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Simpsons May End This Season If Actors Don’t Accept Pay Cut

Fellow fans of The Simpsons, get ready to lift up your arms in protest. In a rather ballsy move, Fox is apparently threatening to pull the plug on the show if the voice actors don’t accept a 45 percent pay cut, according to The Daily Beast. The series concludes its 23rd season in the spring, and it may be the end if Fox makes good on its alleged threat.

For Fox, there are some definite upsides to the show ending, the least of which may be the inevitable Blu-ray mega-collection (and eventual Blu-ray 3D mega-collection– c’mon, you know it’s gonna happen). The studio was recently reported to be in early discussions concerning the future of The Simpsons after its legendary run comes to an end. The possibility of an all-Simpsons TV channel was mentioned, although some sort of digital streaming program, possibly even subscription-based, seems much more likely given the direction the world is headed.

Fox has issued a statement on the news to Deadline, and it sounds like the original report is accurate: “23 seasons in, The Simpsons is as creatively vibrant as ever and beloved by millions around the world. We believe this brilliant series can and should continue, but we cannot produce future seasons under its current financial model. We are hopeful that we can reach an agreement with the voice cast that allows The Simpsons to go on entertaining audiences with original episodes for many years to come.”

So there you have it. In short: The show is too expensive to produce in today’s climate, and cutbacks need to happen. It’ll be interesting to see how creator Matt Groening and his talented cast respond; salary issues are nothing new for the series, but the grim financial outlook in recent times is a hard thing to argue with.


  • Michael P

    God, yes, please let it die.

  • Mr. M

    This would not be a bad time to end the show, and take a bow for a job well done.

  • Ryan

    Please, PLEASE take the pay cuts! I get 45% is a lot, but…come on, it’s the SIMPSONS! :q

  • Frank

    I haven’t been a fan of the show for the past few years. The last 7 or 8 seasons just haven’t been anything like the previous one. Still, it’ll be a sad day when such a legendary show finally does end. I hope it lasts just a little bit longer.

  • jonathan

     This should have, oh, five, six seasons ago. Jumped the shark and it’s hit the other side face first. Might as well let everyone have their fond goodbye, do an hour long wrap-up documentary and let sleeping dogs lie.

  • Alex Witenberg

    This isn’t how the show should end.

    But it SHOULD end while our respect for the cast is still intact.

  • Niels

    45%? That sounds ridiculous–is this an early move to direct fan outrage over the cancellation to the actors?

  • Andrew R

    The show stopped being funny 13 years ago.  Let it go.

  • Bx8ball135

    fox is just filled with a bunch of selfish dumbassholes theve canceled family guy, futurama yet they put stupid shows like bobs burgers and tera nova cut shows like those and leave the simpsons alone

  • CJ

    No way in hell I would take a 45% paycut no matter WHAT job I was working. 

  • KiraXD

    move it over to comedy central with futurama… itll survive.

  • MM

    I’d be fine with the Simpsons ending, but to have it cancelled just seems wrong.  Plus Fox better have room for negotiation in that statement.  I don’t imagine many people would happily agree to a 45% pay cut, seems like they want the actors to bow out.

  • max

    Plenty of people still enjoy the show, and one of the great things about the Simpsons is each new season is the first for a new generation to enjoy.  It’ll end eventually, but I’d rather it not end through a network cancelation

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think he’s being a dick. Up until 2000 or so, The Simpsons was possibly the smartest, funniest, most insightful television show ever produced. That’s been turned on its head dramatically in recent years – the satire’s poor, the jokes are painfully predictable, the direction is overly-streamlined and watered-down. I’m a huge fan, but letting it die would – at the very least – stem the tide of bad episodes outweighing good ones. 

  • Graehaus

    After the movie, I lost complete interest in the show, meaning it is not a necessity to watch faithful. If it is on I’ll watch it. I rather care about FG or AD and B’sB.

  • brandywine

    More likely it’s corporate accounting as a way to take away money from the part of the process that actually makes the show a reality. I wonder which executive is going to get the money that is taken away from the cast that has brought their extensive knowledge of humor and timing into creating a show that has had staying power for 22 years?

  • Paul

    Exactly.  This is FOX we’re talking about.  They’ll kill anything that shows signs of intelligent life, with a few flukey exceptions (the X-Files for example).

  • Paul

    Right.  They’ll whine about “costs” but give some crappy exec a huge golden parachute when he screws up the schedule and gets canned.

  • Joey Gantner

    As I always say: end it while the cast is still alive. No one is getting any younger, and while the show is trash I think we’d all like a final episode so we can say goodbye to something that once meant the world to us.

  • Wcburns

    While the show may not be anywhere near as great as it once was, it will still be a bit of a sad day when it goes.

    I do hope they’re able to give it a proper ending though. If it is abruptly cancelled due to a dispute between the actors and the producers, that would be one of the great tragedies of television

  • Ultras28

    Somebody call the DP police cause we got two dicks in the house!

  • Jase

    If it ends, I’m sorry for the people who still watch and like it. Me, doesn’t make a difference, I lost interest in the show some time ago.

  • Red

    I think it is time to end the show, like others have said it is a shadow of what it used to be.

    I’ll also say while I love 3D I don’t believe that converting this show into 3D would add anything to the show or sell very well.

  • Mariner101

    Please God put this show out of its misery and let it die. It hasn’t been funny since the 8th season.

  • Tomfitz1

    All things must end. 

    23 seasons of a prime time cartoon series is a pretty good run.
    I’ve never seen an episode, but can’t help admire its durability.

  • CoolComix

    Why should the actors take a pay cut when The Simpsons earns billions in revenue for Fox?

  • Homer

    45%! Fox obviously wants the show to stop production and then shift the blame onto the actors. Stupid move Fox.

  • Wildstorm

    45% pay cut?  I’m sure that they will make it up with all the merchandising, digital distribution, DVD and Blu-ray sales, and syndication rights…Yeah right.

  • RunnerX13

    FOC strikes again. Worst way to end the show, how sad.  Groening should pack up now and move to Comedy Central.

  • RunnerX13


  • RunnerX13

    Oh God, you know FOX will replace it with the Quagmire Show.

  • Big H

    I hate when articles leave out important information they could quickly look up for all of us. In case you are wondering the main cast makes $400,000 an episode.

    While it hasn’t been as good as it once was it’s still funny and entertaining. I’ll be curious to see what happens.