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Watch Walking Dead Web Series

When AMC launched its Walking Dead web series Torn Apart on Monday, I was under the mistaken impression the cable network would parcel out the six episodes over the next week, leading us ever closer to the Oct. 16 premiere of its acclaimed television drama. Instead, the entire web series all at once. So … yay.

Conceived and directed by The Walking Dead Co-Executive Producer Greg Nicotero, Torn Apart delves into the back story of the “Bicycle Girl,” the walker put out of her misery by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) early in Season 1. Check out all six installments below (sorry, AMC makes us sit through brief Pizza Hut commercials first).

The Walking Dead returns to television with a 90-minute Season 2 premiere Oct. 16 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Webisode 1: “A New Day”
This story, made exclusively for the web and directed by Greg Nicotero, tells the tale of one of The Walking Dead’s most iconic walkers. In episode one Hannah awakens to find her kids missing after a violent car accident.

Webisode 2: “Family Matters”
Hannah has an emotional reunion with her kids and seeks refuge in her ex-husband Andrew’s home. While tending to her wounds, Hannah and Andrew try to make sense of the chaotic new world that surrounds them.

Webisode 3: “Domestic Violence”
Judy’s effort to save a stranger leads to a deadly encounter with Andrew.

Webisode 4: “Neighborly Advice”
Andrew goes to his neighbor Palmer’s basement in search of guns and supplies. Once there, the two have a man to man conversation and finally come to an understanding with one another.

Webisode 5: “Step-Mother”
Hannah and Judy struggle for control of the children.

Webisode 6: “Everything Dies”
The family makes a desperate attempt to get to safety amid a rapidly growing swarm of walkers.


  • Kybls

    ah .. back story .. looking forward to Season 2 ..

  • Anonymous

    Nice little origin story for a character seen all to briefly back in the first episode.
    Hard to believe Season 2 is just a few days away!

  • Urban Jay

    I’m sorry but I can’t keep watching all this death! Great series but, way too much for me!

  • Ricky

    Or you could watch all the clips on YouTube commerical free.

  • Jacob

    Does it really count if a lot of the “deaths” are characters that are already dead?

  • SP

    I wonder what happened to the two kids. A small cliffhanger.

  • Frank

    Good question, and I consider it bad writing, actually.

  • Frank

    The zombie in the car made me jump. That was a good scare. This series looks like the actual show. AMC threw some good money into it. Nice little back story. I’m amazed season two is almost here. I still remember when it was 10 months away. It seemed like it’d never get here.

  • Scud

    A few days? More like two weeks.

  • Kazekun

    the one thing i do not understand is how judy went from the pavement in the middle of the street…to waking up in the grass in a park. hmmmm… :/ anyone want to inform me?
    Other than that, a pretty solid little thing to keep us walking till the premiere.