  • Liam

    He was in love with Rose.

  • Roddy McCorley

    Ten bucks says his name is actually Clarence.

  • momaw

    I have to disagree with many.  The Tesselecta was a cop out.

    1. We’ve seen what happens when the Tesselecta has to change forms.  So how did it mimic a regeneration?

    2. If the Doctor is in the Tesselecta then why did touching River have an effect?  It wasn’t the Doctor touching her.  If the fact he is in and touching the Tesselecta has a transference, then the same thing would have happened, by extension, to the ribbon connecting the Tesselecta Doctor to River when they were getting married.

    3. I don’t think the wedding in this episode does cont as them being married.  When Amy is saying she killed Madame Kovarian, it is River who says what happened in the other time line doesn’t count.  Regardless of Amy disagreeing, it’s River saying it doesn’t count, therefore in her mind the Wedding shouldn’t either.

    4. I don’t think the question “Doctor Who?” is as mundane as what his real name is, but really what he really is.  And when he answers that, he’ll act in a way that destroys the silence.  This season we saw the Dcotor torn down into self doubt and even
    depression about who he is and what his role and effect on the universe
    is.  I think next season will be about self discovery as he tries to answer the question now he has emerged from that darkness. 

  • Techno-chick94



  • Jim

    I had that thought too, if only because of rule #1…

  • stpatrick67

    I wasn’t pleased with Matt Smith’s first season and even though his second season had some interesting moments, I’m still not convinced he was necessarily the best person to replace David Tennant.  There is an enigma about the Doctor that Matt just can’t portray affectively. 
    Season one was a rehash of Christoper Eccleston’s and season two seemed to be the River and Amy show.  Maybe I am missing the bigger picture of Matt’s seasons as the Doctor but after watching shows like LOST where there are so many things over time leading up to a big payoff, I would rather know sooner than several seasons later.  I grew up on classic Who wanting more and more especially when he regenerated and more and more I am less interested.  I keep watching because I see shades of what I liked in the past.  I am sure lots more from these two seasons will be fodder leading up to the anniversary, but that is still two whole years away and a long time to wait.  
    The question I want an answer to is are we ever going to see the Time War, that seems to be something that would be a big reward for all the new and old fans of the show.  Or is it supposed to remain lost in the mythos of Doctor Who. 
    Time will tell…although I wouldn’t mind a trip in the Tardis right now to find out.

  • Jasmine Adams

    Yeah i think he lied too, i dont know why he would go off for 200 years and then decide to come back and be like, so whats this death thing everyone’s talking about? I think he just said that to them to make them think he had a long time to go before he died.

  • Brian Preble

    The answer is quite simple.  RTD and Moffat have declared that The Doctor is God. In fact, two seasons ago, they quite literally made him the creator of the universe, when he used the exploding TARDIS to reboot reality.  According to many legends, speaking the true name of God would unravel all of creation, therefore, it is essential to prevent him from ever answering that question.

    In short, it’s religious claptrap, and very disappointing to this lifetime Doctor Who fan.  I’ve been watching since the early 1980’s, and never regretted it before last night.

  • guest

    Well we could wonder if his name is actually Rassilon.  Did I miss the reveal of who the mysterious figure the Doctor was waving at before he died?

  • Anonymous

    I’m betting on Urkel!

  • Lalo Martins

    That could be a twist I’d really enjoy: The Doctor is Rassilon, and the reason he destroyed the Time Lords in the War was that they were his creation anyway and either he declared them a failed experiment, or got bored.

    Only problem is, the villain in the Tennant finale was Rassilon. So to reconcile that, they’d need some Valeyard-style split cop-out. Or, well, The Doctor Lies (IIRC he’s the only one who calls the other guy Rassilon).

  • Anonymous

    I would love for it to reveal that actually this is the origin of the Timelords which is why the human race has always been important to the Doctor.

    It would be cool with all the human companions that the Doctor has travelled with the cumulative effect of exposure to Time Travel started to change some of them.

    Tie that in with the established history of Time Agents which was humanity’s first attempt to police the time stream and it all starts to point that eventually they become the Timelords and then go back in time and establish a planet for themselves before most civilisations have developed and thus become legend and hide their origin from history to avoid tampering.

    Unfortunately the Timelords themselves forget this or think themselves better in the same way humans think themselves better than apes until the Doctor rediscovers it.

    For me, that would be an awesome story reveal.

    As for next season, I hope now that the Doctor is ‘in the shadows’ we can get more small scale, idea rich stories rather than these grand ‘time itself is threatened’ style stories which are starting to get a bit tiresome.

  • Tim

    Certainly the reboot is a fascinating prospect, which I’m hoping will take us down the path of more character-driven rather than plot-driven stories. The exact nature of the Question will be an interesting one too: it surely must be something more complex than “Doctor Who?” Methinks Moffat – through Dorium – is pulling our leg a bit here.

    My thoughts on season 6 as a whole:

  • Shane

    Making the Doctor God wasn’t something RTD or Moffat did. Andrew Cartmel wanted to do it with Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor back in the day but JNT nixed it. They settled on hinting that he was more than an ‘ordinary’ Timelord but rather was involved with Rassilon & Omega in establishing the Timelords. As for his name it was pointed out in last years ‘The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who’ that his name was revealed in 1972’s ‘The making of Doctor Who’ its …. ∂³∑ₓ² Which I guess is why its Doctor Who? its unpronouncable :)

  • Anonymous

    It had an effect because the Tesselecta  was at the fixed point. It was there when River caused the change in reality. It is part of the fixed point.

  • Escobar Aloplop

    nah, the middleman exists in the same reality as the doctor and has even met him so he’s not the doctor

  • Imnutamunkey

    as far as i can recall the doctor once said that humans had spread out all over the universe by his time( the 42nd century) so time lords are probably human in origin at least partly.

  • Imnutamunkey

    yay i hate river song too  and the doctor does not need a wife he needs companions that is the idea yes to travel through time and space with the doctor not the doctor and his annoying wife.

  • Imnutamunkey

    in escence it would have been the doctor she married he was inside it so they would have gotten married but i doubt it means anything since that timeline is gone never happened so they all( Amy Doc and River)  remember it and can choose to honor it i guess.

  • Imnutamunkey

    technically rose messed up jack not the doctor and rose has her own doctor. i think he was closest to them and stays away  from rose cuz she has a life and jack cuz he knows jacks in love with him and doesn t want to hurt him  but they were his closest companions thats why he mentions them by name. as well as them being current in fans heads. i had no idea who the others were, i was a little kid when they were on the original series.i vaguelly remembered sara jane from my mom watching.

  • Imnutamunkey

    when the doctor regenerates he changes, his personality his taste , i think the tenth doctor was in love with rose but when he died that changed he still has feelings for her but hes not really in love with her now. thats just my take on it i may be wrong,but i think thats why he said i dont want to go just before he died, he knew he would change and didnt want to lose anything.

  • Imnutamunkey

    no no  no u cant that pshyco the doctor thats nuts

  • Imnutamunkey

    he is not god that is just frightening that irresponsible maniac the creator of all life sssuuuurrrreeee ill pass on that theory i think hes the most powerfull time lord thats all.

  • tom

    The Doctor’s age has never been portrayed consistently so I get the impression he was already lying about it. How does a time traveller measure his age anyway?

  • Jacob

    He has also said that Time-Lords came first.

  • Chris Boulanger

    “Doctor, Who?” could be a huge question that really goes to the heart of why Time Lords exist. Doctor is not just a name: we know that the Time Lords bestow names (remember the first storyline with “The Master”) like a title, so how does he get to be “The Doctor”. Is he meant to be the healer of the universe? Is it somehow his job to mend or heal time/space? Why was HE in a position to lock the Time Lord/Dalek war into a time bubble? 

    Even if we take for granted that Time Lords are ancient and brilliant, we still have to wonder why this ONE guy seems to always survive and why no one else from his race has lasted. In these last 2 seasons, we’ve seen that his life sits at the center of history and civilization. Is it possible that time has to be rewritten when he is danger because the universe can’t function without him?

  • Ruckergsc

    I am sorry we dont get the SJ chronicles here in the states. As for the Doctor’s name..River told it to him in the Library to prove that she was his wife! While I also agree that the Doctor is very very smart I don’t think he is the strongest. We have seen the master and the Time Lord’s leader (his name escapes me now) have been stronger. The Doctor has just been smarter than them always…lol. As for all the divirgent timelines? who knows what is fact now and what isn’t. That is the beauty of the reboots..all kinds of things may have changed and it could just be a butterfly effect and this is a long game like we have seen with the cracks in the wall. I for one wait with baited breath for this wonderful series to continue!!

  • JJ

    Well in confidential, Alex Kingston was all like “So are they still married or not? I don’t know, you’ll have to wait and see” or something teasing like that. Which is why I asked if it really did happen.

  • Brian Preble

    The Doctor is not Rassilon, as he’s met him on at least three occasions, and vowed to kill Rassilon if they were to meet again.  It’s also been established that The Doctor is a clone of “The Other”, who fought against Rassilon’s rule when the Time Lords were being established.

    Honestly, it doesn’t matter much. Neither RTD nor Moffat have any respect for the classic TV series.  They’ve done what they want, and will continue to do so. I just wish they could do so without illogical plot lines and cop-outs like “love conquers all”, “The Doctor Lies”, and general 11th hour antics.

  • Guest

    you suck. amy cannot marry the doctor, she LOVES rory. and how can you hate river, i luv her cuz she has the same name as me :) and they love each other like a married couple already, like you didnt already know that was gonna happen. <33

  • Guest

    He said i dont wanna marry you cuz thats just how they roll. shes dangerous, okay, but shes sexy which is an interesting combo…i would marry her though…

    but obviously she cares too much to kill him so she does love him. if he didnt matter to her why would she care?

    i know im off topic, but this is what im saying: river and the doctor ARE married and he loves her even though he may not show it.


  • Mrhyde138

    OOOO maybe Amy is a time lord and madame Kovarian is Amy number two who was left to be killed by those anti plague robots wouldn’t that be something

  • Cforshaw67220

    Could Rose be back? Hmm. Let me think…

    Russell T. Davies wrote ‘Journey’s End’, in which a clone of The Tenth Doctor, and Rose, were left in a parallel universe, just waiting for an opportunity to bring David Tennant back, and specifically done to allow his return.

    And as it was him AND Rose, and it was suggested that they get to live as a couple, then I guess Rose will be back for the 50th anniversary special.

  • Cforshaw67220

    1. Its a piece of alien/future technology – how on Earth do you know how it works, exactly? It has been made to mimic the greatest war criminals in history, and they have also gone after aliens… If they had to go after other species, they would need to mimic them in more than just looks, so it is heavily implied they’d be able to mimic a regeneration.

    2. River never shot The Doctor, she always shot the Tesselecta, so touching the Tesselecta would have been what triggered the return to the correct timeline, not touching The Doctor. If she had shot The Doctor at any point, you would have been right, but as the fixed point was always River shooting the Tesselecta, then the fixed point was between her and it. 

    3. The Doctor married River – they were there, they experienced it, and they remember it, and had it witnessed by her parents. Amy did kill Kovarian, but the consequence of the reset timeline was that she didn’t actually die. The consequences of what The Doctor did count because there are people to hold him to what he did; Kovarian isn’t actually dead.

    4. The whole ‘Doctor Who’ question is misleading. Is it, “Who is the doctor?” And therefore probably relates to that Cartmell plan to show The Doctor as someone more than just a Time Lord, and restore some mystery to him. Or is it, “Who is it, Doctor?” (which would be asked as, “Doctor… (pause) Who?”) in response to The Doctor speculating on something.

  • Cforshaw67220

    Considering that The Doctor has just spent a year fighting religious fanatics wanting him to die, I’m pretty sure that the show has never really wanted to portray The Doctor as a Godlike figure. A saviour, yes, but he’s really about as Godlike as Reed Richards – they’re both really good at sci-fi science, not fantastical magic. He’s an old soul, a lonely wanderer, and he is very wise, but the whole point of this year has been that The Doctor isn’t a God, and he doesn’t want to be a General, either. He just wants to travel with his friends, have fun, and save people from suffering.

  • Jacob

    “[he’s] really good at sci-fi science, not fantastical magic”

    Oh yea? How about when he was restored to his youth through prayer?

  • Cforshaw67220

    The Silence are a religious order, not just the aliens that were referred to as ‘The Sentinels of Time’, and they exist to stop the oldest question being asked – that on the fields of Trenzalor, when he will have to answer truthfully, and the 11th Doctor falls, someone will ask, “Doctor who?” But there is more to this Silence – they wear Omega symbols, and are happy to work with The Doctor and River to stop the Weeping Angels, and is implied to be towards the end of River’s timeline. They have Headless Monks, and are completely devoted to defeating him. Then there is Madame Kovarian… Who is she? Why does she hate The Doctor? Who is the leader of The Silence, given they were willing to kill her in this final episode?

    The important questions:
    – How does Prisoner Zero know about this?
    – Why were there perception filters in Amy and Craig’s houses?
    – Why was there a TARDIS in Craig’s house, and in a warehouse in Florida?
    – What motive did The Silence have for attacking Rosanna from ‘Vampires in Venice’?
    – Whose voice was it in the TARDIS before it exploded, and why destroy the universe?
    – Have these ‘Sentinels of Time’ been manipulating the TARDIS?
    – Who is Madame Kovarian?
    – What does the question really mean?
    – Why all the Omega symbols?
    – Who is the leader of the Silence?
    – Can Headless Monks remember the ‘Sentinels of Time’?
    – Why are they so convinced The Doctor is a threat?
    – How does Dorium know so much about the future?

    My reading of this:

    The voice in the TARDIS, and the leader of the Silence are one and the same, and it could be Omega (direct reference), or it could be a final regeneration of The Doctor, bitter and twisted and full of hate for his younger self (Omega, as in Last). It also explains how the Silence seem to have TARDIS like consoles, and passageways leading off from them that extended, seemingly, under the entire planets surface. It would also explain why the person would want to destroy our universe if it was Omega – he’s self elsewhere – or if it was an evil final Doctor who hates his younger self (he could even create a paradox machine from his TARDIS to do it). They could easily do it by having The Silence make River blow the TARDIS up with one of those creatures in there, or by Omega, or a Cartmel-like Other-Doctor, using backdoor access into the TARDIS itself.

    Prisoner Zero and Rosanna could have been told to tell The Doctor what they knew as a warning – don’t go down this path, The Silence warned, and he didn’t listen.

    It also fits in with the question:

    Doctor: Someone has been controlling our lives for too long, and I think I just figured out who it is.
    Amy: Doctor… who?
    Doctor: I’ve always known Amy. The greatest threat to the universe… its me.

    It would also fit in with the idea that time can be rewritten, as that would be the only way The Doctor could stop a future version of himself… and its so timey wimey that Moffat would love it.

    The only problem with this is that we know one other thing about the question – it is a secret that no-one else should know the answer to. So, more than likely, they are asking about either The Doctor’s true identity, which could answer, at last, why he has been running his whole life, or someone else’s identity. It could be about some original sin, committed back when The Doctor was young and still on Gallifrey, something that caused him to steal a TARDIS and flee, something that is only now coming back to bite him in the bum. So:

    The Silence: Who, Doctor? Who?
    Doctor: Me. I did it.

    Which, again, fits in with this theme about him being a silly old man. Maybe The Doctor did something terrible, a long, long time ago. Or maybe he has been lying about something for a long, long time.

    One thing is for certain, the direction the series is heading in means that its heading into Time Lord territory – a return of the Time Lords, perhaps? Or a visit to old Gallifrey?

  • Brian from Canada

    His closest companion was actually the Brigadier, who worked with the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th Doctors, not to mention making an appearance on Sarah Jane’s last season.

    Unfortunately, Nicholas Briggs passed away earlier this year. THAT’s why we have that line in this last episode that the Brigadier has passed away. 

    I think the original intention when it was plotted out was to have the old Brigadier be the one who was arranging The Doctor’s friends.

  • Brian from Canada

    There was a dedication at the beginning of this season to her. At least, there was in the UK.

  • Brian from Canada

    The 50th anniversary season IS the next season: 2012 will have no Doctor Who, according to the BBC, so that they can concentrate on 2013.

    As for the others Doctors coming back, Tom Baker stirred that pot up a while back about maybe coming back to Doctor Who for a guest appearance.

    Personally, I hope that the crack in Amy’s wall was the Time Lords pushing their way out of the time bubble, that Prisoner Zero is “The Other” that The Doctor is cloned from — and that the only way to stop it is to have the incarnations of the 4th through 11th unite to stop him, all with the Time Lords coming back at the end.

    Of course, with Sarah Jane now passed, the Doctors will have to be joined by other companions. :-/

  • Brian from Canada

    Sorry, that should be Nicholas Courtney who played the Brigadier. Briggs does the voice of the Daleks.

  • Jacob

    Yea, I saw the dedication, but it’s one thing to dedicate an episode and another to have The Doctor mention it.

  • Jacob

    There will be Doctor Who in 2012. All that’s been confirmed is the lack of a full series. There will still be a special and probably a couple episodes next fall.

    The crack in Amy’s wall is the same as the other cracks — They were caused by the TARDIS exploding.
    Prisoner Zero was the snake thing with the perception filter that could change it’s appearance.

  • Noivedya

    Well I don’t think it was religious before, but it is NOW. Thanks, Brian!

  • Noivedya

    It would seem to be Moffat’s way of saying that some things should remain mysterious and unexplained with the Doctor. Over the decades, subsequent production teams have revealed the name of his race, the origins of his adventures, the name of his planet, the origins of his race and numerous other secrets. But other things – Was Susan really his granddaughter, and if so, who were her parents? Who were HIS parents? Was the Master just his classmate, or was there a deeper connection? etc – have never been (and should never be) revealed. Moffat is suggesting that it would be terrible if the Doctor’s name was revealed.

  • Cforshaw67220

    One of the laws of quantum physics resolves around the idea that reality is shaped by our perceptions, which has caused the controversial argument about whether or not the moon is there if no-one is looking. Archangel was a low level psychic network which amplified The Master’s ability to manipulate the population, but then The Doctor used Martha’s stories to amplify the effect of a consensus reality, which allowed him to warp reality and restore himself through a mass shift in perception powered by a telepathic network. It isn’t hard-and-fast science, but it is definitely sci-fi science, not fantastical magic.

    The same plot device is used, to an extent, with the invisible girl episode in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, in one of its mad-science episodes. Giles actually explains the theory behind it.

  • Noivedya

    Agreed (though I couldn’t remember the exact words). I love the way that Doctor Who has a pseudo-scientific explanation for all sorts of traditional magical and fantasy concepts!

  • Jim

    So, I don’t think this particular bit has been theorized. The Silence are still around, doing their thing, and they don’t want the Doctor to end up at The Fields of Tranzalor…

    My buddy and I were speculating on the subject a bit — what if this is still tied into the Alliance trying to lock the Doctor up, and the Silence are further trying to prevent the Doctor from destroying the universe, precisely because he “falls” at the Fields, and regens into the Valeyard, who will destroy the universe.

    It’d be an interesting way to celebrate the 50th Anniversary…previous incarnations of the Doctor can come back and battle the Valeyard, or something to that extent. Or not.

  • Noivedya

    The Valeyard broke so many rules of time, was part of a much-maligned story/season, and a cliche to boot. (I’m not a fan.) I would imagine that the current production crew would want nothing to do with him, so my guess is that he’s out of current continuity, wiped out either in this season finale or the last. (I’m surprised at how little has been said about that. Moffat has twice given himself leave to rewrite the entire history of Doctor Who! At this rate, he’ll soon be working for DC Comics…)

  • Anonymous

    Was it such a maligned season? I really loved Trial of A Timelord, apart from the Peri/Yrcarnos story. I still think the Valeyard remains a great idea, and someone like Moffat could really do wonderful things with that story.

  • SlimShady

    Maybe this is just me, but it seems like a LOT of the stuff that happened this season was making oblique references to old sixth and seventh doctor plots. All season I’ve been thinking that Moffat is trying to say he hasn’t forgotten about that old stuff, that its very much on his mind. I’d be surprised if the Valeyard doesn’t come back in some way. And for the 50th anniversary? Evil 13th doctor vs the Legion of former Doctors…?! It would be incredible.

  • captain jack

    I think the key to all this is the doctor inviting his older self to come back and “clean up” the mess after his “death”.  Otherwise if he hadn’t have sent the younger version to show up it would have been a 1 episode season.  Doc would be dead and its over, amy would be somewhere in space, the ganger amy would be running aorund with rory and the baddies would have won  Once he beat the fixed point, time just got rewritten to start shortly after they got dropped off at the end of god complex .  The younger dr. melted the ganger, saved river etc then time restarts after he beats the fixed point.  So it doesnt really matter when amy got switched or whether it was the real amy or the ganger at the lake just that the younger version saved them.  And for all we know in impossible astronaut that could have been the real doctor, and the younger one decided to do the telesecta thing later.  the fixed point was the fixed point he could have played with himself for 200 years but reagrdless he had to show up on 4/22/11 at 5:02.

  • John_Smith

    Bipedal artery system. Stupid apes.

  • John_Smith

    “Doctor…Doctor who? It’s more than just a secret, isn’t it?” —  Madame de Pompadour (2005:S02E04)

    He’s outrunning Death. If Death learns The Doctor’s true name, Death can locate The Doctor in the vortex. See Carrionites &  Evelina (2005:S03E02 & 2005:S04E02).
    (aka:  ΘΣ [Theta Sigma])

  • John_Smith

    Well, understanding light exists as both a particle _and_  a wave, who’s to say what’s impossible?

    Reference: Arthur C. Clarke, others & geosynchronous satellites (1945).

  • Maggie

    But why did the TARDIS go boom?  Amy was a real personality in season 5, before she was officially married to Rory.  Season 6 simply focused on the married relationship between Amy and Rory; I was hoping for more of an adventure.  Now that the Doctor has gotten shed of Amy and Rory as companions (settling them down comfortably) he gets to choose another companion.  Whose idea was that?  Amy could have gone on for some time; it was Rory that cluttered things up!  It irritated me that Moffit said that there was “no canon” for Dr. Who.  Does that give him the license to rewrite Dr. Who history, and what “really” happened?

  • Tatea14

    Binary vascular system- bipedal is two-legged, and artery is veins- two hearts, far more than two veins. Stupid ape. Also, that could be evolved.

  • Tatea14

    Recreator- he didn’t create the universe, he rebooted it. Big bang 2.

  • Shhorsfall

    technically she is isnt dead… Elizabeth Sladen is but Sarah Jane isn’t.. if your sad like me and watch the Sarah Jane adventures, they end the show with her still alive.. just no more episodes, which means that Sarah Jane is still alive just the show would be unable to include her character anymore. It’s the same for a few of the other companions. They are still alive and living in the fictional dr who universe but will no longer be in the show. The Doctor does not really need to mention them. :p

  • Shhorsfall

    It won’t be religious based.. moffat and rtd are major atheist. I doubt they would write God into their show.

  • Jacob

    The brigadier was still alive despite Nicholas Courtney being dead. They wrote that death into the canon. I was stating that I feel they should write Sarah Jane’s into it as well. It’s not like they’ll recast.

  • Jacob

    I’m an atheist (I don’t get what “major atheist” is though) and a writer and God is a very fun subject to write about. And lets not forget that the Doctor was revived by prayer at the end of series 3.

  • ed the fan

    I dont feel she is a time lord but i do feel she has been changed in some sort of way because remember they have already had a female compainion become a time lord do to tardis energry it almost killed her. The doctor i think can be killed but always has a away of being changed because they alter time and i dont believe that time has fixed points but that the tardfis can create a fixed point in time because everytimes the doctor does something or gose somewhere he is remembered and is known in all time like when they travel to the past to kill hitler but then they find that robot proves that the doctor does more to the time then just saving it

  • ed the fan

    some one explain this name thing to me so they are trying to figure out who the doctor really is? i feel like this is the case. I guess maybe that is how they are going to play that the name affects the doctor because like in the Eargon serious, the true name of someone has all their power you have their true name you can do anything to them and control them. but idk like to hear back from you

  • Jacob

    There has been no female Time-Lord companion in the revived series. Rose had the energy from the Time Vortex inside her, which is a bit different.